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Chapter 3 – As Expected, a Mage really shines as Backline DPS

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Author: Hundred Thousand Mercury Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1956 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1266 words
Editor(s): Lilith, Fire

“What do you mean lost?!”
“Uh, well…”
“Don’t we have any… return scrolls? Muqing, you did get a return scroll from that beastman-like merchant, right? Let’s use it and return to town ASAP.”
“Before we left the town, I looked everywhere, but they only had miscellaneous goods like needles and threads. There’s no such thing as a return scroll. Also, that merchant isn’t like a beastman, he is a beastman. Big bro, if you talk to them as you would a real person, you’d get the information you want. The NPCs here have the IQ of a real person.”

This setting was awfully similar to a certain pitch-black world, why was the low-cost and easily obtainable return scroll left out of all things?

I suddenly had the urge to pull the gods down from Heaven and smack them with my staff.

“Then what should we do…?”
“Just wander around aimlessly I suppose. Who knows, we might get lucky and find the way back as we go.”
“Wouldn’t the chances of that be lower than finding an unlocked treasure chest in the wilderness?”
“Nonono, even if the chest is locked, I can unlock it with this!”

Muqing showed off the thin wire hanging off her belt. For thin wires to appear in this game-like world heavily laced with Western-style, I really couldn’t accept that setting!

“Speaking of, aren’t we stepping on a path right now?” I gazed at Muqing upon realizing the gravel road under my feet.

Unexpectedly, she was looking at me as though I was shortsighted.

“Big bro, just take a look carefully… This path is only a few dozen meters long, and the other end is the forest. Do you really want to count on it to take us back to the newbie village?”

I held my head helplessly. A few strands of blue hair fell to the side of my eyes and caused an itching spell.

Muqing suddenly bent down in front of me and brushed my hair behind the ear.

“Big bro, since you’re a girl now, you have to pay a bit of attention to your figure and maintenance,” she said with a serious expression.

We stared at each other for a long time, then she suddenly clasped her face and wiggled around while shouting “so cute~”.

……Did she awaken some weird fetish?

After heaving a sigh, I grabbed the slightly heavy staff with both hands and looked in the direction of the forest.

Being an experienced mage in RPG games, I knew to always have search type skills prepared. As I was only a Rank 0 mage, the two search skills I possessed have very limited uses.

“Ένα δίκτυο γεμάτο κόσμο, που μεταφέρει αυτό που βλέπετε.”1

As I chanted, I extended the index and ring fingers of my left hand in parallel and pressed them against the tip of my nose. The bottom tip of my staff stabbed one of the tree leaves.

Beginner spell: Life Detection

  • Detects anything with a magic source within twenty meters, lasts for 10 min.

For a search spell with zero consumption, it was pretty useful.

“Muqing, something is approaching.”

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I issued a warning roughly 20 seconds after I activated the spell and focused on where the fluctuation was coming from.

Although this spell had a comparatively longer duration and short cooldown, it only allowed the spellcaster to roughly understand the direction the fluctuation came from. You wouldn’t be able to tell the size or definite location of the target. Moreover, it only worked on big targets, like that Wild Boar Chief we faced earlier.

In other words, the one approaching definitely wasn’t any small creatures, could it be another Wild Boar Chief…?

Nooo! Please don’t! My stamina bar had only restored up to 80%! If I have to dash again, this body wouldn’t be able to take it!

The bush rustled for a bit before a young swordsman with short black hair and disordered armor rushed out. Chasing after him was a group of aggressive wild boars that were more troublesome to deal with than a Wild Boar Chief.

The young man ran past us and we followed shortly after glancing at the quantity of the wild boars. And thus, the chase between three people and a group of wild boars began.

“S-s-sooooorry! I carelessly infuriated the Wild Boar King, so…” He apologized. Looks like he’s also one of us who got dragged into this world unknowingly.

The young man turned his head to glance at me and couldn’t look away.

“…………So cute…………”
“Look at the front, you idiot!”

I lifted my staff and hit him on the face. It seemed like that strike would knock him out but it only reduced 5 HP.

As expected, the staff wasn’t meant for close combat.

He sobered up from the hit and hurriedly looked forward with a flush.

I didn’t pay attention to him and shouted at Muqing.

“Muqing! Did you learn any new skills at LV3?”
“Yes! ……Magic skill, Fireball!2
“Help me stall them for 5 seconds! …Hey, newcomer! Judging from your equipment, you’re a Ranger, right? Quickly accept the party invitation and make it up to us by stalling them!”

He was pretty quick-witted, in less than 2 seconds after I sent the party invitation, he drew his sword and turned around to face the wild boars as Muqing threw a fireball at them.

Fireball, a Rank 1 AOE spell learned by Thief at LV3. A Mage required a chant and cast action to activate it, but a Thief could use them instantaneously, though it was limited to one cast per day.

The magic effect and element immediately floated up in my mind. Its purpose was very simple, and that was to cause widespread fire damage.

In this world, however, taking damage would result in slowing down the target, and sometimes even cause a sudden stop. To these LV1 Wild Boars, this LV3 spell could definitely cause a sudden stop effect.

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Without any suspense, the fireball ploughed into the wild boar group and exploded, causing them to let out a resounding whine.

I pinched my nose due to the scent of burnt flesh.

The Ranger that just joined our party arrived timely and used his long sword to fish up one of the charred wild boar, turning it into specks of light.

His damage output was quite high. Muqing’s fireball spell should’ve taken half of the HP and his sword skill robbed the other half? It was so unreasonably high.

But that worked in our favor. Once I fired my spell, we could leave the looting to him.

“Ο περιπλανώμενος βροντής συγκεντρώνεται στην παλάμη μου και απλώνεται πάνω στη γη!”

I lifted up my slender right hand and positioned my staff horizontally in front of me. Then I took one step forward and slapped my palm toward the ground. A bright blue electric arc formed as I did so.

Beginner Spell: Lightning Touch.

  • An AOE skill with a radius of 20 meters. Causes damage to Earth element or beast-type monsters. Additional LV1 to LV45 stun effect. Last for 5 seconds.

Lightning Touch perfectly encompassed all the wild boars. There were 12 of ‘em, excluding the few that had been killed earlier.

Paralysis marks appeared on top of the wild boars, the succession of -15 damage counters led me to feel quite dizzy.

That Ranger swiftly routed the wild boars and finished them off before the effect of Lightning Touch wore off.

Accomplishment unlocked: Consecutive Kills
Achievement point +1
Obtained Title: Lightning Roast Pork

Oi, what’s up with that ridiculous title?!


  1. Silva: Nobody needs to deal with Silva’s cringeworthy incantation translations right? I can just use Google translate and turn them into gibberish Greek text right? Right??

    Lilith: Much wow, such translate

  2. Silva: Wait, isn’t she a thief?

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