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Chapter 12 – Arrogant and Unruly

“Kneel down! Do you want me to repeat myself for a third time?” The middle-aged man coldly shouted.

Ximen Yanyan’s face immediately became pale. She bit down on her jade teeth and said tremblingly: “Daddy, I am your daughter, Cloudsky City’s princess. You want to make me kneel down to a MaoLi barbarian?”

The middle-aged man felt a burst of pity, but still coldly said: “That’s right. Even if you are my daughter, you must still kneel down and admit your mistakes. If you do something wrong, you must receive punishment!”

“No!” Ximen Yanyan suppressed her tears and said: “Daddy, I can kneel down to you and mother, but not anyone else.”

“I can apologize and admit my mistakes, but I will absolutely not kneel down.” Ximen Yanyan suddenly pulled out an exquisitely unique fire-red dagger and pushed it towards her snow white jade neck. Then she said: “If you must make me kneel down, then I will die in front of you.”

“Daddy, I can apologize and admit my mistakes, but I will absolutely not kneel down!” Ximen Yanyan said tremblingly. Then her small hand pressed down a bit and the sharp dagger suddenly punctured through her skin. A thread of blood immediately flowed down, making her snow white pink neck appear especially stunning.

The middle-aged man’s body shuddered. He fiercely clenching his fist and angrily looked at his unforgivable daughter. Looking towards the bright red blood, his face muscles violently twitched. This is his most beloved
daughter, his treasured darling!

Ximen Yanyan bent her waist and said to Yang Dingtian: “Sorry, I was wrong. I should not have forcefully bought your thing, should not have injured you, please forgive me!”

The middle-aged man gazed at his beloved daughter, then looked towards Yang Dingtian.

“Ai……” The middle-aged man sighed and turned to Yang Dingtian, then bowed to him.

“Sorry little brother, I, Ximen Wuya, have not been strict in my teachings. Furthermore, my heart is not firm enough and cannot bear to see my daughter shed blood on the scene. Since I am unable to force my daughter to kneel, I will apologize to you here. Please forgive my daughter’s mistake!”

Ximen Yanyan was immediately stunned! It has to be known that her father is the supreme master of Cloudsky City. This kind of respected position had what kind of arrogance and illustriousness, but at this moment, was actually bowing down and admit mistakes to a MaoLi savage because of her.

Ximen Yanyan felt her heart split. Her father was her most worshiped and most respected person. Because of her own mistake, she had actually caused her father to receive such shame.

“Daddy don’t……” Ximen Yanyan stepped forward and kneeled in front of her father. She threw away the dagger in her hand, grasped both of her father’s legs and cried out: “Daddy, I was wrong! I should not have used my position to bully other people, I should not have injured his life, I should not have injured myself with the dagger and used my own life to threaten you.”

“Daddy, I actually know everything. What should be done, what should not be done, but, but I really can’t control my temper.” Ximen Yanyan said while crying.

Ximen Wuya softly sighed. He reached out and gently stroked his daughter’s soft hair. After that, he questioned: “Yanyan, how long has it been since you last cried?”

Ximen Yanyan replied sobbingly: “Ever since that matter when I was 15 years-old, I haven’t cried again.”

This little princess of Cloudsky City was crafty, unruly, arrogant, stubborn and unyielding. She had never bowed her head nor cried for so long but was actually doing so today because her father bowing down to another person. She cried in a loud voice and despite knowing that it was because she had erred and that she should not blame Yang Dingtian, her heart could not suppress her hate towards Yang Dingtian.

“Thing?” Ximen Wuya said with a hand out.

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Ximen Yanyan took out the flame necklace from her bosom. Her gaze towards the necklace was full of reluctance and hatred as she docilely placed it in her father’s hand.

“Stand up!” Ximen Wuya said: “You must remember today. When you do anything in the future, think about today and think about daddy. Don’t worry about controlling your temper, just think before you act!”

“Yes! I understand.” Ximen Yanyan voiced with a bowed head.

“Furthermore, you cannot bear a grudge against this little brother.” Ximen Wuya continued speaking.

Ximen Yanyan clenched her teeth: “Daddy, I am unable to not hate him in my heart, but I will not take revenge on him later. I will not target him, nor will I go harm him. I will ignore him, not touch him, and will not look at his eyes with unwillingness!”

After she finished speaking, Ximen Yanyan was already incapable of restraining her resentment.

Ximen Wuya creased his eyebrows, waved his hand towards the door and said: “You can go out……”

After Ximen Yanyan coldly stared at Yang Dingtian, she turned and walked out with her delicate body.

“Little brother, your necklace.” Ximen Wuya handed the flame necklace to Yang Dingtian.

Yang Dingtian once again hung the necklace back onto his neck and said: “Mister Ximen, sorry for inconveniencing you. If it was anything else, I would not have minded and would have just given it to Young Lady Ximen. However, this flame necklace is something my close elder gave me, so it is very important to me.”

“I know. Moreover, even if it was something insignificant, other people should not forcefully take it away.” Ximen Wuya said.

“Right, where does this little brother plan to go? If the direction you and I are going is different, I can call a fast ship to send you to that place.” Ximen Wuya voiced.

At this time, Yang Dingtian’s worries were gone. Thus, he was able to feel a slight swaying, so he asked: “Are we at sea?”

Ximen Wuya nodded: “Yes.”

“I want to go to Eastern Cloud State. Is it far from here?” Yang Dingtian asked.

“Eastern Cloud State?” Ximen Wuya said: “To go to YinYang Sect?”

Yang Dingtian was slightly startled.

“I apologize, I didn’t mean to accidentally pry into your private business.” Ximen Wuya explained: “But the purpose of my journey is exactly YinYang Sect. If you are also going to YinYang Sect, we can go together!”

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“This coincidental?” Yang Dingtian’s heart immediately became alert and raised a strand of suspicion. The hand holding the flame necklace could not help but tighten its grip. Could it be that this refined noble person was just acting a moment ago? What hidden purpose did he have? Perhaps he had even discovered the flame necklaces’ secret?

Ximen Wuya gazed towards Yang Dingtian. His gaze seemed to understand everything as he said with a sunny smile: “Feel relieved little brother. If you are unwilling to come along, I can call another quick ship and send you to Eastern Cloud State alone.

Yang Dingtian felt embarrassed. He said with an embarrassed smile: “No need Mister Ximen. Then I’ll trouble you to let me come along.”

“Don’t mention it, it should be like this.” Ximen Wuya replied: “Your body should already be fine, so I will make someone deliver food to you in a moment. I am going ahead, tomorrow I’ll come see you again.”

After he finished speaking, Ximen Wuya walked towards the exit.

Yang Dingtian hurriedly went to get out of bed to see him off.

“Stop. This room has many books, so you can read those to pass the time.” Ximen Wuya turned and said: “If you feel depressed, you can sit on the bed and take a breather or look at the ocean.”

Then, Ximen Wuya left.

After more than 10 minutes passed, a pretty maid delivered food that was very exquisite and delicious. Yang Dingtian ate heartily until his tongue nearly dropped while he looked at the charming maid’s face that was full of avoidance.

Although this charming maid didn’t speak any impolite words, her small face was taut with hostility. Her relationship with Ximen Yanyan’s was probably quite good, so she was just showing anger against a common enemy.

“Comfortable!” Yang Dingtian felt his stomach. It had already been more than a year since he eaten any real food; Heaven seemed to pity him!

“Hmph…..” At this time, the charming maid could not hold back the resentment in her heart. She coldly hmphed and tidied up the tableware. She twisted her small waist to leave, even heavily closing the door in order to show her anger towards Yang Dingtian.

Waking up the next day, Yang Dingtian decided to go onto the deck to take a look at the ocean. He wanted to see if there was any difference between this world’s ocean and the one on Earth.

This ship was very large. From room to deck, Yang Dingtian had already walked for several minutes and on the way, he ran into many people. However, all the people on the ship seemed to be full of hostility. Maybe it wasn’t hostility, but it was at least coldness, in addition to avoidance.

“Hmph, this person is nothing but a savage. Why is master so good to him? Not only did he waste a great amount of Xuan strength to treat this person’s injury, but he also wasted a large quantity of Mysterious Ice Jade Liquid. The amount of Mysterious Ice Jade Liquid used up was enough to buy several hundred savage slaves!” Some warriors on the ship believed that Yang Dingtian was a savage person that was unable to understand their words, so they spoke these words without reservation.

Yang Dingtian didn’t pay attention to these words, directly walking towards the deck. He suddenly smelled the cool fishy wet sea breeze and heard the sound of ocean waves.

This ocean and the one on Earth didn’t seem to have too big of a difference. It was still as broad and still had the same blue seawater, seabirds, and schools of fish.

This ship was made out of wood, but compared to the ancient boats on Earth, it was larger by a lot and more elaborate, as well as slender.

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At this time, there was a fiery attractive charming shadow. It was Ximen Yanyan; only she would wear this kind of thin clothing. Only she would possess such a well-developed body and alluring curves.

She had changed to a long skirt today, but she still binded herself. She was still wearing a fire-red color and still as frivolous, seeming to have a silky nature1.

The sea breeze blew by.

The fire-red long skirt clung onto her bouncy astonishing ample body, causing her tender sexy body curves to stand out even more and the proud mountain peaks on her chest to stand even higher. This young girl was filled with unruliness; she paid no mind to other people checking out her captivating curves. No matter where she was, it was like she was a flame that ignited men’s desires and spirits.

“I think that the person standing there foolishly, no matter who you are, should leave my line of sight.” Detecting the sounds of footsteps behind her, Ximen Yanyan said without a trace of politeness.

Yang Dingtian paid no attention to her. Instead, he directly walked forward and leaned on the wooden railing. He looked downwards, gazing at the sea birds and the sea fishes that jumped up from time to time.

Upon seeing that it was actually the fake savage Yang Dingtian, Ximen Yanyan’s beautiful brows immediately creased. She instinctively held her breath, seeming to not tolerate breathing the air two meters between them.

“Leave, don’t appear before me.” Ximen Yanyan coldly said.

Yang Dingtian didn’t pay any notice to her. Rather, he was still in high spirits while looking at the fish in the sea.

Ximen Yanyan became furious. She clenched her tender snow-white hand into a fist and nearly flipped out. However, she recalled her father’s anger and could not help but bear it forcefully. Then, she coldly said: “Since you won’t leave, I’ll leave!”


  1. TLN: I’m guessing that the author is trying to say that she still has a ‘no-good’ nature. 
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