Chapter 8 – PvP High-Level Opponent like a True Pro

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1698 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1150 words
Editor(s): Fire

“What happened over there!”
“Quick, go summon the guards!”
“Guards! Guards!”

That huge explosion caused everyone to panic and scatter all over the place while the soldiers throughout the city were gathered towards the source of the disturbance. Meanwhile, I could see red markers appearing all over my information window.

However, why are there only LV2 guards gathering at this place?! Where did the LV5 guards stationed at the gate go!

Quest Updated.
Main Quest: Chapter 1
Rescue Lady Theotana from the assailant
Completion goal: 0 / 1

We looked at the tips that popped up at the lower-left corner of our vision, then we glimpsed at each other due to this strange phenomenon.

Apparently, the quest log didn’t give us any tips because it would only be updated depending on our live progress.

However, right now, our quest objective is to…

I retrieved my magic staff from my inventory while Muqing and Nangong unsheathed their weapons, then the three of us dashed towards the area leaving behind a mushroom cloud.

It was a little different from our expectations, despite there being such a huge explosion, the HP bar of the passers-by only decreased by a little. Why was there such a huge discrepancy?

“Mushuo, prepare your Lightning Touch… the target is in sight…!”

Nangong whispered to me. He then jumped onto the rooftop and ran ahead while disregarding the world’s gravity.

His visage was so similar to those chivalrous heroes that appeared in the martial arts novel, then again, wasn’t the Ranger class based on the knight errant?

Swallow Steps, the key skill of Rangers, it gave them the ability to turn up to 45 degrees without slowing down their momentum and also the ability to jump up to four times. The jumping distance was naturally shortened with each consecutive jump.

I cast a quick glance at the information window that appeared in my vision while avoiding the screaming passers-by who ran in the opposite direction. Following closely behind Muqing, I started chanting a spell.

As we traversed for ten meters, pedestrians were already nowhere to be seen. In their places were a scorched land, an overturned carriage, and two figures crossing swords.

One of them was Nangong, the other party was a weird black-clothed figure…?

Putting those thoughts aside, I quickly clapped the ground and released my magic. The bright blue electric arc instantly twisted towards the black-clothed figure and exploded with electric sparks.

-60 HP, critical hit, the target is now paralyzed.

Ehem, my luck’s quite good. I didn’t expect I’d land a critical hit just like that?

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Just as that thought crossed my mind, I was immediately stunned when the information window of the black-clothed person popped up in my vision.

Unnamed Assassin, LV8 Thief
HP: 723 / 1200
[Title: Executioner -? -?]

A LV8 Assassin?!?! Oi, what’s going on here?! Are you telling three LV4 to fight against a LV8 opponent? I didn’t sign up for a PVP game with two times the level gap yo!!

…However, looking at Nangong’s condition… he seemed to be equally matched with the assassin…?

————————Nangong’s Perspective————————

What the f̲u̲c̲k̲! Why is there a LV8 here!?

As I lifted my sword to intercept the black-clothed man’s attack, my HP bar at the upper-left corner continued to drop.

His attack power is horrifyingly high… If he managed to break through my defenses and land a fatal strike, I’d be dead in an instant!

However, Mushuo’s Lightning Touch came at the perfect timing. As the paralysis status appeared on top of that guy, I drew my sword back and called out the name of the sword skill in my head.

……Armor Break!

My right palm started to shine and it felt like someone was pushing my right arm forward. I tightened my grip on the sword and delivered a slash towards the assassin’s defenseless throat!

Ranger’s skill, Armor Break: If the skill hits an armored part, there is a 50% chance to break the armor. Otherwise, the final damage is increased by 35%.

My attack power is around 120 to 158 with Colbert’s Refined Sword. If I hit the throat or the back of the head, there is a 250% bonus damage, and this sword has the effect to guarantee a critical hit if I hit a vital spot.

The damage will be doubled upon landing a critical hit. By rough estimation, if I take my attack as 130, then… 130 x 3.5 x 2 x 1.35… I will be able to deal 1228.5 damage! Even if he has 200 defense, I will still be able to deal at least 1008.5 damage.

He only has 723 HP left, if this attack hits, I will be able to kill him with one strike!

As the tip of my sword got closer, I caught a glimpse of the assassin’s expression from the corner of my eyes.

Anger, sadness, and confounded.

The sword in my hand let out a brilliant white light and took away his anger and sadness along with it!

HP -1028, critical hit, vital damage.

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Defeated unnamed assassin, obtained 1200 EXP.
Received title: One Hit Kill, Achievement Point +1
Level Up, HP and MP fully recovered

Nangong Zhenxian, LV5 Ranger
HP: 820 / 820
MP: 300 / 300
EXP: 280 / 2500

Even after the opponent had fallen and turned into specks of light, I still maintained my posture and fixed my eyes on the tip of my sword.

Now I finally understood what my master used to tell me… the sword is most beautiful the moment they pierce your opponent’s throat.

Even while I’m in this strange world… are you still looking after me from behind the shadows, master?

————————Back to Mushuo’s Perspective——————

I was gobsmacked as I saw the assassin fading away.

H-how’s that possible! How… did he kill that LV8 assassin in a single strike?!

Hey-hey-hey! Don’t tell me Nangong is actually a hidden boss?! After we made it all the way to the Demon King’s castle, would he backstab us when we are about to finish him off with a rank 9 magic?

Although that situation seems very unlikely to happen…

I turned my head to catch a glimpse of Muqing, who didn’t get a chance to join the fight. She just stood there with a dumbfounded expression, totally unconvinced of how Nangong was able to kill the assassin in a single hit.

“… C-c-c… could there possibly be a bug?!”

She stuttered, stretched her trembling hand to point at Nangong—who struck a cool pose—and stared at me.

“Don’t ask me…”

I answered honestly and swallowed my spit.

Your party member has killed the Unnamed Assassin. Obtained Shared EXP 500.

Su Mushuo, LV4 Mage
HP: 332 / 350
MP: 400 / 500
EXP: 670 / 1000

Well, the experience points are pretty nice… compared to those LV1 Wild Boars anyway.

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Then, I guess our next objective is… to rescue that “Lady Theotana” or something right?


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