Chapter 4 – A Guest

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2250 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1122 words
Editor(s): Fire

It’s been two weeks since I’ve confirmed my abilities.
I spent my days running through the forest, harvesting nuts and grass, hunting for prey like rabbits or deer, dismantling and freezing them. In terms of food, I practically have nothing to worry about anymore.

So now, I want to do something about my clothing and shelter. Nonetheless, I have absolutely no clue on the clothes part, so I’m putting it off for later. Even if there aren’t any people around, I’m not into nudism so I want to do something about it quick.

「For now, let’s dig on the cliff~」

At first, I thought of making wood to build a hut or something but I noticed that I can’t really do that without nails, so I decided on digging out a random tunnel and using it as shelter.

Taking into account the rain and stuff, I began digging halfway up the cliff. I thought of making a stairway too, but realizing I could just either jump or claw my way up the entrance, I stopped.

I dig my way through with my claws and pure strength, then swept the rubble out with my tail. In an instant, I was able to dig out a single floor. It went so well that I unconsciously sculpted out tables, chairs, shelves, and such.
I’ve already made the bedroom, storage, and living room; so I excitedly moved in my food supplies, fur mattress, and the water jug I carved out of a rock and finished my job. There hasn’t been any rain ever since I arrived but with this, I’ll be safe even if rain falls. I’m a bit scared of cave-ins but I chose the toughest place I could dig, so I want to believe that it won’t happen.

Also, I made the toilet and kitchen outside. Since making those inside would be really difficult, I dug out a groove on the cliff and inserted the wooden board I cut out to act as a roof. For the toilet, I worked hard to draw in water flow and placed a plank with a hole in the middle on top of it, Japanese-style. It’s not the real thing, but I was able to make it flush. There isn’t any paper, so a relatively soft grass was used as a substitute for it.

The kitchen has a stone stove with a stone pot, which was carved up like the water jug, on top of it. The kitchen table was something I cleanly cut from a boulder. The crafting was all done by claw. If I didn’t have my claws, what would have happened to me by now…

Since I’m roughly done with my shelter, I began looking for things I can use for clothing. Still, I haven’t found anything good after searching for two weeks, so I’m not expecting too much. I walk through the forest in a half-leisurely mood. If there’s a rabbit, I should hunt it just to be sure and- Swoosh! Crick-Crack! Thud! I suddenly heard a loud sound.

It’s probably a fallen tree so I thought of going back to my walk but if it was caused by something like the giant boar from that time, the house I worked hard on might get destroyed. So, I head towards the origin of the sound to check it out and hunt it if it’s a boar.

(Hmm? That’s different from what I imagined.)

I was sure that it was just a fallen tree, but no tree fell to the ground. Instead, leaves and branches are scattered around. From a glance, it doesn’t seem to be dangerous so I tried getting closer to check what happened and buried in the leaves and branches was a person lying on the ground.

(It’s a human… or not. They do have wings like me.)

It’s likely that she was flying when she probably fell down for some reason. But, man, she’s cute.
She has short black hair only up to the tip of her shoulders. She has a pair of horns coiling around her head and devil-ish wings that I’d probably see in a manga. As for the tail… none. That’s a bit disappointing.

「Hell~o? Are you alright?」

She seems to be breathing so I tried calling out to her, but she seems to be unconscious since she isn’t replying. Even after trying to jolt her awake, she doesn’t seem to notice.
It can’t be helped; I’ll just take her home for now. I’m really glad I made the shelter.


「Oh, are you awake?」

At noon the day after I took her home, the girl regained consciousness.

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「… It’s a nudist!」
That’s the first thing you say!」

This girl being rude the moment she regains her consciousness seems to be called Rutimo. I asked her why she collapsed at that place and, as I thought, she crashed.

「I was near my limit after flying continuously for days, and on top of that, I was hungry as well, so it seems like I fainted at that time. Thanks for the help. Nudist-san!」
「I’m like this because I have nothing to wear, but like I said, I’m not a Nudist… Also, my name is Kondou Natsuki, nice to meet you.」

「You can just call me by Natsuki.」

「Natsuki, right. You can call me Ruti. By the way, what do you mean by nothing to wear?」

I wasn’t sure about what I should say but since I’m not confident if I could say it properly, I just talked about everything that happened from how I was thrown into the forest from a different world up until now.

「Hmm… Another world, right? More importantly, I’m more surprised about the became a girl part.」
「I’m more surprised that that’s your only reaction, Ruti… Speaking of which, I wonder why we understand each other’s words?」

We were casually talking when I suddenly got curious about it.

「Who knows? Your body was changed, right? Doesn’t that mean the inside of your head was changed too?」

Scary! The fact that I can’t deny it; is even scarier. I don’t want to think about my brain being messed around with.
Well, if we can communicate verbally then how about writing; so to test, I asked Ruti to write something… I can read it. Moreover, when I thought about writing something, letters pop into my mind. Now it went beyond scary and just feels plain disgusting.

「… For now, it’s already sunset so why don’t we have a meal?」

If I fill my stomach, I’ll probably get my mind off it; so I started the preparations for dinner.


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