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Chapter 6 – Was the Village Chief Always This Strong?

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2706 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1726 words
Editor(s): Fire

Just as I was thinking that, we suddenly saw a group of villagers charging out of the village with a torch in hand as though they were searching for something.

As soon as they noticed us, however, someone shouted, “Over there” and they immediately rushed over to surround us.

What is it now? Did they find out Muqing broke into their house?

“It’s the three heroes! Chief, we’ve found the three heroes!”
“Phew… I thought we’d never meet again…”

However, what the villagers said completely negated my thoughts. In addition, they seemed to be calling us… heroes?

Notice: Obtained Title [Hero] Achievement points +1

I completely lost the strength to talk back to that possibly existing God. Just what kind of situation was this? At least explain it to players with a window that’s invisible to the NPC, like us.

Side Quest: The Heroes that Saved the Village, completed.
Requirement: Eliminate the Wild Boar Chief or Wild Boar King.
1 / 1

500 EXP gained.
Level Up, HP and MP fully recovered.

Su Mushuo, LV4 Mage
HP: 350 / 350
MP: 500 / 500
XP: 170 / 10000

Mhm, I like that attitude of granting whatever I asked for, then might as well change my body back?

But then, there were no signs of anything happening.

𝓕𝓾𝓬𝓴! I almost let out a curse, but calmed down immediately when I noticed Nangong and Muqing’s distorted expression.

The following events were pretty simple.

We were taken to the village chief’s house, had a talk with the old man we first encountered in this world, given a guest room with two huge beds, and then everyone went back home to rest.

I guess they mistook us as a family of three?

Oi! These NPCs have quite a dangerous thought! No matter how you look at it, Muqing looked like a 16-year-old girl. And though I might be a man at heart, my appearance suggests that I am a 12-year-old loli. Are they insinuating that Muqing had given birth to me at the age of 4?!

However, we really had nowhere else to go. If we don’t stay in this guest room, then we’ll have to sleep on the street like Nangong did the past two days.

Unable to calm down, Muqing inspected the door to make sure it was safe before opening it.

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This room is considerably neat and tidy, while thinking that, I followed Muqing into the room. Nangong, who was the last to come in, closed the door behind him.

“Uhehe~ I can finally sleep on a bed~”

After putting her dagger into her inventory, Muqing jumped onto the bed and rolled around. I looked at her, then at Nangong and myself. Yup, it seems like the only choice here is to sleep with Muqing.

I just hope she won’t do anything weird.

“It’s getting pretty late… we should call it a day.”

I said listlessly with my already familiar loli voice and threw my head onto the pillow. I didn’t even bother sorting out my hair and slept on the spot.

One night passed silently just like that.

The next day.

“…Big bro, get up! …”

Huh? That voice… is it Muqing…?

“I said get up! What time do you think it is now?!”

Then, my blanket was forcefully pulled open.

“Ngahhh…! What’re you doing, I still want to sleep…”

While pushing myself up from the bed, I used my petite hand to rub my eyes. My blue hair was so messy, it should have looked like a bird’s nest, but seeing as how Muqing was circling around me with both hands on her face, it must’ve triggered her lolicon spirit.

“Hey you two, it’s time for breakfast…”

As the door was pushed open, Nangong entered with a white apron and the moment our eyes met…

He immediately froze on the spot.

“…A-an angel…”

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I was too angry to even deal with him anymore, so I didn’t pick up my staff to hit him.

I retrieved a pair of cloth shoes from my inventory and put them on. Then, I jumped off the bed and stepped on the ground a few times to adjust to this lithe body. After I equipped my staff, I looked toward the still frozen Nangong. He only began to react after a long time. First, a blush, then turning around to run, and finally, he rammed into the half-opened door.

“Ouch! …”

Seriously, I wonder if he’s just slow-witted or his joints hadn’t been oiled in a while.

Soon after, Muqing and I reached the hall, there we saw two pieces of steamed buns laid on top of the table along with two glasses of milk.

Something doesn’t feel right? …That’s it! Why are there steamed buns here?! Isn’t this a western-style world? Where did the steamed buns come from?! Isn’t that a food invented by Mr. Zhuge Liang?!

Moreover, I don’t see any wheat farm near the village! Aren’t the villagers here living off the bounty of nature?

Just when I was about to voice out my complaints, the village chief came out of the kitchen with Nangong.

“Mr. Village Chief?” Muqing started.

“Dear heroes, you need not be so polite to me… Cough, cough, I may now have one foot in the grave, but I was quite a fighter back in my youth…”

I looked at the information window floating on top of the village chief’s head. The originally blurry text gradually became clearer, but what we saw was very surprising.

Colbert von Bryon, LV85 Ranger
[Sword Saint, Crime Fighter, The 5th Guardian of Saint Hall, Ex-Cardinal, The Kingdom’s Greatest Knight, Village Chief, ?]

The series of titles, the shocking level, as well as the red question mark that appeared at the end, all of those were enough to show the village chief’s extraordinary life.

Though, I always had my suspicion that the old man was a little fishy.

However, why would someone with such a high position like him come to a rural area like this and become a village chief?

My countless years of experience with RPGs told me it was about time for the main quest to unfold.

“I am Bryon, Colbert von Bryon, the Kingdom’s Greatest Knight and Ex-Cardinal. As you can see… I have very important posts in my youth, but old-age is unsparing…”

The village chief said while heaving a sigh. His extremely emotional tone and apathetic eyes gave me quite an intense blow.

This really doesn’t feel like a fake simulated world… everything feels so real!

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“I suppose it was forty years ago, I was 32 years old then. I received an order from the church and rallied the Saint Knight to eliminate the demon race in the northern mountain range… it was then, we met the goddess.”

“Goddess…? I asked inquisitively. Why does that setting feel so familiar…?

So familiar that it was scary.

“That’s right, the goddess. She told us the demons hiding in the abyss are starting to get restless, they will soon return to the human world and start a rebellion. Although I already had the title of ‘Sword Saint’ back then, the goddess told me I did not have the power to face the Demon King. The ones who could stand up to him would appear forty years later in this very village.”

…Ugh, I knew it, that’s such an outdated RPG script.

“I’ve waited for forty years… and you guys are finally here, dear heroes.”

Just as the village chief finished with his words, a golden notice board appeared in front of our vision.

Main Quest Started

No. 0001 to 0003 confirmed.

Main Quest – Chapter 1
Accept Village Chief Bryon’s quest to search for clues regarding the Demon King in the Saint Nouveau Empire.
– Tip 1: The aforementioned quest is a World Party Quest. Start by forming a small party and sharing the quest interface. The directory will be updated respectively.
– Tip 2: Due to the aforementioned quest’s special condition, the appropriate tips will only be triggered under special conditions. The quests will change accordingly to the world progress.
– Good luck.

Let’s just ignore that last line.

Since the main quest had already started, then I suppose we just need to follow the direction that the quest is pointing to…

“Before you go, can this old man have a few words with you heroes?”

While speaking, a powerful aura leaked out from the village chief. Though it only lasted for a split second, it had scared us witless.

“I’m old and won’t be able to hold a sword again, these three are weapons I used in my younger days, please take them with you.”

The village chief turned around and entered the storage room to search for something. After a while, he returned with three dusty items. From the shapes, we could make out that it was a sword, a staff, and a dagger respectively.

We respectfully received it and wiped off the dust. The notice popped up after that:

Obtained item: Colbert’s Refined Staff
Type: Staff
Rank: Legendary
Can be equipped at LV1
Magic Damage +60
Chanting duration -10%
Magic cooldown -10%
Can be upgraded automatically.

Automatic upgrade? What does that mean?

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I didn’t quite understand what that last line means, but just looking at its dazzling name and the ‘legendary’ word, I could tell that it’s an outstanding weapon.

Could this be considered the beginner rewards?

“Such a good sword…” It seemed like Nangong was quite satisfied with the sword too. He swung it a few times, bringing forth the sharp sound of splitting wind, making the village chief remember his younger times as the ‘Sword Saint’.

“That’s good to hear, rather than allowing them to gather dust in my storage room, they’re better off being used by someone worthy,” said the village chief with a smile, then he took out a pouch from his robe, “Here is 1,000 gold, although it’s not much, it’s the regard of everyone in the village… please take it and use it as your coin belt.”

I stepped forward to receive the pouch and put it into my inventory.

After which, I discovered something fishy, the village chief should’ve been a Westerner, right? Then how did the term ‘coin belt’ come about?

I really find it hard to understand God sometimes.

Regardless, it seemed like our journey was finally about to start.


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