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Chapter 24 – Main Quest: First Chapter (Complete)

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1528 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1050 words
Editor(s): Fire, Liomad

It was early in the morning.
I guess it was roughly 8 AM?
It was annoying how the interface never showed the time.

The three of us changed into our new equipment and set out for the manor. There, we saw some unfamiliar guards stationed at the gate.

They were also LV7, just like the guards before them. However, in terms of levels and equipment, they’d be no match for us anymore.


Jack, the handsome blondie from yesterday, came out from the manor.

Hey there, handsome. Did you read the wrong script or what? Why didn’t you come out to meet us last time?

“Ah… you three are up so early.” He greeted us with a smile.
“The request I asked of you yesterday, have you guys given it some thought?”
“We’ll definitely help you find that Elven Mage.”
“You have my utmost gratitude. Additionally, I have already passed all the work here to the minister sent by my father and will be departing for the capital with Limia tomorrow. I wonder if the three of you want to journey together with us?”

After a short pause, we nodded.

Quest Completed!

Main Quest: Chapter 1 (Complete)
Obtained title: Theotana’s Friend
* The officials of Saint Nouveau Empire are less likely to arrest users with this title.

Chapter 2 – Audience with the Emperor.
[Route Selection] 
I:Seek for the Demon King’s trail alone [Highest difficulty, not recommended] 
II:Convince the Emperor to dispatch his troops [High difficulty, not recommended] 
III:Infiltrate the noble’s inner circle and wait for a chance to investigate [Normal difficulty] 

According to my RPG aesthetic, I will choose naught but the hardest mode.1

But I was too scared to choose that this time, so my hands went towards the third option.

After all, this wasn’t Super Mario, nor was it Contra or Warrior of the Three Kingdoms. The best option was to follow the true RPG route which was to slowly level up as you progress.2


“I understand. Please come to the manor tomorrow morning, I will wait a bit for you three.”

After we parted from Jack, we went straight to the miscellaneous shop owned by the witch to hand in our quest.

Hilde cast a surprised look at us as soon as we entered the store.

“…Eh? You guys… I waited for you guys at the entrance, but you didn’t come out. I thought…”

“A little something happened, so we left through a different entrance,” Muqing said with a straight face.

I mean, there’s no way we could tell her some unknown God teleported us back, right?

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“Hm… Either way, if you three could make it out of Colbert’s Magic Tower, that is a testament to your strength. Did you manage to gain something down there?”

“We found the holy sword, it’s quite wieldy,” Nangong said with a similarly straight face.

Lucky for us, the witch did not delve into the topic. The holy sword side quest was also gone from our quest list.

Since we’ve cleared all the quests in this town, it’s time to move on to the next course of action.

As the standard RPG template, bandits or monsters will definitely emerge en route to the capital. We’ll need to prepare lots of potions to prepare for such events.

Huh? What about the guards, you ask?

The day the NPCs could be relied upon was the day a dog could climb a tree. This was an established RPG fact.

As for the medical expenses…

I had no idea how Muqing obtained these gold coins, all I knew was that my inventory was instantly filled with 100k gold coins the moment she tapped my inventory.

The currency in this world only consisted of gold and silver coins. No such things as platinum coins, black iron coins, or copper coins existed. I had no idea whether this was God being too lazy with the settings or what.

The gold coin was equivalent to the old world’s pound sterling, and the silver coin to RMB. The exchange rate was 1 to 10, which wasn’t too big of a difference.3

Let’s not worry about it, where could a Thief’s money come from anyway? She must have infiltrated Jack’s manor and pilfered his treasury while I was sleeping last night or something.

Wasn’t it only natural for players to ransack an NPC’s home?

I smiled wryly.

————Please wait while Mushuo restocks the potions————

“Thank you for your patronage~”

The young assistant of the apothecary sent us off.

My item box was now filled with 500 mid-grade potions. The total price was 7,500G. I bet this was the first time the assistant ever encountered a customer who cleared the shop’s entire stock.

“Well, what else should we buy next…”
“I think it’s about time for Mushuo to have a change of clothes~”

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That suggestion came from the grimoire.

I glanced at the book for a while, then switched my sight to the LV1 robe I was wearing.

That’s indeed a little inappropriate. I was already LV10, yet I was still wearing a common LV1 protective gear.

“Oh, that’s a good idea. Let’s go buy one!”
“I have an extra set here.”

Rank 5 spell, Khaki – Advanced Star Projection has been recorded.

For an instant, my vision blurred followed by a sense of weightlessness.

By the time I felt my feet touching the ground again, my clothes were already changed into something entirely different.

My sackcloth robe was replaced by a white robe with sleeves that reached up to my wrist and it paired up nicely with the contrasting color of the long boots.

To be honest, it looked quite good. Leyla had a good fashion sense.

“Now you’ll look much cuter like this~”

Then again, could you please not change people’s clothes with a rank 5 spell out of nowhere? That was really scary!

Obtained item: Leyla’s Mystic Robe
Cloth Armor


This game’s equipment drop rate is way too high. Are you sure this ain’t a private server?!

…Sigh, just what was I complaining about when I got some good equipment. The true essence of RPG was to hoard all the good items.4

I stretched my body, then gazed towards the distant sky.

Honestly, I’m really looking forward to the future development.


  1. Liomad: Geez, isn’t that a pain usually?
  2. Liomad nods in approval
  3. Silva: When was this novel published again? The exchange rate of Pound to RMB is now 1 to 8.7
  4. Liomad: And then never use them in fear of a harder challenge.
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