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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1361 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 877 words
Editor(s): Fire

ATK 8, MATK 3, SPD 9, DEF 4, DEX 8, STR 5.
Specialize in Mid-Range Combat.
Key Skill: Swallow Step (With steps as lithe as a swallow, the Ranger is capable of jumping in midair up to four times. The jumping distance is shortened with each jump. Can jump up to 45 degrees at any angle. Passive.)
Weapon: One-Handed Sword, Rapier, Rune Blade, Magic Sword, Gauntlet.
Armor: Light Armor, Leather Armor (+3 Correction), Heavy Armor, Cloth Armor (-2 Correction), Plate Armor (+2 Correction)

ATK 8, MATK 1, SPD 4, DEF 8, DEX 4, STR 8.
Specialize in Close Combat.
Key Skill: Charge (Warrior charges forward without any fear. Increases speed by 200% when charging in a straight line. Can be stopped at any time. Has the effect of knocking back all enemies along the path. Active: 10 seconds cooldown.)
Weapon: Two-Handed Sword, Longsword, One-Handed Sword, Broadsword, Blunt Weapon, One-Handed Shield.
Armor: Light Armor, Plate Armor (+3 Correction), Leather Armor, Cloth Armor (-2 Correction), Heavy Armor (+2 Correction)

ATK 2, MATK 10, SPD 2, DEF 2, DEX 2, STR 2.
Specialize in Long-Range Barrage.
Key Skill: Wisdom (Mage is wise and farsighted, due to their extensive studies, they can identify an item with 15~30% probabilities. MP reduction by 20~30% when using skills. Passive.)
Weapon: Staff, Wand, Tome, Orb, Dagger, Magic Sword.
Armor: Leather Armor, Cloth Armor (+4 Correction), Heavy Armor, Plate Armor, Light Armor (-3 Correction)

ATK 4, MATK 7, SPD 3, DEF 7, DEX 4, STR 4.
Specialized in Healing.
Key Skill: Silence (If the Priest was hit by physical attacks, the target would be “silenced” for five seconds. The same target could only be affected once every 17 seconds. Passive.)
Weapon: Wand, Cross Pendant, Scepter, Dagger.
Armor: Leather Armor, Cloth Armor, Light Armor (+2 Correction), Heavy Armor, Plate Armor (+1 Correction)

Holy Knight:
ATK 7, MATK 5, SPD 4, DEF 10, DEX 2, STR 7.
Specialized in Tanking.
Key Skill: Divine Protection (With the protection of gods, the Holy Knight will be immune to all attacks and debuffs. Additionally, all current debuffs will be dispelled, defense attributes increased by 50%, and resistance increased by 50. Active: 180 seconds cooldown.)
Weapon: Scepter, One-Handed Sword, Rune Blade, One-Handed Shield, Large Shield.
Armor: Heavy Armor (+7 Correction), Leather Armor, Cloth Armor, Light Armor, Plate Armor (-1 Correction)

ATK 10, MATK 0, SPD 8, DEF 2, DEX 8, STR 10.
Specialized in Mobbing.
Key Skill: Rage (With the rage of the Berserker, for thirty seconds, STR is increased by 50%, Attack power increased by 30%, SPD increased by 25%, all resistance decreased by 40, defense attributes decreased by 25%, and the user will lose all reason. Active: 200 second cooldown. Can only be used twice daily.)
Weapon: Two-Handed Sword, Boardsword, Blunt Weapon 〈Can wield two at once〉
Armor: Light Armor, Plate Armor, Leather Armor (+3 Correction), Cloth Armor (-1 Correction), Heavy Armor (+2 Correction)

ATK 10, MATK 5, SPD 10, DEF 2, DEX 9, STR 3.
Specialized in sniping from Mid-Range.
Key Skill: Hawkeye (With eyes as sharp as a hawk, the Archer’s accuracy increased to 120% for five seconds. Only effective for one shot. Active: 270 seconds cooldown.)
Weapon: Long Bow, Short Bow, Crossbow, Dagger, Magic Sword, Gauntlet.
Armor: Light Armor, Leather Armor (Correction +4), Heavy Armor, Plate Armor, Cloth Armor (Correction -2)

ATK 4, MATK 7, SPD 5, DEF 4, DEX 5, STR 4.
Specialized in buffs and debuffs.
Key Skill: Nature’s Sound (The bard’s song boosts any friendly target’s attack power by 5% and Max HP and Max MP are increased.)
Weapon: Small Harp, Melodica, Trumpet, Short Flute, Long Flute, Dagger, Magic Sword.
Armor: Light Armor, Cloth Armor (Correction +4), Heavy Armor, Plate Armor (Correction -2), Leather Armor (Correction +3)

ATK 4, MATK 9, SPD 4, DEF 6, DEX 4, STR 5,
Specialized in mobbing and interference.
Key Skill: Instacast (With their superior skill, they can use skills without chanting. Unaffected by Silence. Passive)
Weapon: Wand, Gem Pendant, Puppet, Dagger, Rune Blade, Magic Sword.
Armor: Light Armor, Leather Armor (Correction +3), Heavy Armor, Plate Armor (Correction -3), Cloth Armor (Correction +1)

ATK 6, MATK 6, SPD 7, DEF 3, DEX 10, STR 2,
Specialized in stealing, assassination, and interference.
Key Skill: Stealth (The thief can mask their presence for 180 seconds and they can’t be detected by magic. Stealth will wear off upon getting hit or attacking. Active: 180 seconds cooldown. While in stealth mode, critical hit doesn’t apply. Passive.)
Weapon: Dagger, Rapier, Concealed Weapon 〈Can manually coat poison on weapons〉
Armor: Light Armor, Leather Armor (Correction +3), Heavy Armor, Plate Armor, Cloth Armor (Correction -3)

*Remarks: (When equipment correction is applied, the attribute will increase or decrease by ten times the value.)


  1. Archer’s Hawkeye doesn’t work on Thief in stealth mode more than three meters away.
  2. Berserker’s Rage can only be used twice daily
  3. The Mage’s Wisdom requires reading tomes every day to maintain the peak benefits of their skill.
  4. Warlock can only use up to seven different types of magic per day.
  5. Bard’s Nature’s Sound is ineffective on Berserker in rage mode.
  6. Warrior’s Charge cannot knockback a shield user or a Holy Knight in Divine Protection mode.
  7. Priest’s Silence is ineffective against Warlock.


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