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Chapter 23 – God-like Teleportation

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1796 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1162 words
Editor(s): Fire

“Hey kid, you’ll draw the short straw if you’re too greedy y’know.”

Why do I hear a hunk talking to me? …Did I mishear?

“Who is it?”
“I’m in your inventory, remember that dagger you looted?”

I hesitantly rummaged through my inventory to retrieve the dagger that I found under the gold pile earlier and observed it attentively.

“Yup, this is it.”


Oh mi gawd, the dagger’s talking?!

“Who are you? And why are you in the dagger?”
“That’s… a long story… twenty years ago when I arrived at the western coast by boat…”
“Stop, just get straight to the point already.”
“I stole… all the gold coins in Grand Mage Cristian’s floating island. I didn’t expect that old coot to cast a rank 8 curse on the gold coins, thus I was sealed in my own dagger.”

The hunk’s voice shuddered, as though apprehensive of whatever curse that is.

Speaking of which, isn’t the grand mage big bro’s master?

“Is that so… then I suppose you’re the thief god?”
“That’s in poor taste!”
“I am called Edward, the thief god or whatever other people latched onto me.”

Edward, LV79 Thief
[? ?, Thief God, ? ?, ……] 

I had a strong urge to toss this dagger aside, but considering that it’s a legendary weapon with a hunk, I’ll reluctantly keep it.

“It’s great that you didn’t take all the gold coins earlier. Otherwise, you’d meet the same fate as me.”

Edward spoke to me from inside the dagger as he lamented.

“Sigh… my only regret is my daughter… Your name is Su Miqing right? Can I ask you to go to Saint Nouveau Empire’s black market to find a lass called Rhea Edward?”

Quest Updated:
Side Quest – Thief God’s Daughter
* Find Rhea Edward

“Oh? How did you know my name?”
“It was written on a tag in your inventory, ‘Su Muqing’s underwear’ or something…”


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I noiselessly lifted the dagger and flung it towards the ground. Then I ruthlessly stamped on it a few times for good measure.

“Owowowowow! Stop stepping on me!”
“Who told you to randomly look at my things!”
“Do you think I want to look at such a small underwear?!”

I increased the strength in my foot several times.


“You’re… really stubborn…”
“Stop speaking! Just behave yourself and go to sleep while you’re in the inventory, don’t you dare peek around!”

I specially separated this dagger from some of my important articles to prevent the same mistake from happening again.

“Fine then… By the way, my little friend, doesn’t the library look like it’s about to collapse soon?”

I raised my head and the only thing I saw was the empty bookshelves and roof caving in on me.

……Oh s̲h̲i̲t̲.

I parted my legs and made a mad dash towards the three doors.


————Mushuo’s Perspective————

I rammed the door open and plopped onto the floor on the other side immediately afterward.

I have to get up immediately! If we don’t escape from the Magic Tower now…

I raised my head and tried to get up, but I was taken aback by what I saw before me.

“Oh, Mushuo is back.”

Nangong was sitting on the inn’s bed with a newspaper in his hands. Sitting on his left shoulder was a white-haired fairy looking at me amusingly.

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Sitting on the other bed was Muqing, who was fiddling with a dagger.


What just happened?

Did I fall victim to an illusion spell?

I frantically glanced at the upper left corner, but other than the reduced HP from falling down earlier, there’s no other status condition.

It’s not an illusion? Then this is real?

With such thoughts in my head, I got up with the grimoire to my side and tautly pulled my cheeks.

It hurts…

So it’s real dammit! God, please! Can you at least send me a notice before you teleport me the next time?!

“You’re finally back, my cute wittle sister~”

Muqing jumped off the bed and hugged me while swinging me left and right.

“Stop swinging around, you idiot! I’m getting dizzy!”

Side Quest – Holy Sword
* Escape from the library (Completed)

Leveling to LV10, obtained “Forbidden Magic Book – Vivian’s Scripture”.

Su Mushuo, LV10
HP: 1000 / 1000
MP: 1100 / 1100
XP: 0 / 11510

Achievement Points +1
Obtained title: Forbidden Magic Directory
Luck +10
Grade A++ Luck

“How did you two get back so early?!”
“Who knows, I’ve only been here for a few minutes. By the time I came back, that pervert Ranger had already finished reading the last edition of that newspaper.”

With those remarks, Muqing glared at Nangong.

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“Moreover, he has the holy sword in his inventory.”
“…The holy sword really exists?”
“Of course it does, but the design is a little…”

Muqing stifled a laugh and made Nangong take out the sword.

Nangong let out a sigh as he unsheathed it.

That familiar shape, that familiar style, and that familiar ambiance…

It almost caused me to crack.

“Are you cosplaying? That’s pretty hardcore…”
“And to be cosplaying the Ahoge1 King no less. Tsk tsk tsk.”
“That’s enough, you two! What am I supposed to do when the sword looks like that!”
“Uh… Pardon the interruption, but what’s an Ahoge King?”

As Langley asked such a question, it was followed by a moment of silence.

“That huh… it’s what we call one of the kings who also has a holy sword from the otherworld.”

“Ooooh, is that true?!” Langley exclaimed, seemingly shocked by the revelation.

“You know matters relating to the otherworld?”

Leyla’s indistinct voice came from the book.

“Eh? The book can talk?”

With excitement on par with discovering a new world, the now intrigued little fairy flew away from Nangong’s shoulder to circle around the thick book.

“Buzz buzz, Langley Alfrieda, dwelling within the book is none other than Her Majesty the Queen.”

Hearing Leyla’s introduction, Langley flinched momentarily before she flew to the side of the book and saluted while suspending in midair.

“Greetings to Queen Leyla from the 97th member of the Fairy Parliament.”
“Mhm~ What a good child~ If we have a chance, let’s go back to Disney2 to meet our descendants.”3 
“Your Majesty, you can only exist in this world with a temporary vessel, wouldn’t that…”
“No worries, we have Lil’ Mushuo here~ She’ll help me find my circlet.”
“A-Ah… right…”

I scratched my head and answered.

It was then Muqing snatched the book from my hands.

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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“You’re just a book, how did you get so close to my sister in such a short time! Tell me!”

She shook the book up and down relentlessly. Leyla’s frantic voice came from within.

“My! My! My! Stop… shaking! Stop…!”
“Tell me now!”
“W-Well… you only need to bury her face in your breasts!”


I kinda have the urge to throw away this book along with the perverted elf inside.


Well, at least we managed to clear the dungeon.


  2. Silva: 德斯蒂尼 is actually “Destiny” but “Disney” just sounds better. Copyright? What’s that?
  3. Silva: So uhh…. should I just take it every instance of 精灵 means fairy in this novel?
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