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Chapter 23 – Open Shop Continued

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2396 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1277 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Hey Ruti, how does this one look?」

Saying so, I showed her a frilled bra. Since up until now, most of the underwear I have are the ones with simpler designs, and maybe since I got influenced by the uniform as well, I got a bit interested in these kinds of stuff, so I chose some cute stuff.

「That’s really cute, it should look quite good on you. Still, it seems to have a strap. It shouldn’t be a problem judging by the position of your wings but, do you have some clothes to go with it?」
「Well, since it’s going to get cold soon, I won’t really be wearing anything off shoulder so it should be fine, I think?」

Since I have wings, even my clothes for the winter season are still necessarily more or less wide open in the back area. So since the position of the wings depends on the person, the strap might be seen by some people. On the contrary though, coats are made in a way that you can hide your wings inside.

「Then perhaps I’ll buy some cute underwear as well.」
「Hmmm, I think that the mature laced ones suit you better though.」
「Really? Still, I occasionally get the urge to wear these ones, you know?」
「Hm, well then let’s choose some cute ones that would suit the other, okay?」
「Let’s. Something that would suit you might be…… here perhaps?」

And as we were excitedly choosing clothes, Chris approached us.

「A~h, here you ar~e, both of yo~u. Weren’t you two looking for autumn clothe~s?」
「Uhh…… Well, you know, it just caught my eye, so… yeah.」
「It’s been a while since I saw a great assortment so……」

Come to think of it, we actually came here to buy some autumn stuff.
Well, yeah, but underwear and stuff are important too, you know!? Mainly when we have some discussions and all! So I can’t help but look at them, okay!?

「We~ll, it’s not like I don’t get that feelin~g. They really do have a great assortment of clothes after a~ll. With how it i~s, the other shops here might even go bankrup~t.」

Hm? Don’t tell me, is the reason why Putieveil was the only shop at Zanbul specializing in female clothing because the other ones went bankrupt……? If that’s the case, then there might be some trouble brewing in the capital’s clothing shop affairs.

「In the meantime, since we still have some time, why don’t we take our time choosing clothes?」
「Oka~y. The~n since I haven’t seen their winter clothing befor~e, I’ll go look at the~m.」


「This is……」
「A bit……」

After getting this and that, we’ve got a ton of stuff just from the underwear department.

「But we don’t really have any other things to buy, so it should be okay to splurge on clothing, right?」
「We don’t actually have any other particular expenses, so it should be fine, right?」

No one’s really judging us or anything, but both of us just ended up making excuses. Well, now that it has come to this, I’ll just go all out and choose all the autumn and winter clothes I want!

「Speaking of expenses, we haven’t eaten some delicious pancakes and stuff lately, huh?」
「Like the ones at Zanbul? Come to think of it, we haven’t had some ever since we arrived here.」

And we even work in a café of all places. Well, the only selling point of our café, other than the uniforms, is probably our coffee. Our café put absolutely zero effort on making sweets and things, so yeah.

「Since it’s a café and all, why don’t we try asking Ryzna-san to work on some tasty sweets?」
「It can be the shop’s selling point as well, let’s do it. Still, I just hope that Ryzna-san doesn’t go wild in some weird way, you know?」

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I don’t really get that person’s thought process as well……

「Then, we’ll ask him when we have the opportunity next time. If we remember that is.」
「I see, then let’s leave it at that. Now then, next up are the autumn clothes, right?」

Since we’re going to look for autumn clothes, we left the underwear we chose to Trisha-san. She has a huge smile on her face, probably because you don’t really see people buy this much everyday.
In contrast to Trisha-san’s smile, Firu is groaning to herself at the autumn corner.

「What’s wrong?」
「Ah, it’s nothing. I just thought that it might be nice to wear a skirt every once in a while, since I always wore pants.
But I’m really worried that he might find it weird if I’m suddenly in a skirt now.」

Firu usually wears skinny-type pants. Her beautiful slender legs really look good on them, but she’s changing her style now…… Well, I did tell her to get something cute earlier, so yeah.

「It’s not weird at all. Besides, you have a slender figure and all……
And since it’s going to be cold soon, it’ll be nice to have something like this long wrap around skirt or this hem flare skirt here, don’t you agree?」

I grabbed a beige and a burgundy skirt and gave it to her. However, she’s still worried about it.

「Why don’t you try on something first? It might give you a mental image of how you’ll look, okay?」

With both of us wearing a troubled smile, we pushed Firu into the fitting room. She’ll probably like it once she sees how it looks on her, I think.
While Firu is trying them on, we also choose for ourselves.
A knitted turtleneck, a cardigan, a long skirt…… Ah, I should get some pants too. Some gaucho pants and… I want some culottes for moving around too.

Losing all of our self control after getting so much underwear, we picked more and more clothes with zero restraint. And soon after, Firu came out of the fitting room.

「It really is different when you try it on. I’ll buy this one Natsuki-chan picked out…… What’s with that pile you have?」
「Well, you know, we’re buying everything we want, I guess.」

Seeing us carrying all the stuff that can’t fit in our shopping basket, Firu was left speechless.

After spending a little too much time looking around and realizing that it’s already past noon, we decided to finish up our shopping and leave.

「Please come again!」

After some twists and turns, Ruti and I; naturally; and Firu bought enough to have multiple shopping bags in both arms.
Trisha-san sent us off with a huge smile on her face, probably because they sold a lot today.

After this, we went straight to the nearest restaurant to have a late-ish lunch.

「In the en~d, all I could buy was a coa~t…」

It seems like Chris didn’t have enough money. She grumbles while drinking her milk tea.
Coats are pricey after all. Even Ruti and I only bought 2 coats each.

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「Still, you got it with a discount right? Besides, you can go back again after we get our wages.」
「That’s true, bu~t after seeing how much you two bough~t, one coat just looks sa~d…」

I don’t know the exact amount since we kept it inside Ruti’s shadow, everything we bought would probably need a small cart to be carried home. You shouldn’t compete with that.

「Don’t worry about it. Next time, we’ll keep you company, okay?」
「That’s a promise oka~y?」

However, although we do plan to keep her company, it doesn’t mean that we don’t plan to buy clothes again.


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