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Chapter 9 – Master and Pupil ⑤

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Author: Akashari Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library

“…A talk?”

“Yes. Frankly speaking, would you like to come with us?”

In the dimly lit room, Roche, illuminated by the magic light, smiled gently.

Come with us? What does that mean? Maybe it’s because I just woke up, but my mind isn’t functioning properly.

“Hehe, it’s not a complicated matter. Outlanders are beings loved by the gods, and as a priestess, I cannot abandon one.”

“But, isn’t that a bad thing? I’ll cause inconvenience…”

“Oh my, if you’re saying that, then aren’t you inconveniencing Miss Laika too?”

“Well, umm…”

Come to think of it, that might be true. Even though Laika was also abandoned with just her body, I’ve been relying on her entirely. It all started with me insisting on following her, and maybe I’ve been more of a burden than I thought…

“It seems you have some idea about that, so if you’d like, let’s talk. It might lighten your heart to let it out.”

“M-Miss Roche…”

What is this? It smells sweet. A very sugary scent, like flower nectar. When I smell this scent, my head feels light and I feel good.

“I’ve been relying on Laika ever since I met her… I haven’t been able to repay her anything, even though she saved my life…”

“Oh, that must be tough. It’s distressing not being able to repay unconditional care.”

“It’s not unconditional… I requested her help in exchange for food.”

“Oh dear, then it must be a transient relationship.”

Miss Roche was right. The remaining calorie bars in my bag were dwindling. Once we arrive in the city of Elnato, I’ll have no means to continue accompanying Laika. When that happens, I’ll… truly be alone in this world.

“But it’s okay, we won’t abandon you. We will definitely save you.”

“Save me…”

Ah, Miss Roche is a good person. To not abandon someone like me… Yes, this person will guide me―

“―What are you doing?”

“…Eh, Laika?”

The sweet scent suddenly dissipated, and the fog in my mind cleared. Laika, looking furious for some reason, was standing domineeringly at the entrance to the room.

“Oh my… Isn’t it bad to visit this late?”

“I could ask you the same thing, right? It’s not commendable that a saint like you is out and about at this hour.”

“Huh? Huh? Huh?”

The atmosphere shifted dramatically from daytime, and an uneasy silence hung between Laika and Miss Roche.

Why is the atmosphere so tense? Actually, what was I doing until now?

“I’m only telling her about the salvation. After all, as an Outlander without any relatives, she…”

“If you’re talking about salvation, shouldn’t you start with something else first? Her wish is to return to her original world, not to be absorbed into your cult.”


They were talking about me but I couldn’t intervene at all. I could see the sparks flying between the two. But Laika’s right; I want to go back to my family. Yet, just earlier, why did I think that I would be the happiest if I stayed by Miss Roche’s side?

“…It seems it will be difficult to have a constructive discussion tonight. I shall try again later.”

“It will end the same every time. As long as you wear that unsaintly perfume.”

“Hehe, but it’s my favorite perfume. Well then, see you tomorrow.”

Miss Roche dismissed the snide remark like a gentle breeze and left. As Laika saw her leave for good, she immediately pushed open the bedside window to the limit.

“Whoa, it’s cold! Why did you do that, Laika?”

“There was a sweet smell, right? It’s probably some kind of charm. It’s weak, but it seems to exploit weaknesses in the heart to make one dependent.”

“A-A charm!? You mean, Miss Roche…”

“If you don’t have any other suspects, then she’s the culprit. There’s no evidence, however…”

These chills I was getting were definitely not just because of the snowy wind. I couldn’t believe that Miss Roche would put a spell on me, but it is a fact that my head was in the clouds when I was talking to her.

Maybe it could be explained by being simply sleepy, but what if…

“T-Thank you, Laika… for helping me.”

“Bringing you to a safe place is part of our contract, there’s no need for thanks.”

Contract… that word stung in my chest. I couldn’t deny Roche’s words echoing in my mind, questioning if I was causing trouble for Laika.

“Um… Laika, have I been a bother?”

“Yeah, you’re noisy, annoying, and always acting on your own. Plus, getting sick and being a hassle to take care of.”

“I-I figured…”

“But I promised to protect you, that’s my job. You don’t need to worry about it.”

Leaning against the open window frame, Laika’s expression was hidden from me. I wonder what expression she was wearing right now.

“People are always causing trouble for someone just by being alive. And I get rewards for it.”

“Are you sure? Just for some sweets…”

“I don’t know about your world, but such sweetness is rare in this world. I’d like some more actually.”

“I’m all out already, but I can make simple sweets if I have the ingredients…”

“Oh? Interesting.”

Laika’s eyes, suddenly turning back with a spirited energy, sparkled like stars. Though she tried to maintain a calm expression, her excitement and anticipation shone through. At that moment, she really looked like a child her age.

“…Laika, if I were to teach you the recipe for the sweets, would it be okay for me to stay with you a little longer?”

“That’s not for me to decide, it’s up to you. It wouldn’t be necessarily wrong to go with that saint.”

“But it feels kind of dangerous, doesn’t it?”

“If you were willing to go with them, they wouldn’t bother brainwashing you, right? You could just use them and run away if things get dangerous. You have the power to do that.”

Maybe she’s right. In this world, I’m a little bit stronger. Even if something rough happens, I have the power to break free and run away. But… the idea of deceiving and using someone doesn’t sit right with me.

“Well, there’s still time until morning. I’ll be leaving as planned tomorrow. Think it over by then.”

“Alright, I’ve decided! Please wake me up in the morning. Goodnight!!”


My mind is made up, there’s no more doubt. When morning comes, I’ll say everything clearly and clear my mind. As the fog in my chest cleared, combined with exhaustion, I drifted into sleep in a matter of seconds.




‘Oh, pool of water, cleanse the impurities.’

“Bfffffauughhh! W-What’s happening!?”

“Good morning, Momo. I’ve already woken you up five times. Do you have something to say?”

“……I-I apologize.”

By the time the sun had risen enough and the villagers had finished their breakfast, Momo finally woke up after having water splashed on her face.

She was quite thick-skinned to sleep like that after what happened last night.

“Come on, once you’ve packed up, let’s get going. If I wait for you, the sun will set again.”

“And… what about breakfast?”

“Dried meat and bread. You can eat while we walk.”

Taking Momo, who had dried meat sandwiched in bread, we left the house, and outside, there was quite a bustle.

In the midst of it all was the Saint and the people in ceremonial attire surrounding her protectively. Their attire was less ornate than the Saint’s, and the quality was lower. They were probably her subordinates or something.

“Oh, good morning. Did you sleep well last night?”

“Good morning! It’s a nice day, isn’t it, Miss Roche!”

It seemed like Momo had forgotten about yesterday, greeting the saint cheerfully upon seeing her face. Is her heart made of iron or something?

“Yes, it’s a good day to leave the village without snow, isn’t it, Laika?”

“Yes, we’re quite fortunate. But you seem to have a lot of attendants today.”

“Hehe, we had to allocate personnel for transporting the thieves… So, Miss Momose. Have you thought about yesterday’s offer?”

“Yes, thank you for inviting me! But I’ll be going with Laika!”

While returning a cheerful reply, Momo grabbed my shoulder tightly.

Ah, so she chose me. Then I guess this noisy journey will continue a little longer.

“I’ll become Laika’s disciple!!”


“I’ll become a wizard’s apprentice, so I can’t follow you, sorcerer. I’m sorry!”

“Oh my, well then…”

“Hold on a second, what kind of joke is this, Momo? I didn’t agree to anything.”

“I just said it!! Please take care of me, Laika… No, Master!!”

What kind of spell is this? I feel dizzy, and my headache is getting worse. Momo, a disciple? Me, a master? Even if it was a polite way to turn down the Saint, why would she say that of all things…

“Well then, let’s go, Master! Please teach me all sorts of things, like magecraft to return home!”

“I-I… I haven’t accepted this!!”

That was the only line I could muster in response to her overly forceful actions.


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