Chapter 12 – Lin Wei’s First Summon Fight

Everyone was in uproar again.

Everyone used an incredulous gaze to look at Xiao Xun, thinking in their hearts ‘has her brain become silly?’ Just a moment ago, Fan Minyue’s conduct clearly showed that she was targeting her, so why did she1 turn herself towards the spear point?

However, only Xiao Xun herself was clear in her heart. What should come, isn’t something that should be hidden from. Rather than avoiding battle to enhance another’s might, she might as well lift herself up. At least her imposing manner would hold superiority.

While everyone was clamoring, only Fan Yanxing sat in meditation here. His eyes were closed and he was motionless, as if the outside world had absolutely nothing to do with him. Fan Xun looked ahead and nodded, then said to Fan Tianlong by his side: “Yanxing has matured a lot, it seems that his advancement to great martial master is right around the corner.”

Fan Tianlong smiled: “Father, I currently am also just a great martial master. By the time when Xing’er advances, his strength will directly surpass mine.”

On Qifeng Continent, besides summon beast cultivation, there was also a growth system of cultivating oneself. According to the DouQi within one’s body, in order from low to high: Primary Warrior, Intermediate Warrior, High Level Warrior, Martial Master, Great Martial Master, Battle King, Battle Emperor, Battle Reverend, War Saint, and the War God in legends.

In Fan Clan, only the Clan Head Fan Xun attained Battle King realm. His three children all attained Great Martial Master, and currently within the fourth generation, there was Fan Yanxing, Fan Zhong, and Lu Jing. Altogether, there were seven Martial Masters. The majority of the remaining people were High Level Warriors. There were also three Intermediate Warriors, but their summon beasts were out of the ordinary, so they couldn’t be underestimated.

After hearing Xiao Xun’s challenge, Fan Minyue first stared blankly for a moment, then immediately smiling: “Younger cousin Xiao Xun’s has great boldness, let us two sisters exchange blows well, haha.” As she was speaking, she rushed to jump onto the center arena of the martial arts competing stage.

Xiao Xun clenched her fist, then slowly made her way up onto the other side of the arena.

“Younger cousin, please call out your summon beast first.” Fan Minyue smilingly said as she decorated her fingernail at a moderate pace.

Xiao Xun lifted up both hands and began making hand signs. Space began vibrating, then a vortex channel appeared.

Everyone stood in a circle and watched on. They were very interested in Xiao Xun’s Beastly Servant summon beast and wanted to take a look at what appearance the summon beast had.

Lin Wei came out from the space vortex and landed in front of Xiao Xun.

The moment everyone saw Lin Wei, they all couldn’t help but suck in a breath of air——this absolutely wasn’t because they were amazed at Lin Wei’s status. A Beastly Servant was a Beastly Servant, this they knew long ago, but they had never seen this kind of summon beast. Even Clan Head Fan Xun knit his brows after taking a look. According to his profound experiences, he unexpectedly couldn’t make out what type Lin Wei was part of. He even made a great effort recalling those uncommon species in ancient texts, but he still couldn’t find a possible match.

But what caused everyone to be even more surprised was the outfit on Lin Wei’s body——he was unexpectedly wearing a belt strap! On the back was a bow and tube of arrows, while a dagger was hanging on his waist and his right hand gripped a sharp longspear. How was this still a summon beast? This seemed just like a warrior!

All people, including the opposing Fan Minyue, were shaking2 in their spot by Lin Wei’s appearance.

That’s right, in these days that Xiao Xun was teaching Lin Wei, she discovered that Lin Wei had high intelligence and was able to learn the skills that other summon beasts were simply unable to deal with. Archery and sword techniques, Lin Wei had learned them exceptionally quick, much quicker than when Xiao Xun started out.

That woman in the front is the Open-arm Devil Ape’s owner. Lin Wei thought. I wonder how the Open-arm Devil Ape is doing. No matter how much strength he has left, it doesn’t matter, since things have reached this stage, I can only risk my life at this moment!

“Open-arm Devil Ape! Come out!” Fan Minyue also made hand signs and chanted incantations. Another even bigger vortex appeared, then……then there was silence.

Hm? What’s going on? Fan Minyue’s complexion changed. These days, she hadn’t trained even once, so she also hadn’t summoned the Open-arm Devil Ape. In her imagination, crushing Xiao Xun absolutely wasn’t a problem. However, she hadn’t thought that when she summoning today, there wouldn’t even be the slightest movement.

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Everyone in the surrounding began whispering in each other’s ears. There were truly many situations in today’s competition. First, there was a warrior dressed summon beast and immediately following that, there was also the situation of the Open-arm Devil Ape not showing up.

Hasn’t showed up! Lin Wei was wild with joy in his heart. Apparently, Open-arm Devil Ape’s injury was very grave and already couldn’t respond to its master’s summon. Seems like I won’t need to fight this time.

“Open-arm Devil Ape! Quickly come out!” Fan Minyue once again shouted.

After waiting for a whole half minute, the vortex finally made a sound. Following a howl, Open-arm Devil Ape’s gigantic body appeared. But when it appeared, everyone began to make a racket again! This was because the appearance of this Open-arm Devil Ape was really too wretched! On its head was a huge claw scar, while its right eye was already blind and its entire body seemed to somewhat sway as it stood upright. Moreover, its aura was already no longer that of a Low Level Beastly General’s. At best, it was to the degree of a High Level Beastly Guard’s.

“Open-arm Devil Ape! How can it be like this?” Fan Minyue turned pale with fright. Last time she reverse summoned, it was obviously still well. How come when she summoned it once more, it seemed it had carried out a life or death fight with another?

Open-arm Devil Ape howled in grief towards its master. After that, its barely remaining left eye saw Lin Wei. Indeed, when enemies cross each other’s paths, they would become exceptionally furious. Immediately, endless fury welled up from its mind. It violently howled and without regard for anything, it dashed over towards Lin Wei.

Kill it! Kill it! Kill it! At this very moment, there was only this thought in the Open-arm Devil Ape’s mind.

“Lin Wei, jump!” Xiao Xun loudly shouted.

Lin Wei bent his knees, then pushed off the ground with both his legs, causing him to leap up high. At the same time, he flipped the spear and aimed at Open-arm Devil Ape who was on the ground, ruthlessly pierced it downwards!

“Hmph, you think only you can jump? Open-arm Devil Ape……” Fan Minyue shouted, but before she even sent out a command, Open-arm Devil Ape already jumped up to face the airborne Lin Wei.

However, it had underestimated the wound Heavenly Wolf General had given it. The visible bone-deep claw scar injury had not only just reached its brain, it had also injured part of its cerebellum. In the split second that it jumped, its entire body unnaturally went askew and lost balance. It sent a fist attack toward Lin Wei, but this fist hit nothing.

Taking advantage of its illness, I’ll take its life! Lin Wei’s eyes showed determination. His hand grasped the longspear and suddenly pierced towards the wound on Open-arm Devil Ape’s brain.

“What an intelligent summon beast!” Fan Tianlong, who was behind Fan Xun, couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

Fan Xun stroked his beard and nodded.

Lin Wei’s strike didn’t succeed. The Open-arm Devil Ape’s fighting instinct caused it to slightly lean its head. As a result, Lin Wei’s longspear hit its coarse fur and thick fleshed shoulder. Regarding this situation, Lin Wei had already expected it. His strike was an empty move; borrowing strength from the longspear in the Devil Ape’s shoulder, he once again turned over and rose, flipping over the Open-arm Devil Ape and landed behind it.

Open-arm Devil Ape angrily roared and started turning around to find its target. At this time, Lin Wei sent out strength through both his legs and took advantage of the Open-arm Devil Ape’s dazed brain. Its cerebellum was still slightly not working properly. From beginning to end, he situated himself behind the Open-arm Devil Ape and quickly pulled open the distance. Even though Open-arm Devil Ape’s strength declined, it was still equivalent to a High Level Beastly Guard; his and it’s disparity was really too wide. Lin Wei completely didn’t hold confidence fighting hand-to-hand with it.

When the distance between both parties were pulled open to 20 to 30 meters, Lin Wei rapidly took down the bow, then notched three arrows.

“Hey, I’m here!” Lin Wei yelled at Open-arm Devil Ape.

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Open-arm Devil Ape turned its head and without the slightest hesitation, it rushed at Lin Wei. It was as if a heavy armored vehicle was coming straight at him.

Lin Wei, why did you simultaneously notch three arrows? Xiao Xun’s heart jumped. Your archery still hasn’t become well-practiced.

Indeed, with regards to a beginner archer whose foundation wasn’t firm, simultaneously shooting three arrows was really a little like ‘learning to run before being able to walk’. However, Lin Wei had his own deliberation. His three arrows were tightly gathered together; he didn’t plan on shooting the arrows in three different directions, rather, he planned on shooting three arrows in one direction. This was comparable to a compressed bomb. As his archery didn’t have any prerequisites, he could only hope to raise the hitting probability.

Eye, eye, eye… Lin Wei was saying in his mind, otherwise using his mouth was also fine.

The distance between both parties was 15 meters!

Lin Wei loosened his right hand and the three arrows were ejected, simultaneously retreating backwards rapidly.

The arrow whizzed through the air. Open-arm Devil Ape subconsciously reached out to stop it, but there wasn’t enough time. The three arrows brushed past its arm and made a beeline for its face. One arrow hit his forehead, piercing an inadequate two cun3. Another brushed past the side of its cheek. The third one actually made a meritorious deed, exactly piercing into its left nostril!


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  3. TLN: 1 cun is ~3.715 cm(1.463 in) and is 1/10 of a chi

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