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Chapter 18 – Expedition

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2108 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1187 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Woah, this is amazing.」(Natsuki)

The next day, as we arrived at the meeting location, there were about a hundred participants gathered already. I’m amazed that they managed to gather this many people.

「What are you standing there for? We’re departing soon.」(Cain)
「Good morning. So the two of you managed to join, congratulations!」(Firu)

Cain and Firu called out to us. Having acquaintances in the middle of this huge crowd really makes me feel at ease. It’s my first time to join a request this large in scale, so I feel a bit more relieved.

「By the way, did he give you an accessory as a present?」

When I stealthily asked Firu so, she smiled while putting a finger over her mouth. A glistening ring was on that same finger.

「「Congrats!」」(Natsuki & Ruti)
「Thank you very much.」(Firu)

So that our evasive Cain can’t hear it, we quietly congratulate her. Hearing that, Firu showed a delighted expression and seeing her smile, we ended up smiling as well.

「It’d be nice if he becomes just a bit more honest with himself.」(Natsuki)
「Fufu, he’s already more honest than before, you know?」(Firu)
「That’s more honest? I can’t believe it… Ah, it looks like there’s something happening.」(Ruti)

A knight-like person that’s riding on a horse starts yelling something. Well, I say knight-like, but it’s probably a real knight… Wait? The knight guy is coming too?

「Say, if the kingdom mobilized the knights, aren’t we actually unneeded?」(Natsuki)
「The capital will be left unprotected if they mobilize the knights, so they can’t leave the capital. The few knights coming with us are witnesses for the completion of the extermination.
In addition, by dispersing money through requests like this, they can also invigorate the kingdom’s economy at the same time.」(Firu)

Ohh, so the king has really put a lot of thought into this, huh. Anyway, it’s departure time. Time to be on the lookout.

There was absolutely no need to be on the lookout at all.
Although we departed, we’re still traveling on a safe highway. There’s absolutely no danger. Moreover, since we’re walking as a large group, it’s like, “Are we sightseeing? Is this some outing?” kind of feel.

「Everybody’s so carefree~」(Natsuki)

I don’t really have the right to judge them since I’m embracing Ruti’s arm.

「Better than marching while being on guard, don’t you agree? Still, it’s too peaceful, I’m starting to get a bit drowsy…」(Ruti)
「We’ll be doing this for five days, huh~」(Natsuki)

Usually, we would fly after getting some distance from the towns but today, we’re walking the whole way. It’s going to be boring.
Ah, but what if I just think of this as a stroll around with Ruti? Now I feel like I can walk on forever.

「Come to think of it, you two don’t have anything on you. Can you use some storage-type magic or something?」(Cain)

The only bag we’re wearing right now is probably just my waist pouch. We usually only have a shoulder pouch on hand and everything else is generally inside Ruti’s shadow storage.
Ruti even said that she doesn’t need a pouch, so she’s completely empty-handed right now.

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「I can make a space in my shadow, so we kept it all there. You don’t have something like that, Cain?」(Ruti)
「If we did, then we wouldn’t be bringing all this baggage with us, don’t you think? Both Firu and I can’t use storage-type magic.」(Cain)

Cain said so while showing off his heavy-looking backpack.

「Then, shall I keep it in my storage while we’re in the middle of the request? If it’s only that much, we still have some space to spare.」(Ruti)
「Oh, then could you do us a favor? It’s actually really heavy.」(Cain)
「I’ll return it at night time, alright?」(Ruti)

The lowered bags enter Ruti’s shadow. I forgot since I’m so used to it by now, but it’s really inconvenient when you don’t have this type of magic.

The leading knight commanded everybody to stop.

「Today, we will be camping in this area! Everybody, get ready for tomorrow and rest!」

By the time that the sun sets upon the beautiful field, we were to set up camp. Seemingly used to doing this, everybody swiftly assembled their tents.
To start prepping as well, we take out the baggage. And like we usually do, Ruti is in charge of the tent while I’m making dinner.

I immediately thaw the frozen meat we have with a mixed breath of fire and air. After that, I lightly blow to materialize a ball of water midair and rinse the vegetables inside the ball.
Yup, I definitely look a lot better with this. Up until now, I’ve been shooting out water like some kind of Merlion… Let’s not remember that. It’s not like it came directly from my mouth, so it’s not actually dirty but… you know?

And then I placed the cooked meat and vegetables in between the bread we bought beforehand and our sandwiches are complete. I’d really like some mayonnaise with these but I didn’t find any for sale. Maybe I should try making some next time.

「Ruti, I’m done~」(Natsuki)
「Thanks. Then let’s have dinner, shall we?」(Ruti)

And as we sat down to start eating, we noticed Cain staring at us while biting on some dried meat.

「……… What?」(Natsuki)
「Nothing, it’s just, that looks so good…」(Cain)

While saying so, his gaze is locked to the sandwiches. Ah, Firu is sighing beside him. If he wants some, he could really just ask though. Looks like he’s not honest with this kind of stuff too, huh.

「Well, if you really want some, just a little, okay?」(Natsuki)
「Thank you! We couldn’t really march while carrying fresh stuff with us, you see. Thanks again.」(Cain)
「Thank you. The gaze was probably pressuring, so I’m sorry about that.」(Firu)

It’s not really your fault though, Firu.
And with that, the four of us had fun chatting while eating dinner.

With this and that, the days continued on similarly until we were almost near our destination. In the end, we gave Cain a share of dinner every night. But since Firu helped us with the cooking as an apology, it was all good.

「Cain, you really eat a lot, huh?」(Natsuki)
「No, but like… I can’t help taking a peek when it smells that good, you know?」(Cain)

Well, if I smell cooked meat from my neighbors while eating some bland rations, yeah I’d probably stare too.

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「We will set up our base on the open field beyond this point! After one hour of preparation and rest, we will begin the extermination! Do your best to keep yourselves safe!」

While I was talking with Cain, a knight shouted out a command. We~ll then, it’s been a while but it’s time to do some exercise!


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