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Chapter 8 – Master and Pupil ④

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Author: Akashari Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library

“Ugh… I’m so full…”
“You idiot, you ate too much. I told you to eat in moderation.”

As the feast reached its climax and the sun set, and everyone had returned to their own homes, Momo was lying on the bed, overwhelmed by overeating.

Perhaps due to that so-called Gift, her body seemed to have a poor metabolism. She needed to eat more than average people, or she would get hungry quickly.

“Depending on the weather, we’ll be leaving tomorrow, so make sure you’re in good health by then.”

I didn’t want to stay stagnant in this village any longer. And she only had herself to blame for overeating. I won’t hesitate to leave her behind if she can’t move by tomorrow.

“Make sure to get proper sleep without staying up late… I guess I didn’t need to say that.”

She was just grumbling a moment ago. I wish I could learn how to fall asleep so fast from her.

“Really, it would be a relief if you stayed asleep and quiet the whole time.”
“Uuu… Mom…”

I tried to quietly slip out of the room so as not to wake her, but her sleep talk tugged at my heartstrings. When I looked back, I saw faint tears in the corners of her sleeping eyes.

She was thrown into an unfamiliar world with nothing but the clothes on her back. It was natural for her to miss her family.

“…I hope you can go back home.”

In my musty knowledge of a thousand years, she’s the first one I’ve actually met. But still, I’ve never heard of any case… of an Otherworlder safely returning to their previous world.

…But so what? That was something unrelated to me. I should forget it; I shouldn’t harbor any unnecessary emotions.


As if fleeing from the tears on her sleeping face, I left the room behind.

“What? Oh, Lady Loli! What brings you out on such a late night?”
“You’re… Wait, what are you doing?”
“Nn… This one was enjoying a drink while gazing at the stars!”

When I stepped outside to feel the night breeze, I found the armored golem, the saint’s bodyguard, sitting cross-legged and drinking alcohol.

“Does a golem need to eat or drink…?”
“Fear not, Lady Loli! A mechanism akin to the Philosopher’s Stone has been incorporated within this one, converting all consumed substances into driving magical energy!”
“That’s an interesting design. And stop with loli this loli that. I’m Laika Galactica.”
“My apologies. It’s the whim of this one’s creator, who apparently was an Outlander.”

The creator of this golem was an Outlander?

The performance of this golem far surpassed the water golem I hastily made; even if there were dozens of them lined up, I’d expect them to be easily crushed. It would require immense effort, talent, and blessed materials. And an Outlander did that?

“While the creator’s memories are vague due to capacity issues, it is certain that this body incorporates the technology of an Outlander!”
“Was it a man? A woman? How many years ago was this? Did that traveler…?”

—return to their homeworld? I almost blurted out, but I shut my mouth.

Don’t ask stupid questions, me. Whether the answer is yes or no, it’s none of my business. Stop poking your nose into unnecessary matters; after all, my interaction with her is only until the next town.

“Hmm, this one’s memory is too hazy… Come to think of it, Lady Laika’s companion is also a traveler. As expected, are you worried?”
“She’s not a companion; she just tagged along. And if we’re talking about worry, shouldn’t you be by Lady Saint’s side?”
“Worry not, this one’s radar indicates no suspicious figures within a 5 km radius.”
“I see. You’re truly multifunctional.”

Communication capabilities, fuel replenishment through meals, and even detection abilities. As a bodyguard, it should also possess ample combat capabilities. As a wizard, I’m tempted to dismantle it once and understand its internal structure.

“Lady Laika, your eyes are rather unsettling…”
“Ah, my apologies. I was just overcome by a bit of unhealthy curiosity.”
“Hmm, I wonder if Lady Laika is truly a child…”
“Only in appearance. I’m in quite a complicated position in many ways.”
“Come to think of it, we heard similar stories in the village we visited before coming here.”

I nearly let my agitation show on my face. Yes, I was careless. The saint didn’t just show her face in this village. If I assume she had visited the other villages too…

“In fact, we were once attacked by those thieves and encountered them again in that village after they escaped us… And it turned out that a child with snowy-silver hair had defeated them.”
“It could be a misunderstanding. No, it must be a misunderstanding. Under pressure, one might blurt out falsehoods. Surely, that’s the case. No doubt about it.”
“How outrageous! Such thick-skinned individuals!”

Thank goodness, it seems his thought process isn’t that advanced.

But if this golem heard it, so would that Lady Saint. It’ll be difficult to deceive her. It wouldn’t be good if a clergy got to know about my criminal charges. I should flee before they come to light.

“However, the leader of the thieves also mentioned that she was accompanied by a pink-haired woman…”
“That’s definitely a misunderstanding. Momo is just a temporary companion of mine, not a partner.”
“Is that so? Then, may we take her into our custody?”

The synthetic tone of the golem’s voice dropped a notch. Simultaneously, the air around me seemed to tense up, and the temperature dropped even further, creating a chilling sensation.

“A Gift is indeed the proof of being loved by a god! Therefore, under the name of Ascles’ followers, we protect lost Outlanders.”
“Protection? Isn’t that a euphemism for bolstering your forces?”
“I have no words to refute that claim. But rest assured, we shall not treat her poorly.”

Indeed, that was true. She would get better treatment compared to following me. There would be no shivering in the snow or being scorched by heat. And if our ties were to sever here, it would be for the best.

—But despite that, what is this lingering unease in my chest?

“…Well, I suppose it’s fine then. As long as she willingly agrees.”
“You need not worry about that; Lady Roche has already headed for negotiations.”

As I glanced back at the house where Momo was sleeping, light leaked from the window that should have been extinguished. And there was a presence… of someone other than Momo inside the room.


“Uugh… Huuh?”

Feeling a warm sensation in my stomach, I woke up. For a moment, I shuddered, thinking I’d wet myself at this age, but it wasn’t that. It felt more like something gentle soothing my overfilled stomach…

“You’re… Miss Roche?”
“Oh, I seem to have woken you up. I’m sorry; I heard you were suffering from overeating.”

As I rubbed my sleepy eyes with a familiar sensation, I saw Roche sitting by my bedside.

“But since you woke up, this makes it simple. Miss Momose, would you mind having a little chat?”


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