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Chapter 20 – The Holy Sword and the Guardian Spirit

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1439 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 966 words
Editor(s): Fire


“Heh-heh~ How is it? Are you all in awe from the cool name of this sword~?”

Langley pushed out her flat chest and declared proudly.

I turned towards her with an undisturbed face.

“Does this sword… belong to King Arthur?”
Of cour— Eh? What?! How did you know?! I should’ve been the only one Colbert has shared this information with!”

Sorry~ I had been following the Fate series in between my training in my original world I apologized to her in my heart.

After which, I leaped towards the boulder and activated Swallow Step in midair to execute another jump to reach the top of the boulder. Then I walked to the side of the Holy Sword.

“Anyway, I just have to pull the sword, right?”

I reached out to the sword hilt and put some strength into my hands. It was then something appeared in my vision…

What the heck?! Doesn’t that look like the Progress Bar from the Dragon Ball Playstation series?1

The sword slowly but surely rose from the boulder. By the time it was completely freed, it shone with a brilliant beam of light.

(Insert appropriate victory fanfare here.)2

Obtained item: Holy Sword – Excalibur3 
Rank: Legendary
Type: Two-Handed Sword
[Treated as a One-Handed Sword when used by Ranger.] 

“Colbert’s Refined Sword”, also known as “Colbert’s Sword in the Stone”.

“Ooooooh! The sword has been pulled out! You’re really the one!”

Langley flapped her wings excitedly and exclaimed.

Unfortunately, the level requirement to equip it is LV10, and I’m only LV7.

Quest Completed.
Side Quest: Holy Sword
Already obtained the Holy Sword, levelling to LV10.

Nangong Zhenxian, LV10 Ranger
HP: 1440 / 1440
MP: 400/ 400
XP: 0 / 11510

Achievement Points +1
Obtained Title: The Chosen One
LUK +10
Grade A Luck

Seriously? I am raised to LV10 all at once?

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Not that I’m complaining.

While thinking as such, I brandished the sword in my hand. It was quite handy, the weight was just right too. The only problem was that there’s a weird resistance preventing me from fully swinging the sword.

“Just so you know, you won’t be able to swing that Holy Sword in a straightforward manner.”

Langley flew over my shoulder and said.

“Huh? Then what is it useful for? For display?”

Well, I admit that it looks pretty cool. Though it only made me look like I’m cosplaying.

“Then I guess it’s my turn to explain~” The little fairy then landed on my shoulder and continued.

“First of all, you must raise the sword over your head and chant silently. After that, shout the true name of the sword ‘Ex——calibur!!!’ as you swing it down. Only then will you be able to exhibit the true strength of the Holy Sword.”

Hearing that, I facepalmed in silence.

To make a grown man like me shout a certain famous line by Arthur… if I was seen by anyone from my former world, I’d die of shame!

No can do! I will seal this move unless absolutely necessary!

Item Information Updated.

Holy Sword – Excalibur
Level Requirement changes with the user.
Attack: 60 * LV
Ignore Defense +20%
Critical Chance +10%
Chance to cause “Armor Break” Status.

[Skill] Excalibur: Consumes remaining MP to target all enemies in a straight line 1,800 meters in front. Causes 800 * ATK magic damage. Ignores 60% magic defense. Requires 27 seconds to charge. Cooldown: Three days.

[Weaken for three hours after use] 
[Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm] 
[By: Arthur] 

I’ll just pretend I didn’t see the last two brackets.

When I looked at the skill, however, I was so shocked that I almost dropped the sword.

800 * ATK? Seriously? I’m only LV10 at the moment, and I get 600 ATK from equipping it. Eight hundred times of that is…

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480,000 magic damage! And it ignores 60% magic defense too. I can kill a level 40+ boss monster in a single hit with this yo!

If it’s against a LV100 opponent, with 480,000 damage… I bet even the Demon King would be beaten to an inch of death even if he managed to survive.

The only downside is that I need to charge it for 27 seconds, a little too long for comfort…

Well, if we managed to add a Holy Knight to our party in the future, we can use him as the main tank~ Then I’ll be able to change my position to long-ranged DPS.

“……What are you foolishly giggling to yourself for……”

As Langley mumbled to herself, she circled around my head before stopping beside my ear and softly whispered with a slight blush on her face.

“That, um… since you’re taking away the item I am guarding, you’ll have to take me along.”
“Ah… alright.”
“What’s your name?”
“Nangong Zhenxian, a swordsman… I mean, a Ranger.”
“Well, it doesn’t matter, I’ll just call you Lil’ Zhen from now on~”
“What the heck’s with that way of addressing me! Also, why add Lil’ to my name, how old are you?”

After a moment of silence.

“Hmmm—? Casually asking a girl for her age might get you killed y’know, Lil’ Zhen~”

My whole body shuddered and didn’t dare to continue inquiring.

Notice: [Special Quest] Guardian Spirit – Completed
[Guardian Spirit] Langley Alfrieda added to Character Lists.

Langley Alfrieda, LV?? Guardian Spirit
[Holy Sword’s Spirit, One-Hit Kill, Guardian of the Holy Sword, Survivor of the Abyss, Star Destroyer, Moon Crusher, Mischievous Fairy, Chatterer]5 

…What a scary little fairy… especially that “Survivor of the Abyss” title. Doesn’t it look like she could conquer the Heavens by herself?

Without prior warning, the boulder where the holy sword was originally stuck in suddenly split open and pulled Langley and I towards it with a strong suction force.

Following which, the two of us let out a scream.


  1. Silva: Uh… don’t know, I don’t play Dragon Ball game, not sure I get the reference here…
    Fire: Same here
  2. Silva: Ok… here you go then:
  3. Silva: I’m stupid, I never realized the “Sword of Promised Victory” is actually Excalibur. I got a good ‘talking’ to from FGO fans and Arthurian epic fanatic. Well, at least the translation isn’t wrong., technically.
  4. Silva: No idea what this G really represents, it appears before the number in the raw, maybe it means Gold AKA money?
    Fire: Should be gold
  5. Silva: Eh? A lot of crazy titles were mixed in…
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