Chapter 14 – Yang Dingtian’s Choice

Yang Dingtian became speechless once more. This world’s top experts seem to have much self-confidence in their vision when selecting a son-in-law. Dongfang Niemie was this way and Ximen Wuya was also this way.

“But your daughter hates me a lot.” Yang Dingtian said.

“Better than being ignored.” Ximen Wuya replied: “Love and hate is separated by a very small distance. I believe that you can gain her heart if you are diligent. Yanyan has high expectations when it comes to items, but is still very simple and direct. With your intelligence, you should know how to deal with this kind of girl.”

Yang Dingtian called to mind Ximen Yanyan’s unruly and flame-like nature, extremely beautiful and delicate complexion, well-developed fiery and tender body, disposition that had clear distinction between loves and hates, and cunning as well as savagery but no lack of intelligence. All the men in the world would be tempted by this kind of extraordinarily beautiful woman.

However, Yang Dingtian had already promised his Master, Dongfang Niemie. His Master had invested everything into him, including his life. Since he had already agreed, this was a heavy responsibility.

“I know that you probably have a very big mission by going to YinYang Sect. Although YinYang Sect is within the ‘World’s Three Sects’, their sacred place for the Martial Dao is incomparably rich and powerful. But what YinYang Sect can give you, my Cloudsky City may not necessarily be unable to give you.” Ximen Wuya lightly said with words full of proudness.

Yang Dingtian felt his mouth became a bit dry and said with a choked voice: “Men and women complement each other; opposites attract, but those alike repel each other. I am a Yang-type Mysterious Vein and your daughter is Splendid Flame Body; our completely alike attributes mutually repel each other.”

“Nonsense.” Ximen Wuya said with a smile: “I have a Pure Yang Body and Yanyan’s mother is fierce and fiery, but we aren’t as loving as before.”

“Don’t you see how extraordinarily mild I am now?” Ximen Wuya said.

Yang Dingtian nodded his head and replied: “You’re gentle like water.”

“But I am a genuine Intense Yang Body. When I was young, I had a totally fiery temper and although Yanyan’s mother and I extremely loved each other, we still fought every other day. However, my father-in-law happily didn’t pay it any mind. We fought on the ‘bed’ peacefully until the bed broke; there’s no meaning if a married couple doesn’t fight.” Ximen Wuya said: “Currently my temper is mild, half is due to being disciplined by Yanyan’s mother and the other half is due to my own cultivation. Through cultivating my Yang Fire into a frigid Yin Fire, my temperament became cold and indifferent. Then, through the assistance of Yin and Yang’s complementary nature, my temperament became mild and tolerant.”

Yang Dingtian became stupefied once again. From Ximen Wuya’s words, he knew that Ximen Wuya used to be very formidable, so much that it exceeded his imagination. Dongfang Niemie once said that when Yang Fire is cultivated to a certain degree, it will transform into a blue Yin Fire. Then when it hits its peak strength, Yin and Yang will blend.

Moreover, Dongfang Niemie gave Yang Dingtian the goal of cultivating to a blue Yin Fire within ten years to summon the flame ring.

Yet right before him was Ximen Wuya, who had already cultivated to the stage where Yin and Yang finally blended, a genuine formidable powerhouse that people look up to.

“City Lord Ximen, your proposal tempts me a lot, your generous affection touches me very much, your daughter makes people’s hearts move.” Yang Dingtian said: “But I am very sorry that I cannot agree!”

“Because of certain special reasons, I cannot promise you.” Yang Dingtian repeated.

After he finished speaking, Yang Dingtian was almost unable to look straight at Ximen Wuya’s sincere eyes. But he made an effort to look into those eyes like before.

Ximen Wuya’s hopeful gaze searched Yang Dingtian. Then a good while later, he lightly sighed with infinite regret and slowly closed his eyes.

Yang Dingtian suddenly said spontaneously: “Do you want to kill me?”

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“Why do you say so?” Ximen Wuya said with his eyes still closed.

“In a book, it wrote that whenever the male protagonist didn’t agree to the opposite party’s temptation, the opposite party, in order to not allow for another formidable enemy to appear, would immediately eliminate the protagonist while they were still budding. A lot of powerhouses have this kind of mentality; if they can’t obtain it, they might as well destroy it.” Yang Dingtian replied.

Ximen Wuya gave out a ‘pfft’ laugh and slapped Yang Dingtian’s forehead, saying: “Nonsense, what kind of messed up book did you read.”

“Why would I kill you? You are a good child. Moreover, granted that you are admitted into YinYang Sect, we won’t necessarily become enemies. Cloudsky City and YinYang Sect, although they have what is classified an antagonistic relationship and YinYang Sect regards us as traitors, our relationship is way more complex than you can imagine.” Ximen Wuya rubbed Yang Dingtian’s head and said: “Now that I’ve told you many things that you don’t understand, wait until you enter YinYang Sect to understand.”

“Okay, we’re going arrive at Eastern Cloud State’s YinYang Sect very soon. I will send a boat to deliver you ashore. Letting other people know that you and I are together will be detrimental to your prospects in entering YinYang Sect.” Ximen Wuya said with a smile, then got up to leave Yang Dingtian’s cabin.

After walking to the entrance, Ximen Wuya suddenly turned around and said: “Child, my proposal is still effective up to before Yanyan gets married.”

“Also, what is your name?” Ximen Wuya inquired.

Receiving the other party’s heavy kindness and favor for half a month, Yang Dingtian still hadn’t given Ximen Wuya his name. This indeed was bad manners, but Ximen Wuya hadn’t asked, so Yang Dingtian didn’t say.

“I am called Yang Dingtian.”

Ximen Wuya was slightly surprised for a moment, then showed a faint mischievous expression to Yang Dingtian. A little wink passed by at once and he said with a smile: “Good name, it’s very overbearing.”

This kind of mischievous expression was actually revealed from a cultured and refined grandmaster’s face! Yang Dingtian nearly thought that he saw wrong.

Immediately, Yang Dingtian blushed in shame and embarrassment, giving out a shy and bashful laugh. He felt even more that Ximen Wuya was a very good person, at least in his own opinion. He was a gentleman mild as water, but actually not the least bit inflexible.


The next day.

The morning sun had just shone itself onto the sea’s surface, the clouds in the horizon split, causing a great number of sun rays to shine past, making the sea look clear and crystalline.

Not far away, Eastern Cloud State was already in sight. At this moment, Cloudsky City’s gigantic boat was a distance of a several tens of li away from the dock. The surrounding sea was bustling with activity with ships hanging all sorts of flags. Some ships were big, some were small, but they basically didn’t exceed tonnage and largeness of Cloudsky City’s ship.

A fairly cold wind blew past. Cloudsky City’s ship also hung a flag. Its design was very simple with a dense black background embroidered with a ball of blue flame, seeming cold and desolate.

Evidently, Cloudsky City’s powerful name spread far and wide. The moment the flag was hung up, the surrounding ships all got out of the way and gave Cloudsky City’s ship a very large amount of space, giving it a rather ‘only I am dominant’ meaning. In addition, some ships organized troops and waved their flags towards Cloudsky City’s large ship, expressing their respect.

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Yang Dingtian and Ximen Wuya stood on the bow. Seeing this act, Yang Dingtian let out a great sigh in admiration in his heart, Cloudsky City is unexpectedly so formidable and domineering. But Ximen Wuya’s face didn’t have any superfluous expression; he simply commanded: “Return the greeting!”

His voice was very low, but it actually resounded through every corner of the ship. As a result, this large ship also began organizing its ranks to wave the flag back, beginning to make noise in response.

“City Lord Ximen, how come there are so many ships?” Yang Dingtian inquired.

“They are all making a pilgrimage to YinYang Sect once every ten years.” Ximen Wuya responded: “This year is YinYang Sect’s grand ancestor’s 550th birthday, as well as the 500th anniversary of YinYang Sect’s establishment. All of the influences in the world, not distinguishing between Right and Evil, not distinguishing between enemies and friends all come to pay respects.”

“That fierce?” Yang Dingtian was speechless. When one looked at the sea, the number of big ships were countless, so he couldn’t help but ask: “I fear that there are several thousand people altogether. When it comes time to hold a feast, how will we all sit?”

“How could there only be several thousand people; there are more than tens of thousands of people.” Ximen Wuya said: “Each Influential Family and Influential Faction’s leader can bring several outstanding disciples to pay their respects on Vast Immeasurable Mountain, then stay for the feast YinYang Main Hall. Each Small Family and Small Faction can only send their leader to pay their respects to YinYang Sect, send a gift, then promptly leave for half-way up the mountain, to the Large Stone Stage, to have lunch.”

“Coming from remote areas from thousands of li away, just to deliver a gift and eat lunch, is it worth it?” Yang Dingtian could not help but ask.

“Whether or not it is worth it, can only be seen within the thoughts of the person doing so. Some people want to take advantage of this occasion to pay respects to a famous master. Some small families and small factions want to take advantage of the situation to attach themselves to a famous sect or influential faction. Some people even want to seize this opportunity to become famous and establish their name.” Ximen Wuya replied: “Besides, for this kind of special day, if you come, they might not remember you. But if you don’t come, they actually might remember you.”

Yang Dingtian sucked in his tongue one more time. When he listened to Ximen Wuya say that YinYang Sect’s position was very high before, he wouldn’t have imagined that YinYang Sect’s position was even higher than he had thought. It was so much that in the eyes of the people in this world, it could practically be described with the noun ‘Myth’.

“Moreover, the ‘World’s Three Sects’ are too high to reach. It’s like a Martial Dao Mountain Gate giving out an opportunity to climb; once every ten years to offer sacrifices to their ancestors. It’s practically the sacred place of a Sect lowering their attitude to give them an opportunity to approach. How could there be people in this world that wouldn’t want to attend?” Ximen Wuya said.

Suddenly, a melodious ear-splitting whistle came from behind. Despite being separated by a very large distance, it was as if the sound was coming from right next to one’s ears, layer upon layer.

Hearing this whistling sound, Ximen Wuya’s complexion slightly changed. Then, he faintly said: “Lead the ship towards the right, make way for them.”

Yang Dingtian became a bit astounded. This Cloudsky City had a powerful name in the world; countless ships would get out of their path and pay respects to them the whole journey, giving them an arrogant appearance. But now, at this moment, they unexpectedly had to make way for other people? Who were the people that were passing by?

“It’s people from the Mysterious Sky Sect.” Ximen Wuya lightly said.

“The Mysterious Sky Sect of the ‘World’s Three Sects’?” Yang Dingtian asked.

Ximen Wuya nodded.

Yang Dingtian hurriedly threw has gaze towards the back. Because the sunlight was only in the front of him, he couldn’t see any ships in the sea behind him, but the whistling sound never stopped. At the same time, several specks appeared in the distant horizon. Those specks became closer and closer until Yang Dingtian could finally make out what it was clearly. It turned out that it was three big snow white birds. Their wingspan was about 10 meters wide and on top of one of them rode a white clothed male.

The three birds flew extremely close, then passed through Yang Dingtian and the others heads.

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It was unknown whether this bird was a vulture or roc. In short, it was a top godly steed. The white clothed person sitting on top had unsurpassed cleanliness and an arrogant air thickly surrounded him as he gazed down at the ships on the sea, seemingly looking at ants.

Truly worthy of being called one of the ‘World’s Three Sects’! This might, this grandeur, was simply unsurpassed in the world.

“What great might! Is the person on top of the bird Mysterious Sky Sect’s Sect Leader?” Yang Dingtian asked.

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