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Races’ Special Attributes

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1588 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 924 words
Editor(s): Fire


All Rounder, Humans are highly compatible with any Jobs. They can either be a jack of all trades or a specialist.

Teamwork, Humans are good at organizing teams. As the team leader, they can form a party of up to 25 people of the same race, or up to 15 people consisting of different races.



Graceful, Elves have a remarkable sense of art and a beautiful profile. Their charm value is 25% higher than average.

Long-Lived, Elves have unlimited soul energy. They can restore their 16-year-old look by soaking themselves in the Holy Spring of Spirits.

Spirit’s Blessing, DEX and LUK are increased by 15% when the Elves are in the forest.

Sharp Eye, with their keen vision, they can see 30% further than other races.

Lost Knowledge, Elves are intelligent creatures, their INT are increased by 25%. Additionally, Elven Mages learn magic 25% faster. As a penalty, their STR and END are decreased by 50%.

(The Job available for Elf: Ranger, Archer, Priest, Mage, Bard, Thief, Warlock.)



Robust Body, Dragons can freely change between human or dragon form. When changing from human to dragon form, they must first accumulate enough MP.

Dragon Blood, there are only warriors among the dragon race. When they are in dragon form, their stats become equal to that of a boss monster.

Supremacy, Dragons can exert pressure within a limited scope and while in dragon form, the Dragon Might debuff will be continuously inflicted to enemies of other races. MEN resistance is decreased by 50, all stats are decreased by 10%.

Immeasurable Might, with STR capable of moving mountains, Dragons have 20% higher base STR and no max limit for END.

Disdain, Dragons hate the idea of wielding weapons, thus they could only equip armor or fashion items.

Elemental Control, due to their nature, Dragons have absolute control over the elements. As a result, they don’t require MP.

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Rage, under extreme conditions, Dragons could enter Rage mode and all stats will be increased by 50%.

(The Job available for Dragon: Warrior.)



Uncontrollable, the Half-Beastman Berserker’s Rage mode lasts for ten minutes and cooldown is negated.

Pristine Senses, due to their race characteristics, Half-Beastmen can instantly strengthen all or parts of their five senses. No cooldown.

Beast Body, depending on the race, Half-Beastmen will have different race features and quirks.

Sharp Intuition, Half-Beastmen have a special sixth sense. The probability that their intuition being correct is about 90%.

Full Moon Essence, based on their race, Half-Beastmen will display different quirks and behavior under the full moon. Besides that, all of their stats are increased by 15%, and their intuition will be sharpened.

(The Job available for Half-Beastmen: Ranger, Warrior, Priest, Berserker, Archer.)



Beastmen possess immense strength and high defense. Base STR is increased by 15%, base DEF increased by 20%, and base HP increased by 25%.

Nature’s Gift, pure-blooded Beastmen have two forms. They can take on a beast form for five minutes, also with a cooldown of five minutes.

Full Moon’s Blessing, pure-blooded Beastmen can maintain beast form permanently under the full moon. All stats are increased by 20%.

Beast Form, depending on their race, every Beastman has their own distinctive abilities and traits in beast form.

Heavily Armed, with their innate strength, Beastmen can don a Heavy Armor and not receive any penalty from doing so. Moreover, the armor’s base stats will increase by 10%.

Overwhelming Strength, Beastmen don’t have a hard cap on END.

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(The Job available for Beastman: Warrior, Holy Knight, Berserker.)



Frenzy, there are only Berserkers among the Demon race. They aren’t restricted in their usage of Berserker’s Rage. The skill can last up to 5 minutes, with a cooldown period just as long. They also gain additional 10% bonus in attack power during Rage mode.

Bloodthirst, Demons are bloodthirsty by nature, if they get a whiff of blood, all of their stats will increase by 15%. Moreover, for every opponent they kill, their attack power will increase by 2%. Can be stacked up to ten times.

Supernatural Strength, with their incredible strength, Demons’ base STR will be increased by 20%, and another 35% when their HP falls below 25%. Demons do not have a hard cap on END.

Distinctive Quirk, due to the differences among the race, each Demon has a distinctive quirk.

Demon Eyes, Demons have really good eyesight. They can see 70% further than other races. In addition to that, no hiding skill works within one meter of them.



Blood Craving, Vampires who don’t get a steady supply of Mages’ Magic Power will crave human blood. This is a primal instinct and cannot be suppressed by any means other than bloodsucking.

Life Drain, Vampires can keep 15% of the HP they drained from their target.

Limit Break, Vampires’ bodies are already dead, and thus, they’re not limited by any physical restriction. DEX increases by 80%, SPD increases by 100%, STR increases by 35%.

Shadow Sneak, Vampires can submerge into shadows.

Bat Wings, Vampires can grow membranous wings behind their backs and gain the ability of flight.

Ruler of the Night, during nights with no moonlight, all the Vampires’ stats are increased by 15%. Their fangs become longer and the wings also become larger, allowing them to glide and fly faster.

Reduced MP, Vampires’ greatest trait is 40% lower than normal.

Bloodwork, Vampires can freely control their blood, materializing them into weapons or shields. The equipment would be of the uncommon grade.

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