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Chapter 14- The First Errand ①

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Author: Akashari Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library

“Alright, today we’re going to earn, Momo.”
“Yes, Master! Let’s do it!!”

The next morning, after giving Momo a thorough lecture, we stormed into the guild.

The interior was bustling as usual, with the same lively atmosphere and the sight of adventurers drinking since morning.

“Can’t you all enter quietly?”
“Oh, Miss Stella. Good morning!”
“Morning. You’re here to take on a quest, right? Bring the papers from that board over there to the reception.”

Stella, who approached us with an incredulous expression, pointed towards the crowd gathered around the bulletin board.

They were probably adventurers with empty pockets like us, examining the board for any lucrative quests.

“Hey hey, we need to hurry up or all the good ones will be gone!”

Trying to push through the crowd in front of the bulletin board, I was promptly pushed back.

There was no room to squeeze through. The fervor and determination of people struggling with poverty were truly terrifying.

“Are you okay, Master? Please don’t overdo it, you’re not very strong.”
“B-Be careful, Momo… They all have bloodshot eyes…”
“Come on, just wait here for a moment!”

After seating me at the nearest table, Momo fearlessly plunged into the crowd.

As expected of her strength, she didn’t lose out in the pushing and shoving of burly men, diving deeper and deeper into the crowd.

“Momoo! Pick ones that won’t take too long. Let’s earn as much as we can by completing several quests.”
“Got it! Then this one, and this one, and… this!”

After a while, Momo emerged from the crowd once again, having successfully retrieved three quest forms. She had chosen ones that matched our requirements well.

“Weeding at the orphanage, copying scriptures, or cleaning up a hoarder’s house… But they sure use high-quality paper for these quests.”
“Do they?”

The paper used for the quest forms was probably derived from plants, and it was definitely not cheap.

Using that kind of paper so generously for each quest should be way over any budget. Did the Adventurer’s Guild earn that much?

“Well, never mind. The rewards aren’t bad either, so let’s take on these quests. Well done, Momo.”
“Hehe, I could even bring back another ten if you want!”
“Absolutely not. Remember, there are cancellation fees.”

I think it was a joke, but with her, you never know so I had to say it firmly. That was the scary part about her. Carefully watching her, I headed towards the reception, where adventurers holding quest forms had already formed a line.

“It’s quite a line. It looks like it’s going to take a while.”
“It’s kind of exciting, like waiting in line for a popular attraction.”
“Hehehe, looks like some out-of-place girls are lining up. You’re not gonna claim to be adventurers now, are ya?”

Reluctantly lining up, a man who was ahead turned and smirked as he spoke to us.

Despite his slender frame, the muscles that adorned his body and the pair of daggers at his waist exuded an unmistakable aura of combat readiness.

“Well, we’re adventurers too…”
“Hehehe… This is the registration line for rough quests only, you sure you’re not mistaken?”

As the man pointed it out, I noticed that unlike the other counters, this one had muscular men carrying weapons lining up.

Indeed, we seemed to be the ones out of place here.

“……Sorry, we made a mistake!!”
“Hehehe… Don’t worry about it, adventurers gotta help each other out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!”
“Master, Master! He turned out to be a really good guy!”
“That’s right, looks can be deceiving.”

We bid farewell to the kind adventurer with a light wave and then lined up again at the correct counter.

After waiting for the line to progress for a while, Stella, who had assisted us earlier, attended to us.

“Sorry, looks like I forgot to mention it! There’s a separate counter for risky quests.”
“We were quite surprised… We’ll have to thank him later.”
“Kamasse is usually at the guild when he’s free, so feel free to talk to him whenever. Are you sure about these three quests?”
“Yes, we’ll make sure to finish them all today.”

After quickly reviewing the quest forms we provided, Stella swiftly stamped them with the seal placed beside the counter.

“Here you go. Make sure to carefully read the details on the back of the quest form. Take care not to get injured!”
“Thank you. Shall we head out right away, Master?”
“Yes, time is of the essence. Let’s hurry, Momo.”

Completing three quests in a single day would undoubtedly make our schedule tight. However, given the urgency of earning income, we had no choice but to endure a bit of discomfort. With Momo offering her back for me to ride on, we swiftly departed from the guild.

“Master, which one should we head to first?”
“Let’s split up. First, drop me off at the church. You can handle the weeding at the orphanage. Once you’re done, we’ll meet up.”
“Huh, are you sure it’s okay for you to go alone, Master?”
“I could say the same to you. I’m worried too, but I don’t want to spend too much time on either of these tasks.”

Weeding was obviously strenuous physical labor, something I wasn’t equipped for at the moment. On the other hand, copying scriptures wouldn’t suit Momo either. She might even damage the pen or books, leading to more debt.

“Well, if that’s the case, I don’t mind… But is there really a need to rush?”
“We don’t know how long cleaning up the hoarder’s house will take. It’s the highest-paying task, and I don’t want to miss out.”

With Momo around, we could shorten the time needed, but it was still better to have as much of it as possible. Plus, there were some other appealing aspects mentioned in the quest details.

“If necessary, we can bring back any valuable trash we find…huh? I’d like us to have some extra time to look through the spoils.”
“Huh?! Are you really planning to bring back garbage!?”
“It’s free to obtain, and if there’s anything reusable, it’s not a loss. It’s a win if we find something valuable.”
“Umm, but… It’s a house where someone died, right?”
“The deceased would be happier if their belongings became useful to the living rather than being thrown away. Let’s focus on finishing the quests ahead. Take a right at the corner there.”
“Got it… Well, I’ll think about the details later then.”

Quest Name: Cleaning of Hoarder’s House

One star and above

Number of Participants:

Due to my grandfather’s sudden passing, I need assistance with cleaning up his estate.
The interior is filled with a chaotic mess of clutter, so I’m seeking individuals skilled in physical labor.
The number of workers doesn’t matter, but please discuss and distribute the reward accordingly.

Equivalent to 1,200G in third-class silver coins.
(*Approximately 12,000 yen from Momose Kaguya’s perspective)

Additionally, you’re welcome to take any of the clutter from the estate with you.


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