Chapter 11 – Cloudsky City Lord

The surrounding people were startled as Ximen Yan’s whip descended. It was very likely that this savage would become burned black and unable to come back to life.

And under this girl’s anger, her other snow white jade wrist softly trembled and an extraordinarily delicate and beautiful small crossbow unexpectedly appeared.

“Sou……” A small blazing red arrow shot towards Yang Dingtian like lightning.

At such a close distance, Yang Dingtian had no place to hide. He instinctively struck out at it, wanting to split the small flying arrow and immediately, dozens of strands of Xuan Qi burst forth.

Instantly, the small arrow that suddenly shot towards Yang Dingtian’s palm actually directly dissolved the terrifying fiery energy. Then, it pierced through Yang Dingtian’s palm and chest.

At the same time, Yang Dingtian’s right hand became as red as fire and based on inertia, his striking hand pressed on the young girl’s towering soft chest.

What an astonishing size, elasticity, softness, and feel!

But unfortunately, Yang Dingtian could not enjoy this. The young girl immediately blanked out when Yang Dingtian’s fiery palm pushed onto her delicate breast. Then she cried out in alarm and extreme angry, suddenly striking down with her palm.

Simultaneously, Ximen Yan’s blazing whip thrashed towards Yang Dingtian’s head.

It was as if Yang Dingtian was struck by lightning! Three strands of extraordinarily fierce burning energy drilled itself into his body, seeming to want to rip open his body in a moment.

In a flash, Yang Dingtian’s body burst into flames and all the blood in his body started boiling.

“AHHH……” With a wild roar, Yang Dingtian firmly held the young girl’s small hand. Both of his eyes had turned completely red while he was looking at the young girl brimming with anger. His mouth opened and a mouthful of fiery blood suddenly sprayed out. In a flash, he fell to the ground, losing consciousness!

The young girl only felt her face suddenly become scalding as her extremely beautiful small jade face had Yang Dingtian’s blood directly sprayed onto her. Actually with her cultivation, she could definitely avoid it. However, although she was arrogant, crafty, and unruly, she had never killed a person before. Not even under extreme anger would she kill someone, so she was momentarily dumbfounded.

After a moment, she exerted herself to throw off Yang Dingtian’s hand as her small mouth said while trembling: “Daring, daring to touch me……death is unable to wipe out your crime!”

After that, she went to take away the flame necklace on Yang Dingtian’s chest as before. But after exerting herself, she actually had not thrown off Yang Dingtian’s hand. She obviously could have used Xuan Qi to directly throw Yang Dingtian’s “corpse” a few meters away. But if she did that, it was very likely that all the bones in Yang Dingtian’s body would disintegrate. Even after hesitating for a bit she still didn’t use Xuan Qi. Rather, she used her body’s strength to the utmost to struggle free.

Ximen Yan’s face became cold. He directly walked forth while unsheathing a sharp blade with the intention to chop off Yang Dingtian’s hand.

“Impudent! Still haven’t stayed your hand?” Suddenly, a dignified angry rebuke was heard from the distance. It was the voice of a middle-aged man that was obviously very far away, yet it was as if the voice was right next to their ears. It shook their hearts and lungs and made Ximen Yan not dare to move.

“The City Lord is here!”

The rest of the people all dismounted and knelt down in the snow.

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At the same time, several sounds of hoofbeats came from afar and up close and a threatening aura pressed down on them!

Yang Dingtian felt as if he was Sun Wukong in Tai Shang Lao Jun’s furnace1, being roasted by a ferocious flame at all times. Even if he lost consciousness, he still felt incomparable suffering.

This and cleansing the marrow and veins’ pain was different. This sort of pain was definitely of the violent type and it wanted to tear Yang Dingtian’s body to shreds, wanting to cause him to die. As a result, even if Yang Dingtian had lost consciousness, he still felt pain that of a living death.

Then, a gentle palm pressed on his solar plexus and a cool aura suppressed the burning feeling in his body. Subsequently, it was as if an ice-cold liquid was poured into his mouth. Immediately, it was as if his body received moisture from heavy rain after being a drought-ridden mother earth for many years.

Even if he had lost consciousness, innumerable thoughts were going through his brain, causing his mind to not be at peace even when passed out.

“My flame necklace, I’m not selling, give the necklace back to me……”

Yang Dingtian indignantly cried out. Then, he suddenly sat up, awaking.

At this time, he wasn’t lying on the snowy ground. Instead, he was inside a luxurious and warm room, lying on top of a fragrant and soft bed. Beside the bed stood a cultured and refined elegant middle-aged man. His changpao1 was white and gaze was kind/gentle, his surface seemingly made of jade from head to toe. On his head, there was a jade crown showing off his wealth.

“You have finally woken up.” The middle-aged man gently said.

Yang Dingtian felt his chest and discovered that the flame necklace had disappeared. Immediately, he used the MaoLi language to shout with worried anger. However, he didn’t know how to say ‘my flame necklace’ in the MaoLi language, so he could only shout of ‘my’ twice.

“What? What thing has my daughter stolen from you?” The middle-aged man questioned in this world’s common language.
Yang Dingtian’s heart was startled. That childish faced, big breasted young girl was the daughter of the person before him! Thus, her snatching of his flame necklace should be something her father knows about. That young girl forcefully buying his flame necklace could be said to doing something that was an old hobby revived, but now this middle-aged man, actually not to know his daughter’s snatching of his flame necklace, should be harboring ulterior motives.

‘Could it be that he recognizes the flame necklace? It can’t be? Master said that this is something that only Master’s wife and junior female apprentice should recognize.’ Yang Dingtian secretly thought in his heart. But, he still pretended not to understand the other party’s words and kept using the MaoLi language to yell ‘my’.

“Little brother, you don’t need to pretend to be a MaoLi barbarian. I am very proficient in the MaoLi barbarian language and the way you talk isn’t authentic.” The middle-aged man kindly laughed. Despite exposing Yang Dingtian, he actually still gave one the feeling of being immersed in a springtime breeze.

Yang Dingtian’s complexion slightly changed. After he hesitated for a moment, he used this world’s language: “Your daughter seems to have snatched my flame necklace? Please return it to me. Although that thing isn’t valuable, it is very important to me; it has commemorative significance.”

“My daughter has already been locked up by me, so whether there is a conflict between you two, I still don’t know. Because I waited for you to awaken and say your side, I still haven’t heard my daughter’s and the warriors side of the story.” The middle-aged man said: “In the event that she really did snatch your item, I will surely give it back to you.”

Even though Yang Dingtian’s heart was still on alert, his complexion became more peaceful and he said: “Thank you, senior!”

The middle-aged man faintly smiled, then waved his hand: “Go call the young lady over here.”

“Yes, Master.” A person on the outside said.

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About ten minutes later, the door opened and a fragrant wind blew in. That young girl walked in and suddenly, it was as if a fireball illuminated the room.

The young girl’s face was somewhat haggard, but was still filled with stubbornness as
before. Seeing that Yang Dingtian had woken up, her small face loosened a bit. But after getting closer, it became full of chilliness.

The gentleness of the middle-aged man’s face went into his eyes and he fixed his gaze on his own daughter. Then, he slowly asking: “Explain. Now you can say what situation occurred.”

After that, he faced Yang Dingtian and said with a mild smile: “Little brother, if she says anything wrong, you can indicate it. I will not side with my daughter.”

“Dad, he’s a MaoLi barbarian. He doesn’t understand our words.” The young girl said.

“You don’t need to care about it. Explain yourself, what is the matter?” The middle-aged man sternly said. The young girl’s delicate body immediately trembled; apparently, she revered her father very much.

“At that time, we were hurrying along our journey, when suddenly a savage dashed out and blocked our road. I heard big brother Yan and them say that it was a MaoLi barbarian. Thus, I, who had thought that the MaoLi people were extinguished several years ago, came out to take a look with a curious heart. It turned out that there was nothing to look at, so as a result I made big brother Yan drive him away as I returned to the carriage. But unexpectedly, I saw that this person had a flame necklace on his chest.”

“Daddy you have to know……” That young girl continued.

“Call me father.” The middle-aged man coldly said.

“Yes, father!” That young girl’s eyes were full of grievance as she continued on while clenching her teeth: “Father, you have to know that I was born with Splendid Flame Veins. Since childhood, I was just like a flame, thus you gave me the name ‘Ximen Yanyan’ to me. I felt that the flame necklace on his chest and I matched each other, so I became quite fond of it. As a result, I put forth 100 gold coins and 100 jin of meat to buy it.”

“I gave the gold coins and meat to him, but when I went to take the flame necklace, who would have imagined that this savage unexpectedly grabbed my hand. He even struck towards my chest! Not an inch of my skin had even been touched by a man before; even the clothing on my body is personally done by elder sister Ningning. Let alone him, who was a savage! My heart was anxious, so I shot an arrow from my Fiery Crossbow at once. His palm was chopping downwards, but under big brother Yan’s anxiousness, a whip struck forth. Then, this savage person fell on the ground spitting blood and at that time I thought that he had died……”

After listening to the young girl’s narration, the middle-aged man turned and asked Yang Dingtian: “Is this the case? Is it as she says?”

Yang Dingtian nodded his head: “Yes, it is. It’s just that young lady Ximen did not ask me whether or not I was willing to sell.”

“Aren’t you a MaoLi barbarian?” Ximen Yanyan’s beautiful eyes widened: “Your flame necklace is of little value; which person would be unwilling to sell when I give 100 gold for it? Besides, why did you grab my hand?”

“Impudent!” The middle-aged man suddenly angrily rebuked.

Immediately, the entire room suddenly quaked. The candle flame flickered and the flame was reduced by several times in a flash.

“The bracelet on your wrist is also not valuable. If someone wanted to buy it for 1000 gold coins, would you be willing?” The middle-aged man coldly inquired.

“Of course I would be unwilling. This is something mother gave to me, I wouldn’t sell it for any amount of money.” Ximen Yanyan replied.

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“Then what makes you think that this little brother would be willing to sell his flame necklace?” The middle-aged man angrily scolded: “What authority do you have to forcefully purchase another person’s item? Just because you are Cloudsky City Lord’s daughter?”

“Furthermore, just because another person grabbed your hand, accidentally touching your body, you would injure that person’s life? Who gave you the authority to treat human life like grass?”

“You have made me extremely disappointed! It is my fault that I have doted on you too much, causing you to become so spoiled, rude, and unreasonable. A girl, crafty and unruly, perhaps is adorable, but being cruelly brutal is an unforgivable sin!”

Kneel down!” The middle-aged man furiously shouted.

Ximen Yanyan was immediately startled and foolishly stood there.

“Did you not hear my words? Kneel down and apologize to this little brother!” The middle-aged man angrily yelled.

Ximen Yanyan finally heard her father’s words clearly. In a tone not daring to believe, she said: “Daddy, I am your daughter.”

“Kneel down! Do you want me to repeat myself for a third time?” The middle-aged man coldly shouted.


  1. TLN: This is something you can google. It’s a reference to ‘Journey to the west’ if you don’t recognize it. 

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