Chapter 20 – New Uniforms

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2119 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1124 words
Editor(s): Fire

On that day, we stayed at the area where we had set up our base for the night and began our travel back the next day.
In the original plan, the extermination would’ve lasted a few days, so we really saved a lot of time.
Still, Cain tried to scare us and said that they might call for us since we changed the topography just a little bit. Now, who’s the one that was being unclear that time again…….

「Then as a witness, I’ll have the one that was being vague at that time come too, Cain.」
「Really!? You still hold a grudge on that!?」

After getting a little payback on Cain, we prepare to camp. We’ve honestly gotten used to setting up by now. Just like we’ve done in the last few days, I prepare dinner together with Firu.

「Jeez, I even got my breasts seen. It’s the worst.」
「I pulled really hard on Cain’s ears, so at least forgive him for that.」

Compared to being seen by people you don’t know, being seen by an acquaintance is a different kind of embarrassing.

「But even though you say that, aren’t you actually the one that won’t forgive him the most?」
「…… No comment.」

She really loves him, huh. I looked at Firu with a huge grin on my face.
Hm, I feel like all I’ve been thinking about lately is love. Well, it’s fun, so it’s fine.1

By the way, Ruti really wanted to have a little talk with me that night.
It seems like being seen by everybody really fueled her possessiveness over me.
When I tried to calm her down by pointing out that we’re in a tent right now, she created a vacuum wall around the tent for soundproofing. What a great misuse of her talent……

Just as before, there was no particular trouble with our travel home. As for the rewards, after the knights made their reports, we were handed the rewards one by one and that was the end of it. As such, it really felt like some kind of outing.

「Well, we’re heading back to the inn now. If we have time later, let’s eat out together again.」

Probably tired, Cain said so and headed to the inn with Firu.

「Now then, since we’re done with the request, why don’t we contact and inform Ryzna-san that we’re already back.」
「Right…… I wonder how the new uniform looks.」

Uh……. Now that you mention it, that was the condition for our leave. I just hope that it doesn’t look questionable.
I reflexively tighten my grip on Ruti’s hand.
Noticing that, Ruti squeezed back and smiled at me. Yup, I’m okay, it’s going to be alright.

「「We’re back~!」」
「Oh, welcome back you two. Good timing, this saves me the trouble.」
「Good timing?」
「We have a new girl. I’ll go call her, so just wait for a bit.」

I wonder what kind of person she is? I exchanged glances with Ruti. Rather, we’re still recruiting, huh. Well, it makes sense since it’s really hard for us to manage when the shop gets full.

「Nice to meet you~, my name is Chrisette. Please treat me well~. You can just call me Chris~.」

Coming out from the back, she introduces herself. We hastily introduce ourselves as well.

「I’m Natsuki. Nice to meet you too, Chris.」
「I’m Rutimo, pleased to meet you. Just call me Ruti.」

This girl named Chrisette is, how should I say this, really fluffy.
She has fluffy, slightly wavy blond hair. Droopy, golden retriever-like ears. And a tufty and dense tail as well.
Even her way of speaking feels really fluffy and most of all, she’s wearing some sweet brown lolita-style clothes.

Yu~p, really cute. Well, though she is cute, it really feels like I’m looking at a cute little kid rather than a “my type” kind of cute.
And when I broke out in a slight smile, my arm was pinched.

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Although I might be sturdy, painful things are still painful. I take a look at Ruti and she poutily looks away.
She probably got the wrong idea.

「I just see her the way that you see a cute child, so don’t worry about it.」

I whispered to her ear. Probably convinced, her expression softens and she meets my gaze.
I teasingly told her “If you keep getting the wrong idea, I’m going to punish you” and her eyes sparkled for an instant. Oh no, this was a door to a world that I shouldn’t have opened.2

「The clothes I have Chris-chan wear is one of the new uniforms. Natsuki-chan and Ruti-chan’s uniforms will have different colors but the same design.」

Oh, it seems like the new uniform is just a palette swap of this and not some super exposing stuff. The design is sickeningly sweet, but it’s cute so I feel relieved.
I was worried for nothing.

「But really, at first I planned to have this as the new uniform but when I saw Chris-chan, I just had an idea! And decided on this. I’m glad I followed my gut.」

While saying so, on his hand was a bare top made seemingly to emphasize the cleavage and a really questionable skirt. And even though the skirt is questionable enough, it has a pannier too. Holy shiiiiii-!!

「That’s absolutely not safe……」

I agree with Ruti. The moment we wear that, we’re definitely not waitresses anymore.
Moreover, if Ruti wears that, there’s a real possibility of something accidentally spilling out of those. That’s unacceptable.
Or rather, isn’t it because you keep choosing this kind of clothes that everybody keeps on quitting here?

「What would have happened if Chris didn’t join us here……」
「We put that on… and an accident happens…… This place would probably be reduced to dust.」

The worst part is that I can’t actually deny that. Now then, enough with the rejected clothes, why don’t we try on the new uniform while we’re here.
Telling Ryzna-san so, he gets our uniforms too.

「The white one is Ruti-chan’s and the black one is for Nastuki-chan, okay?」

White lolita and black lolita. He’s really thorough with this. Also, since we have horns, it looks like he readied ribbons for us in place of the headpiece.
Or rather, why does it actually fit us perfectly? Well the previous one did too but……

I steal a glance at Ryzna-san and he’s just smiling as usual. A smile in this kind of situation is weirdly horrifying.


  1. Silva: Love is in the air. Can you feel the love tonight?
  2. Silva: oh no, Ruti is actually Lyly in disguise.

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