Chapter 3 – In the Forest

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2250 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1315 words
Editor(s): Fire

For an instant, my mind froze. That’s because while it is true that it looks like a boar, it’s abnormally huge.
It’s probably about five meters tall. Also, its tusks are abnormally huge. Aren’t you a little too over-the-top?
It repeatedly grunts while staring right at me. It’s completely locked on to me, it seems.

「Wait, wai-wawawa!」

I was about to run away but in the spur of the moment, I couldn’t move my body well. Crap! I’m dead! I was getting agitated. Even a charge from a normal boar would kill me, more so if it’s a boar that big; I’ll undoubtedly blast off to the stars. As I was about to fall into a slight panic, the boar broke into a run.


Just as I thought that I could survive, am I just going to die here? I don’t want to get hurt! Various thoughts rush through my mind, and even though I know it’s useless, I closed my eyes and swung my arm as though to wipe off my fear.


I braced myself for the moment of incoming impact but that moment hasn’t come.
Confused by this, I fearfully opened my eyes and saw that the boar wasn’t anywhere in sight.

Was that just a dream? No, that can’t be. I staggeringly stood up and looked around the area.
… It’s there. However, it’s facing a completely different direction, and most of all, it’s in a considerably far distance away. Moreover, it’s asleep. What’s going on? Just when I thought so, my hand enters my field of vision.

「What is this…」

My hand is covered in blood. But the problem here isn’t the blood; it’s the enormous claws on my hand.
I try to flex my hand. It properly moves and so it really is my hand. It was just normal a few moments ago so what… and then I realize.

(Come to think of it, I’m not human anymore, right?)

It’s likely that I unconsciously transformed my hand when I swung it earlier. So that means that the boar is… thinking so, I approached it and what I saw there was the boar with its head ripped into shreds. Judging from this and the fact that the boar was also blown off in a considerably far distance, it seems like my physical strength also stopped being human too.

Unintentionally, I got meat! I forget the fear I felt just moments ago and danced with joy.
I was about to dismantle the boar but realizing that I don’t have a knife, I decided to take it apart with my still protruding claws. However, it’s too big and hard to handle. If it was a little smaller, then I could use it in place of a knife; and as I thought so, my claws suddenly became smaller.


In an instant, it shrunk to the size I wanted it to be. It looks like I can adjust it by will. I tried placing it on the boar’s stomach and it smoothly cuts through. Dismantling with it doesn’t seem to be an issue. I delightedly cut open its skin and stripped it off.

(I never thought that watching hunting videos would be useful someday.)

I proceeded to work while remembering a video I’ve seen in the past. However, it’s still too big, so the sun had set before I finished stripping off its skin.
I’ll need to continue tomorrow, I thought as I stopped dismantling it; so I munched on some nuts and decided to sleep for the night.

Just as yesterday, it’s a refreshing morning. I stretch my back and rose up.
Since there’s no way I’d have a mattress, I slept directly on the ground but my body doesn’t hurt as much as I expected. Perhaps my body itself got stronger too.
For breakfast, I munch on nuts and grass. It doesn’t quite fill my stomach but I beared with it thinking how this will be just until I finish dismantling the boar.
However, after I finished processing it, how should I eat it? I’d like to avoid eating it raw. I’m not dreaming of boar stew, but I at least want to cook it before eating.

(Since I’m a dragon, can’t I breathe fire?)

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Thinking so, I tried blowing. And then fire just naturally comes out. What a conveniently fantasy body I have now, I thought so half-astonished and continued my work on dismantling the boar.

I cut up the meat and scraped off the fat and meat stuck on the hide. If I could tan the hide, I could turn it into clothes but I don’t really have that much knowledge. For now, I could probably at least use it as a mattress if I dry it after washing it clean. So, I washed it with a splash of water and left it to dry on a suitable rock.
When the sun passed over my head, my work is roughly done. I immediately gather some dry wood and breathed on it to set it on fire. I skewer the cut meat with a tree branch and began grilling it.

「Burp… Ahh, now that was a meal.」

On top of being fresh, the high quality fattiness of the meat made it extremely delicious. Being hungry, as well as not being able to eat the meat the day before yesterday, might have also made it taste more delicious. There’s still a lot of meat, so it’s safe to say that I’ll be eating full for a while.

Ending my after meal break, I looked at my body. Yesterday I only checked how I looked but since it seems like it can do a lot more, I need to check that as well.

First, physical strength. To test it, I tried lifting a boulder. I lifted it very easily. It was so anticlimactic, so I tried to lift the biggest boulder that looked about four meters wide. And then I also lifted it easily. How does this even work?… But it’s not like I’ll know even if I think about it, so I convinced myself that it just works. Since my spine wasn’t crushed when I carried it, it seems like my body just simply became a lot tougher. Maybe I would have been fine even if I got hit by the boar yesterday too. I wouldn’t try that though.

Next is for the wings and tail. The tail’s size can’t be changed, but I can move it quite freely. I tried slamming it against a rock and the rock smashed into pieces. I can also coil it around and make it tight.
For the wings, I was able to adjust its size. It seems like I might be able to fly with practice. The dream is expanding.

And then for the claws. I can adjust the size of both the claws of my hands and feet, and it also looks like I can adjust the sharpness as well. I can use it both for grabbing and as a cutting edge too. I probably wouldn’t even use a knife from now on. It’s just that easy to control.

Also, I tried the so-called breath. Other than fire, I was also able to breathe out cold air. I immediately breathed on the dismantled meat to freeze it. I am glad that I can store my food supplies for a long time.
Since I was able to do this much, I tried firing a laser beam as a joke and —

It was a catastrophe.

Literally a Laser Breath. The cliff in the direction where I breathed at was cleanly cut through and even exploded. I was blown away considerably far and the shockwave mowed down the surrounding trees. With a distant gaze during twilight, I swore to keep this move sealed unless something I can’t handle occurs.


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