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Chapter 24 – Summons

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2316 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1094 words
Editor(s): Fire

It’s now deep into autumn and the temperature is starting to get colder.
The café is still busy as usual. Or rather, it’s actually getting much busier than it was before.
It seems like we’ve gotten even more popular ever since Chris and Firu joined us, so having people waiting in line is becoming the usual. Well, the two of them are cute after all.

Ryzna-san just casually getting more tables for the shop is another problem. On top of making our walking space narrower, the number of customers we need to accommodate increased. So yeah, it’s absolute hell.

Still, even though we’re always busy, Firu’s appearance is really glowing these days. Probably thanks to her buying a skirt, huh…… Cain, aren’t you a bit too easy? Well, we really can’t say that we’re any different from him, but still.
Chris is the only one that’s completely exhausted. Yup, having some relief is really important.

「Natsuki-chan, Ruti-chan, you have a guest!」

While we were having a break at the back, Ryzna-san called for us.
A guest for us? Not for the café? The only people we know are Cain and Trisha-san, and both of them are at work today, so who could it be?

「It’s someone from the Order of Mages and they seem to be here for official business, so I had them wait at the reception room, okay?」

Wait, what? I don’t know anything about that. Don’t tell me, is it just like Cain said? Are they here for us because of what happened during the slime extermination……?

「What do we do?」
「Nothing, we can’t do anything until we know what they’re here for.」

It’ll be nice if they’re just here to warn us or something. What do we do if they’re here to penalize us…

「「Excuse me.」」

After knocking the door, both of us entered the room. As we entered inside, the person waiting inside stood from her chair and lowered her head.

「I’m sorry for the sudden visit, I’m a member of the Order of Mages, Nera.1 I assume you’re Natsuki-sama and Ruti-sama, am I wrong?」
「Ah, yes, I’m Natsuki.」
「I’m Ruti.」

It seems that this lady named Nera is a member of the Order of Mages. Are they different from the Order of Knights?
Ah, this person has a tail like me. Horns… Nope, so not a dragonoid, maybe she’s a scalekin?

「Is there a problem?」

This is bad, I ended up staring at her.

「I’m sorry, it’s just that, it’s my first time seeing someone else with a tail like me.」
「Ahh, yes, I’m a scalekin after all. Although we’re not as rare as dragonoids like you, there are relatively few of us overall.」

So there aren’t that many scale people too, huh. I see, no wonder I haven’t seen much of them.

「So then, what might be your business with us today?」
「Ah, yes, I’m sorry for being abrupt but I would like to ask you two to accompany me to the Mage Order’s headquarters at the Royal Castle.」
「Umm, can I ask why……?」
「The Leader of the Mage Order, Darg, will be going over the details so I really can’t…」

Ugh, the leader himself? I have a really bad feeling that he’s really angry, though.
For now, since we’re still on our shift, we left the room to get the owner’s permission.

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「So Ryzna-san, can we go?」
「Sure. Or rather, I have to let you go. I can’t really refuse them since they’re here for official business, you see?」
「Oka~y. Then regardless of when we finish, we’ll come back here after we’re done.」
「When you arrive, could you tell me what it’s about? Just as much as you can.」
「Understood. Now then, let’s at least go to Chris and Firu before we go. 」

With that, after telling them that we’ll be leaving for now, we quickly changed clothes and followed Nera-san to the castle.

While being cradled, we continue on the road to the castle that we aren’t usually allowed to use. I thought we were walking but Nera-san actually prepared a small carriage for us.
Come to think of it, this might be my first time riding one.

「Woah! As expected of the noble’s district, it’s really pretty.」

Compared to the civilian district we live in, the roads are more developed and most of the buildings are beautifully made brick or stonework.

「Still, there aren’t any stalls around so it does feel a bit lonely here.」

I can occasionally see some shops tailored for nobles but since it’s not like there’s a lot of people crowding here and there, it barely feels alive. Maybe that’s why it feels lonely to me.
Still, it’s really quiet here, so combined with the carriage’s gentle sway, I start to feel sleepy…… As I endure it while stifling a yawn, we’re finally near enough to see the castle and its moat.


The castle that I always wanted to see in the past is now right in front of my eyes. Being so close right now, it really is overwhelming to see. It should be obvious but it’s a lot more firmly constructed than the other buildings here, and naturally, it’s a lot taller than those too.
It’d be a lot better if we were just here for sightseeing though…….

「We’ll be arriving soon, so please get ready to exit the carriage.」

It looks like we’re finally almost there. Ah, my stomach feels heavy…

Guided by Nera-san, we were led to the castle’s courtyard, or rather what looks like a training field. Looking closely, I can see some knights sparring with each other and running around.
And at the corner of the open field, there’s a detached building. It looks like that’s the headquarters.
We go directly to the headquarters and are guided to a certain room.

「I’ve brought Natsuki-sama and Ruti-sama.」

Entering inside, I see an old man sitting down on an office chair. I can see muscles bulging on top of his clothes, so he’s probably buff.

「Then you two are Natsuki-kun and Ruti-kun, correct? I’m Darg, I work as the leader of the Order of Mages. Pleased to meet you.」

After introducing ourselves as well, we sat down on the sofa as we were told.
Hmmm, I’m a bit relieved that he doesn’t seem angry, but why were we called here then?


  1. Silva: So tempted to type Umu (Nero reference)

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