Chapter 22 – Open Shop

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2034 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1134 words
Editor(s): Fire

Today is our scheduled day off. So today is the day we go to the clothing shop as promised before.

「Nfufu, I’m getting really excited now.」(Natsuki)
「It’s been a while after all. I’m looking forward to it as well.」(Ruti)
「I’m sure that you’ll like the place~」(Chris)
「Is it really fine for me to come too?」(Firu)

Since it’s a scheduled day off, naturally Firu is on her break too. And since she’s free, we invited her out too.

「Of course. You need to buy some cute clothes to show off to Cain, okay?」(Natsuki1)

With a huge grin on my face, I poke some fun at her. The fact that she’s blushing a bit is quite cute of her.

「Oh, you’re not going to show off to me?」(Ruti2)

Ruti said so as she wrapped her arms on mine.

「Then how about you show off to me too, Ruti.」(Natsuki)
「Sure, why not? Then I’ll have to do my best today and choose some good ones.」(Ruti)

Disregarding the other two, we started flirting by ourselves. We didn’t really have much time to do it lately, so I can’t really help it.

「Are the two of yo~u dating each other~?」(Chris)
「Yup. Oh? We didn’t tell you?」(Natsuki)
「I haven’t heard about it~ Mmph, I was even aiming for Ruti-oneesama~」(Chris3)
「Eh!? Y-you can’t! Ruti’s mine, okay!?」(Natsuki4)

I wrap my arms around Ruti’s neck to show off how close we are. Or rather, oneesama……
Well, if a girl like Chris called me by oneesama, it’ll probably make my heart jump.

Incidentally, it seems like same-sex couples are relatively common in this country. But since it isn’t accepted by the church, it seems only de facto marriages are accepted since we can’t hold official weddings.

「…… You’re not actually happy right now, are you?」(Natsuki)
「Well, who kno-MNnm!」(Ruti5)

Before she even finished speaking, I sealed her lips with a kiss. And to flaunt to the people around us, I keep on going for it.

「Nhm……Mnh-pwah! Wait, Natsuki, everybody’s looking at us.」(Ruti)
「It’s fine. I’m letting them see it after all.」(Natsuki6)

Mufufu, I smiled at her as I said so. In the first place, even though she’s saying that, she actually looks really happy about it.

「Yeah, yeah, let’s stop at that and go to the shop now.」(Firu)
「Natsuki-sa~n, Ruti-oneesam~a, you’re going to get left behind~」(Chris)

Having enough of our public display, the two of them started to go ahead without us so we quickly followed after them.

「「「Hmmm……?7 」」」
「Is there a problem~?」(Chris)

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With Chris’ guidance, we arrived in front of the newly opened shop. But the three of us froze when we saw the shop’s signboard. The shop’s name, as written on the signboard, is Putieveil.8 This is…….

「It’s the same Putieveil as the one in Zanbul… right?」(Natsuki)
「I think so. They said that they had a branch store at the royal capital, so maybe this is the one.」(Firu)
「There was one in Zanbul too~?」(Chris)
「Yeah, we shopped at Zanbul’s branch store a lot. It would be great if they had the same stuff here too.」(Natsuki)
「Perhaps we’ll even see the same saleslady as well. For now, why don’t we go inside.」(Ruti)

If it’s Putieveil, they probably have some really good stuff in stock. The other shops were really bad so it might even become the capital’s number one clothing shop.

「Welcome! This is the Royal Capital’s Number 1 Clothing Store, Putieveil!」9

I think I’m having some déjà vu. Well yeah. After all, the one that greeted us is someone who has helped us in a lot of ways10 while we were at Zanbul, Trisha-san. The part where she’s already claiming to be the Number 1 is really like her too.

「Oh? It’s you two! And even Firu’s here!」(Trisha)
「Long time no see, Trisha-san. Also, are you aquaintances with Firu?」(Natsuki)
「Yes. Do you still remember that time, when I told you about a friend of mine that was practically dying every month? I was talking about Firu.」(Trisha)

Ahh, that one. Huh, what a small world.

「? What do you mean by that?」(Firu11)
「Well some time ago, Natsuki-san was on her monthly and I noticed that she was feeling really nauseous at that time, so I told her about your remedi… Ouch!」(Trisha)

Trisha-san was hit really hard in the head. Well, naturally…… She’s basically making it public that Firu has a heavy period. Rather, I can smack her too right?

「Geez, Trisha’s always like this, you know? In spite of her usually doing great, she always seems to get careless somehow…… By the way, Trisha, were you relocated here? Or are you only here to help?」(Firu)
「Hehe~m! The truth is, I was relocated here as the capital’s branch manager!」(Trisha12)
「Oh, you have been promoted? Congrats!」(Firu)
「Tehehe, thank you very much!」(Trisha)

Wow. I don’t really have luck in that regard before and even now, so I’m honestly amazed by it.13

「Umm~ Do you all know each other~?」(Chris)

Ah, Chris is getting left out of the loop.

「Yes, Trisha and I are friends.」(Firu)
「During our stay in Zanbul, we became acquaintances when I had my measurements14 taken at the shop there.」(Natsuki)

Grinning playfully as I said so, Trisha’s face twitched nervously.

「Hueh~ The world really is small~ Ah! My name is Chrisette~!」(Chris)
「My name is Trisha. Chrisette-san, right? We thank you for your purchase the other day.」(Trisha)

Woah, she actually remembered her. As expected of the usually great Trisha-san.15

「Please call me Chris~ The shop has a lot of cute clothe~s, so I really like it here~!」(Chris)
「Yeah, that’s right. We came here since Chris told us about a newly opened shop, and who would have guessed, it was Putieveil. It really surprised me.」(Ruti)
「Fufu, I’m glad to hear that. I can give a little bit of a discount so please buy a lot, okay?」(Trisha)

And as Trisha uttered the word “discount”, even Chris, who just bought something the other day, looks like she’s itching to buy. Well, even I suddenly feel like buying a lot, so yeah.16


  1. Lyly: Natsuki the shipper
  2. Lyly: Cute
    Fire: Wholesome
  3. Lyly: Oh….
    Fire: Too late, she’s already taken
  4. Lyly: Cute, slightly panicky Natsuki
    Fire: She’s just saying that Ruti is her “property”
  5. Lyly: Lewd~!
    Fire: Ruti, reclaimed by Natsuki
  6. Lyly: Yeah, Ms. Exhibitionist
    Fire: It’s her passion
  7. Lyly: ???
  8. Lyly: Oh…
  9. Lyly: Lol, the exact same words
    Fire: How familiar…
  10. Lyly: *wink wink*
  11. Lyly: Uh-oh, choose your next words Trish
    Fire: Too late
  12. Lyly: Gratz!
    Fire: (Insert confetti)
  13. Lyly: Lol, poor freeter
  14. Lyly: Yeah, measurements, nothing more…
    Fire: Nothing “more”, nothing “less”
  15. Lyly: lol, usually great
  16. Lyly: Lol, from relative hardships raised, poor little freeter she is
    Fire: A discount is a discount. Who wouldn’t take that!

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