Chapter 13 – Yanyan Is Betrothed To You, So What?

Ximen Yanyan became furious. She clenched her tender snow-white hand into a fist and nearly flipped out. However, she recalled her father’s anger and could not help but bear it forcefully. Then, she coldly said: “Since you won’t leave, I’ll leave!”

Soon after, she heavily turned around to leave, stomping very ferociously with her small
gem-inlayed boots. It was to the extent that her very astonishing silky chest swayed a bit, dazzling both of Yang Dingtian’s eyes.

Then Ximen Yanyan walked away, leaving Yang Dingtian by himself on the deck.


“There are fifteen more days of travel from the YinYang Sect. The sea’s scenery is still pretty good to look at, but watching it too much will be boring because it is extremely monotonous and uninteresting, especially regarding you young people.” The ship master, Ximen Wuya’s, voice came from behind. It was unknown when he arrived behind Yang Dingtian, other than the fact that the sound of footsteps were already heard.

“Mister Ximen, what are you going to YinYang Sect to do?” Yang Dingtian asked. Originally, this was a question that he should not ask because, after all, they were basically strangers. But he was a young person, so making this small mistake was excusable.

“This is a mere formality done once every 10 years.” Ximen Wuya responded: “It’s like those people who go away for a long journey, but come back every few years to worship their ancestors in order to express that they haven’t forgotten their roots.”

“You and YinYang Sect have a relationship?” Yang Dingtian queried.

“It is Cloudsky City and YinYang Sect that has a relationship.” Ximen Wuya replied: “A very complicated relationship. If one wanted to say that we were enemies, it wouldn’t be that we were enemies. If one wanted to say that we were friends, it wouldn’t be that we were friends. If one wanted to say that we were close, it wouldn’t be that we were close.”

Ximen Wuya, this very wise person, seemed to have treated Yang Dingtian’s ‘intimate words’ as a mistake and said these words to Yang Dingtian.

“Cloudsky City’s previous masters would also go to YinYang Sect once every ten years. And every time they went, they would be insulted. This time is probably no exception.” Ximen Wuya unhurriedly said.

“Aren’t you very formidable? How come you would be insulted? Isn’t your Cloudsky City very powerful?” Yang Dingtian asked half probingly.

Ximen Wuya seemed to not know one bit about Yang Dingtian’s probing and smilingly said: “In front of YinYang Sect, who would dare say that they were powerful?”

Yang Dingtian inquired: “YinYang Sect is that strong?”

“If a sect has several thousand juniors, numerous li of territory, and several tens of thousands people with arrogant airs, then is this kind of sect fierce or not fierce?” Ximen Wuya asked back.

“Fierce, very fierce.” Yang Dingtian sucked in a cold breath of air: “YinYang Sect is actually this formidable?”

“No, what I talk about is not YinYang Sect but a faction, and there are several dozens of such schools in the whole world.” Ximen Wuya said: “To be exact, there are Twenty-Seven Factions and above that are the Nine Influential Families. And even more above that are the Three Great Sects; Hidden Sect, YinYang Sect, Mysterious Sky Sect. The ‘World’s Three Sects’ all have Inner Universe seniors and YinYang Sect ranks within them, do you think this is fierce or not?”

So it was like this! Yang Dingtian sucked in a real breath of cold air this time. Before, when he heard his Master bring up the YinYang Sect, he had thought that YinYang Sect was still quite strong, but he didn’t expect that it was intrepid to this degree.

“Then Dongfang Niemie?” Yang Dingtian couldn’t help but ask.

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“First Under Heaven!” Ximen Wuya indifferently said these four words1.

Yang Dingtian’s heart shook. His Master was the strongest under heaven!

But since he was the First Under Heaven, why was he stranded under the Thousands Li Icy Snow, neither dead nor alive? Who was is enemy2? Could it be that he3 is stronger than the First Under Heaven?

Mental and physical shock caused Yang Dingtian to lose his mood to speak. Ximen Wuya slightly smiled and lightly patting his shoulder, then left the ship deck.

“There’s going to be some windy rain, you should go down.”


For the next few days, the rest of the people on the ship were still very cold to Yang Dingtian. Ximen Yanyan was especially filled with more hatred towards him.

Yet Ximen Wuya still came to see him every day and chatted with him. In addition, he never tried to make a discreet inquiry on Yang Dingtian’s secrets. Instead, he answered whatever issue Yang Dingtian had.

The two people hit it off well when they chatted, so much that they would sometimes talk for half a day.

All the people on the ship were baffled. Why would the noble Cloudsky City Lord Ximen Wuya be so good towards a person of unknown origin? And to the extent that even Ximen Yan was already full of hostility towards Yang Dingtian! As Ximen Wuya’s adopted son, his revered adopted father had never been so good to him, so he was really brimming with jealousy.

If not for City Lord Ximen being a clean person, the other people would have suspected whether or not Yang Dingtian was City Lord Ximen’s illegitimate son!

And with regards to Yang Dingtian’s opinion, although he was taking some precautions towards him, he already had a good impression of him deep in his heart. It was even so much that it became a bit of admiration. Previously, Yang Dingtian didn’t know what appearance a nobleman should have. Now he understood; Ximen Wuya was the synonym of the word ‘nobleman’. Being in contact with him was like being washed in a spring breeze, furthermore he was definitely not a hypocrite.

But the time to part was going to arrive very soon. After half a month of sailing, they were finally arriving at Eastern Cloud State’s YinYang Sect.


“Not bad, you are a charming young man.” Ximen Wuya smiled as he looked at Yang Dingtian’s reflection in the mirror.

It was almost time to disembark, so as a result, Ximen Wuya scraped off Yang Dingtian’s beard, trimmed his hair, and gave him a beautiful robe. In addition, Yang Dingtian was also given a reserved and gorgeous jade crown to put on his head.

Now, Yang Dingtian finally no longer looked like a savage; there was no difference to this world’s people when one took a look. Traces of being a person from Earth had already completely disappeared.

Ximen Wuya was the noble Cloudsky City Lord, an overlord of a region, but he had unexpectedly personally cut Yang Dingtian’s hair and shaved his beard! He absolutely had no reason to be so good to Yang Dingtian.

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“Mister Ximen? Why are you so good to me? I am just a nobody of unknown origins.” Yang Dingtian finally could not help but ask.

“When one shows courtesy, then one certainly must have plan. These are your thoughts, right?” Ximen Wuya said with a smile.

“The MaoLi race had already been exterminated and the Northern Ice Plains had dreadful affair that caused all the life to be eradicated there. Yet, I still appeared in that place. This is very abnormal, but why do you never even speak a word about it?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“You should have already fabricated a few good stories for this matter right?” Ximen Wuya smilingly questioned back.

“Yes.” Yang Dingtian replied.

Ximen Wuya answered with a laugh: “Since I know that you’re going to definitely reply with a fabricated tale, then why should I ask you? Everyone has their own privacy and secrets. When one wants to say something, one will naturally say it. So why should I ask?”

“Furthermore, regarding your secrets, I understand quite a bit.” Ximen Wuya said: “Of course I had no intention of spying on you. When you were in a stupor and I was treating your wound, you already spoke several words that I didn’t understand. I have listened to the majority of this world’s languages, but I have never heard of the language you spoke in, which is an extremely rare and unprecedented event.

Yang Dingtian was immediately startled. Could it be that when he was in a stupor he spoke in Chinese?

“In addition, me being good to you indeed does have a purpose.” Ximen Wuya unhurriedly said: “I can be considered intelligent and my vision is considered pretty good.”

“Through these several days of contact, I discovered that you were practically a clean slate when it came to this world. Your interpersonal relationships were also practically blank. Moreover, you are a smart person with an intelligence that has no lack of wisdom. Sensitive but not calculating, kindhearted but not stupid. You are a good child.” Ximen Wuya explained: “I know that you definitely have an important matter with YinYang Sect, but now I want to give you a second option.”

“What alternative?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“I have only one daughter. My beloved wife is very ferocious, so I have not dared to take another wife. Thus, I also don’t have any other descendants. You’ve also seen Yanyan before; she is completely unsuitable to be Cloudsky City’s successor.” Ximen Wuya explained: “As a result, I adopted a few sons. Among them, there is no lack of outstandingness, but unfortunately they are not qualified to be the future Lord of Cloudsky City.”

“Therefore, I settled on you. These several days of being good to you, half was to test your character and the other half, your innate nature.” Ximen Wuya went on: “I am very fond of your character and you have passed my test.”

“Therefore!” Ximen Wuya’s hopeful gaze turned to Yang Dingtian and indifferently said: “Are you willing to become the next Lord of Cloudsky City?”

‘What?’ Yang Dingtian blanked out. He thought that he had misheard.

Anyway, it was a super big meat pie which directly smashed Yang Dingtian dizzy. He totally didn’t expect Ximen Wuya to say these words.

“You, you want to receive me as an adopted son?” Yang Dingtian said stupefied.

“No, not as an adopted son.” Ximen Wuya replied: “But as a son-in-law, a marrying-in son-in-law, Yanyan’s future husband. Your future child will have your surname and you will be Cloudsky City’s future unrivalled Lord.”

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“Don’t feel that being a marrying-in son-in-law is shameful; I am also a marrying-in son-in-law. When I married Yanyan’s mother, sir father-in-law handed over Cloudsky City to me.” Ximen Wuya said: “Unfortunately, I only had a daughter, so I found myself searching for an suitable marrying-in son-in-law. I was preparing to hand over Cloudsky City to him and now I select you.”

“Why me? Is it because I am the only one in this world without connections, because of my moral character?” Yang Dingtian asked.

Ximen Wuya replied: “No, of course the things you spoke about are very important, but the most important thing is that when I was treating your injury. I discovered that your Pure Yang Mysterious Vein is immeasurably deep, but what it pity that your Xuan Qi is very weak. You possess absolute top-tier talents, but you are also similar to a blank sheet of paper. I believe that under my instruction, your future prospects will far surpass my own.”

Yang Dingtian was stunned in his heart, why did the top experts in this world like to play this pattern? Selecting Yang Dingtian to be their successor because they like him, moreover marrying off their daughters to him. Even though it could be said that Dongfang Niemie had no other choice in that ice cavern, Ximen Wuya before his eyes definitely had way more choices.

If one wanted to find someone who wouldn’t like to become Ximen Yanyan’s husband and the future Cloudsky City Lord’s man, it was feared that one would have to go around the world a few times. From his understanding over these several days, Yang Dingtian understood that although Cloudsky City’s status in this world was quite awkward and complex, without a doubt, Cloudsky City was an extremely formidable influence, a complete overlord of a region.

“City Lord Ximen, could it be that when you made this decision, you didn’t consider your daughter’s happiness?” Yang Dingtian questioned.

“Of course I considered it. Actually, it was ranked first among these many factors.” Ximen Wuya replied: “You have seen how much I love Yanyan. Therefore, me betrothing her to you makes me very reassured that she can be very happy. I still have my judgement, after all.”


  1. TLN: The Chinese characters are 4, but the English translation is 3. Technically, it can be translated into ‘Number One Under Heaven’, but I felt that it didn’t sound domineering enough. 
  2. TLN: It says that Dongfang Niemie had many enemies, so it feels wrong to put this ‘Who was his enemy?’, but gotta do what I gotta do. 
  3. TLN: It’s kind of sexist to automatically put ‘he’ as the pronoun, but I follow the ‘old’ English rules where the male pronoun is used when the sex is unspecified. I don’t know if this matters to a reader, but it’s something to know. 

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