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Chapter 19 – Dissolution

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2548 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1347 words
Editor(s): Fire

During the preparation time, I had asked Ruti to braid my hair. Since I plan to go all out, I want it so my hair doesn’t get in the way.

「Ruti, grow your hair out too. I want to braid it together with you.」(Natsuki)
「I cut my hair short since it was hard to braid it by myself and it would also get in my way, but it might be nice to let it grow from now on.」(Ruti)

If I remember correctly, hair should grow one centimeter every month, so it would probably take about a year for her hair to reach braiding length. M~m, that’s a really long time.

The preparations are done, so let’s go!… And then it came to my mind.
What do we do about the coordination and stuff?

「By the way, Cain.」(Natsuki)
「Hm? What is it?」(Cain)
「Since we haven’t had a meeting with everyone and we don’t even have any plans, how do we go about this?」(Natsuki)
「What are you talking about, we’ll be obviously improvising.」(Cain)

Eh…… Well, yeah, I know it’s difficult to work together with complete strangers, but you know, improvise?… That’s concerning.

「Then wouldn’t it be easy for people to slack off?」(Natsuki)
「The knights are on the lookout, so that’s impossible. They didn’t come along just for confirmation but for that reason too.」(Cain)

Ug~h, something definitely happened before, based on this treatment. It’s making me worried about the union’s trust. Wait? Isn’t the union managed by the country? It’s…… Yup, let’s not think too much about this.
Anyway, since there aren’t any plans at all, just charging through at the very start and going wild should be enough, right?

「So Ruti, should we dive in?」(Natsuki)
「Sure. Perhaps I’ll try going a bit serious this time as well.」(Ruti)
「Then let’s go~!」(Natsuki)

We spread our wings wide open and fly at full speed. We overtook the people leading in an instant and drew near the mountain.
Ugh, the mountain’s surface is filled with slimes, it’s literally a mountain of slimes. It’d probably take a lot of time to get rid of them with just a hundred people.
In that case, Laser Breath unbanned!


Zwoosh! A crevice opened up from the foot of the mountain to its summit and exploded. Good, the area’s map doesn’t need to be changed so it’s safe. It’s safe, right?

「Good one, Natsuki! I’m not going to lose!」(Ruti)

Saying so, Ruti shoots out some 2 meter wide fireballs continuously like a machine gun.
Boom! Boom! Boom! Craters successively form on the ground. This one should be fine too, right?
Rather, the Laser Breath isn’t good at area suppression, huh. And so, I also switched to fireballs. I can’t fire rapidly like Ruti, so I make an extra big one.

「One more time~!」(Natsuki)

Ta~maya~!1 An extra large crater is formed. Mm~m, that feels good.

「As I thought, I can’t compete against Natsuki in pure strength. Then I’ll win with technique!」(Ruti)

Natsuki of power and Ruti of technique. Hm? Why does that sound familiar…. To begin with, when did this become a contest?
As I was pondering about it, an ice pillar bigger than the Great Pillar from the other day suddenly appeared and in the next instant, Bam! It exploded.
After that, a numerous amount of ice shards rain down with incredible speed.
It looks like there was fire and wind magic inside the ice pillar that made it explode in a specific way. She’s really clever.

「Oi! The two of you are going way too far! How are the others supposed to go in like this!?」(Cain)

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Ah, Cain caught up to us. Now that I see it, the other people are stamping right behind us.

「Eh~ But you told me to improvise~」(Natsuki)
「I’m sorry okay! It’s my fault for being unclear, so just do it normally!」(Cain)

If I tell him, “This is my normal”, or some other kind of joke, will he get mad? I won’t though.
Well, since we’ve gotten rid of about two-thirds of them, going with claws should be fine.

「Well, if you insist. Then we’ll switch to close-ranged combat.」(Natsuki)
「It’s not really going to be any different for me but… It can’t be helped.」(Ruti)

Ruti seems a bit dissatisfied. Unlike me, since she uses magic even when doing close quarters combat, she probably likes how she is right now rather than intentionally fighting in close range.

「Bye Ruti, I’ll see you there!」(Natsuki)
「Ah, stop right there you!」(Ruti)

A few hours passed since everybody started making the slimes become waste. Probably just a bit more and we’ll be seeing the setting sun.

「Are we almost done?」(Natsuki)
「As far as I see it, there’s barely any more slimes left.」(Ruti)

There are still a few people killing slimes around us but most of us are just looking for slimes now.

「Hmmm, it was fun, but a slime is a slime, huh.」(Natsuki)
「If only there were trolls or ogres of this number, it would’ve been a lot more fun.」(Ruti)
「You two…… No, I give up.」(Cain)

Cain finally threw the towel.

「Isn’t that a bit mean?」(Natsuki)
「I just realized that it’s my loss if I react, you see?」(Cain)

His tone and treatment of me got worse too. I demand better treatment! And so, as I was about to start grumbling complaints…

「Oi! Behind you!」(Cain)
「! Dodge it Natsuki!」(Ruti)

Eh? Just as I wondered why, my vision blurs. For some reason I feel a slimy sensation…… Ah, a slime is swallowing me.


Where the heck did this giant slime even come from!? More importantly, I need to do something or it’s going to digest me.

Come to think of it, I wonder if the soft parts like my eyes will get melted first? Ah, I can feel a burning sensation, so it’s definitely starting with my eyes.
Nonono, this isn’t the time to calmly comment about this. I don’t mind eating, but I absolutely have no plans on getting eaten. But because my body is floating, I can’t muster up strength.

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「…tsuki……ing abo……sta…… okay!!」(Ruti)

While I was struggling, Ruti said something as she shot a fireball at me.
This is the so-called Rescue (Physical Attack) right? I get it. I don’t really want to, though!

I close my eyes tight and brace for impact. But the impact I expected didn’t hit. Instead, I suddenly felt like I was falling and felt pain coming from my butt.
Opening my eyes as I felt something hitting my butt, I see that only the slime was cleanly blasted off. Your control is too good…… You’re not the Ruti of technique for nothing.

「Are you alright!? I’ll make some water, so rinse yourself properly just to be sure.」(Ruti)

While having a slight coughing, I rinse my exposed skin with the water Ruti made. My skin is quite tough, so I wasn’t too worried about it but it seems like my eyes and hair are also okay. Thank goodne…… Hm?

With my still irritated eyes, I check my own body. Beautifully smooth skin, if I say so myself. Yup, it’s exposed isn’t it?
Probably having calmed down, Ruti noticed the situation I’m in as well.

「Cain, look the other way! All of you as well! Don’t look!」(Ruti)

Firu pulls Cain by the ear and forcefully makes him turn around. The people around us also did an about-face. The people that were still out of it were all air-slapped by Ruti and forcefully turned around.

I quickly asked Ruti for clothes and changed. It seems like the things that were slightly digested by the slime were blown away by Ruti’s magic and are now tattered scraps.
She avoided hitting my body but it looks like she wasn’t able to avoid my clothes.

I won’t let my guard down just because it’s only a slime ever again. Boo-hoo-hoo.


  1. Silva: The word that the Japanese utters when they see fireworks, I have no idea what it means though
    Fire: This, maybe?

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