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Chapter 2 – A World Without Return Scroll Sure is Troublesome

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1544 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 966 words
Editor(s): Lilith

Level Up, HP and MP recovered.
Su Mushuo, LV3 Mage
HP: 280 / 280
MP: 400 / 400
XP: 40 / 520

Congratulation for defeating a boss monster.
Achievement point +1
Obtained 500G

“Phew, t’was close…”
“That’s why I told you to be careful, especially when we’re going after the boss.”
“Of~ course! Geez, big bro is still so naggy even after becoming a girl~”
“Idiot! You think I had a choice?!”
“Hm~? Then can you explain the weird things you were doing while looking at girls on the PC? Are you saying that you’re not looking forward to it now that you’ve become one?”

I was suddenly left speechless! Could it be that I really have obscene thoughts regarding this obviously 12-year-old body?!

Muqing shrugged her shoulders indifferently, put away her dagger, and dragged me by the nape to where the Wild Boar Chief had disappeared.

On that spot was a thick book and a tusk, nothing else.

“Tsk, how stingy, not even a weapon!”
“Isn’t it already good enough that a LV3 boss even dropped some materials?” I said from the side.

She stooped to pick up the tusk and thick book. After fiddling with them for a while, she threw the tusk to me, seemingly unable to view the item info.

I lifted my hands in a fluster to receive it, but the robe obstructed me and caused the tusk to fly past my fingertips and smacked onto my forehead.

HP -1

Oi, you must be kidding! Why did I get friendly damage from an item tossed by my party member? Moreover, why did it hurt so much!! Was it because my body was too weak?!


I reflexively squatted down and held my forehead. The pain only dissipated after that 1 point of damage recovered.

After that, I picked up the tusk from the ground and wiped it clean with my sleeves.

After all, this was the boss monster we defeated after I painstakingly ran and consumed almost all of my stamina, how could I not cherish the materials it dropped?

I suddenly felt a piercing gaze from my little sister, thus I lifted my head to glance at her and blinked.

She looked at me for a while before suddenly turning around, held her face with both hands and started to wiggle.

“Uhehe~ You look super cute no matter what you do, big bro~”
“Shaddup!! I told you this wasn’t my intention!”2

As discontent as I might be, there was no changing that my voice belonged to a loli.

I lowered my head to gaze at the two items. No information showed up on the item info, it seemed like these were unidentified items.

This world had identification scrolls that could be used to appraise certain types of items. However, they were crazy expensive. There was another method to appraise them, and that’s where I came in.

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The mage’s innate skill, Wisdom. Due to their familiarity with the tome, they could identify an item with 15~30% probability. It rose and fell in accordance to the days they spent reading.

Noiselessly, a thick book appeared in my mind and flipped with amazing speed. Every page of the book was filled with characters and symbols unknown to me as I searched for any information regarding the two items in question.

A few dozen seconds later, the thick book faded away and a notification icon appeared at the lower left of my vision.

Item appraisal success:

  • Wild Boar Chief’s Tusk
    • Uncommon
    • Crafting Material
  • [Magic Book] Beginner Spell – Lightning Touch
    • Register the skill in the magic catalog.

“Magic Book?”

I said and put away the tusk into my bag, then I opened the thick book. A large amount of information suddenly flowed into my head, including the casting action, incantation, catalyst, and its effect.

Different from most games where mages could learn new skills by leveling up, the mages in this world could theoretically use all kinds of magic. However, the consumption rate depended on the level of the mage and the rank of the spell. A low-level mage casting a high rank spell would increase the consumption rate and vice versa.

For example, a level 1 mage could theoretically cast rank 9 spells, but it would require an astronomical amount of catalysts. Perhaps it wouldn’t be enough even if they stuffed their inventory to the brim. On the other hand, a level 90 mage could cast a rank 2 spell with no consumption rate.

I was currently LV3, Rank 0, the only spells I could cast were beginner spells with no consumption.

“Eh? Magic Book? Lemme see, lemme see!”

Muqing jumped over with curiosity and reached out for the thick book. She flipped a few pages before staring at me with a blank face which caused me to shrink back.

“……Big bro, are you some sort of hieroglyphic specialist or an alchemist? There are so many weird symbols in this book I can’t even understand what I’m looking at!”
“Heh-heh, it’s impossible for a Thief to be able to decipher a Mage’s tome~”

I proudly declared while straightening my non-existent chest.

“Even if you straighten your chest, it will not change the fact that you are flat-chested.”

I snatched the thick book and tried to hit Muqing’s head with it, but she deftly avoided my clumsy swing.

I can’t be helped, this body is too immature. I reassured myself.

“It’s quite a harvest… not only have we reached LV3, we even obtained a new skill and an uncommon material. Why don’t we go back for now?”

I stretched my body and said with a languid tone.

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Wait! Why am I already getting used to this voice?!

“I think we…” Muqing looked all around, then she faced me with a sullen face, “…are lost.”


And a crow seemed to have flown past the treetop.


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