Chapter 2 – From Now On

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2250 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 859 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Ugh… ngh…」

I woke up from the ground’s cold chill. It looks like it’s already morning.
Around me is the same dense forest from yesterday’s memory.

「… So it wasn’t a dream.」

Calming down a bit after breathing the fresh air, I finally have the composure to check my body once more.
With pale smooth skin, a modest chest, a member-less crotch, and a tail with silver scales. All of these are as I saw yesterday.
But thinking that there might be other parts that might have changed, I tried touching all over the place.

(This thing on my back… it’s a bit small, but maybe it’s a wing? Also, there’s a horn-like thing too)

The wing-like things seem to feel just like a shrunken version of the so-called dragon wings. The horn-like things are short. There are four in total, two on each side of the head and it grows from the front pointing backward.
I don’t have a mirror so I’m not absolutely sure about it, but from their shape and touch, I’m probably not wrong.

(My hair’s longer too… Ah, it’s silver like the tail. The horns and wings are probably the same color too.)

While touching the seemingly glistening silver hair that’s grown until right above my waist, I sigh. From the point that I got a tail, I probably can’t refute that this place isn’t on earth and it’s also clear that I’m no longer human.

(Horns, wings, and a tail. I also have scales and the shape of the wings looks dragonish. A lizardman wouldn’t have wings after all. So, I’m in another world and turned into a dragonoid or something.)

I read a lot of fantasy manga and novels but I never thought I would be a part of those stuff. Once again, I breathe out a sigh.

「There’s no use feeling down. Let’s be positive.」

Rather than being a lowlife freeter with no hopes and dreams, having a chance to enjoy an unknown world right now might be better. Thinking so, my stomach suddenly cried for food.

(For now, I need to find food… and water too…)

Thinking so, I started exploring the area.
I walked aimlessly while searching for edible-looking fruits and grass.

(Hmm, is this edible?)

I pluck off a relatively soft, non-poisonous looking one and ate it.
It faintly stings but it seems to be edible. I can probably use it as a spice substitute so I harvested some more. I gather other more safe-looking ones while having a taste as well.

I also found a few acorn-like nuts. Searching the area, there seems to be quite a number of them so, disregarding how it tastes, it looks like I won’t be starving.

Now if I only have water then I could probably manage for now. While I wrap all the nuts I gathered on some random big leaf, I heard a sound somewhere.
It was a smooth sound of something flowing. It might be a river. This is a good sign, I thought as I carry my food supply and ran towards the origin of the sound. Soon after, just as I expected, I see a river.
Yahoo! I cheered as I approached the river and in its clear waters, I see a fish swimming around.

(The water seems safe to directly drink too, I can probably live here!)

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I have neither any clothing nor any shelter, but since I’ve managed to clear the most essential food problem, I breathe a sigh of relief. After I hide the food in my arms in the shadow of a nearby boulder to make sure that birds won’t eat it, I approach the river and drink the water.

「It’s so good…!」

It’s the first time I had water this good. It’s nothing like some random mineral water. Being thirsty as well, I unconsciously drink huge gulps of it and lied face up in satisfaction.
My tail hits the rock accidentally. It hurts slightly, but now that I feel relieved and comfortable due to the warmth of the sun, my eyelids began drooping and I immediately fall asleep.

「Huaah, I accidentally fell asleep.」

As I woke up, the sun has already started setting and the sky is faintly dyed in red. I seem to be tired from all of that huh, I thought to myself as I stretch my body and stand up.
Suddenly, I feel something wanting to come out, likely because I drank a lot of water.

(Ugh… That reminds me, I’m a woman now, right…)

Since I can’t do it like I used to, I found a suitable place and embraced my tail under my armpit as I crouch down.

「Fuu… Ah.」

That reminds me, I can’t wipe myself because there isn’t any paper; so I reluctantly entered the river and washed myself, that’s when I suddenly hear a rustling sound.
It’s probably just an animal. Well, we are in a forest so there should be some; so I shift my sights to where the sound seems to be coming from and——

What was there was an absolutely imposing boar.


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