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Chapter 25 – Invitation

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2322 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1152 words
Editor(s): Fire

「So, why were we called here?」

If he’s not angry about what happened during the slime extermination, I can’t really think of any other reasons……
Maybe it’s about when we beat up the molesting customer? But then, we should have been warned when we handed him over to the guards. Or am I actually wrong in assuming that they’re angry at us in the first place?

「I called you here because of the happenings during the slime extermination request.」

Huh? So it was really that then?

「According to the reports, you two can use magic that’s strong enough to change the topography of an area, am I correct? We of the Order of Mages are always in need of excellent personnel. If you two aren’t against it, we would like to recruit you to the order, so what do you think?」

It was the absolute opposite. Far from being angry, he actually wanted to invite us. Just from his way of speaking, it looks like we left a good impression.

「To start with, can I ask about the Order of Mages? I know about the Order of Knights, but…」(Ruti)
「Ahh, so that’s where we need to start from, huh…… The Order of Mages’ lack of popularity is really a problem.」

Even with a slight frown, Darg-san started explaining to us.
Based on what he’s saying, the Order of Knights is an organization of swordsmen, spearmen, etc. that has protected the kingdom for a long time. In contrast, the Order of Mages is a new organization, though it’s already a few decades old or so, that gathers people that can use magic to work together with the Order of Knights in protecting the kingdom.

「Although the Order of Knights may have greatly developed and refined their swordsmanship and spearmanship since the olden days, there are definitely situations where magic is more equipped in the handling of a situation. The organization was created to handle those situations.
However, many situations that need the use of magic would require us to go to farther places.
So since we are barely active in towns and villages nearby, it’s rather difficult for us to be recognized by the people.」

Except for the part where they’re using magic, it doesn’t seem like they’re any different from the Order of Knights, I guess? 
And this kind of place is inviting us, right?

「It’s a fulfilling job and you are directly contributing to the kingdom and the community. We have examined your general work behavior and after judging that you two have no problems, we decided to call out to the two of you. So, would you like to work with us?」

They really have a high opinion of us, huh. In that case, our answer is—

「「Thank you very much but we’d like to decline.」」

As expected of Ruti, we have the same answer even with no prior discussion.
Probably not expecting that we would decline, Darg-san, and even Nera-san, were really surprised by our answer.

「Although we’re not as well-known, we still receive the same treatment as the Order of Knights, you know? It might only last a single generation, but you would still be treated as nobles, and naturally, you would also be allowed to own a house in the noble’s district. Is there any reason for the refusal?」

「A reason, well……」
「I mean……」

Right? With the same thing in mind, Ruti and I exchange glances.

「We don’t really have any problems with our current life and we’re already happy with our work right now.」
「We aren’t really interested in being nobles and such, and our current job treats us quite well.」
「H-How much are they paying you two?」

After telling him how much, Darg-san puts his hands on his head. Rather, I can hear Nera-san saying “Eh? Maybe I should just work there too.”
He said that they’re treated the same as the knights, but do the two Orders just give out low salaries……?

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「Well, we’re still in the middle of our shift so can we go home now?」
「W-Wait! I don’t mind if it’s just part-time! Would you please join us!?」

He’s not backing down at all. Do they need people that much? In that case, let me try bluffing a bit.

「Then we’ll join if we’re allowed to keep on working with our current jobs and we’re only called when needed. Oh, and give us the same benefits as the regulars.」

It’s absolutely horrible if I say so myself. After all, I’m telling them to pay me even if I’m not working much at all.
This should make him give up.

「Got it! I’ll swallow those conditions, so join us!」
「「No way!?」」

Really!? Eh? Wait a minute, since I’m the one that told him that, I don’t have an excuse to refuse him anymore, right?

「Eh, Ruti, what do I do?」
「Aren’t you the one that told him that…… It’s already too late, you see?」

Darg-san is excitedly writing up a contract for us. It’s no use, I don’t know what to do anymore.

「Done! Now then, check the contents. If it’s fine, then please sign it.」

I was thinking that this might be some new kind of scam but the things written in the contract are…… Yeah, exactly what I said.
I’m really worried since it’s too good to be true but… Arghhh! There, I signed.

「Geez, don’t regret that, okay?」

Even though she’s telling me that, Ruti signs the contract as well. I love you so much, Ruti.

「You have my gratitude! We’ll get the documents done as soon as possible. We’ll have the schedule for your granting and a more detailed explanation after finishing the paperwork, so we’ll contact you two again in a later date.」

Saying so, he quickly left the room.

「Since he said that we’ll be contacting you two sometime in the future, we should be done for today. I’ll accompany you back to the café.」

While staring at the door Darg-san just went through, Nera-san lets out a sigh. It feels like she’s already used to this happening.

After dropping us in front of the café, we parted ways with Nera-san. Ugh, the waiting line is getting out of hand. We need to go now.

「「We’re back!」」
「Ah, welcome back! Please help us, quick!」

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Wow, it’s looking really terrible here too. Truly a snapshot of war.

「Ryzna-san, we’re back. We’ll talk about the details after the closing time, so we’ll go back to our post for now.」
「Ohh, welcome back. Please do so.」

He’s pouring a cup of coffee while making a sandwich, how dexterous… But aren’t ya pushin’ it too much? Ahhh, it’s going to spill……

Now then, there’s still some time before we close up, so let’s do this.


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