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Chapter 17 – Preparations

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2351 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1287 words
Editor(s): Fire

After enjoying yesterday’s meal, we immediately went our separate ways. Well, we did meet Firu later at the bath, though.
Every time I faced Firu’s direction in the bathroom, I felt some bloodthirst in Ruti’s eyes, but that’s probably just my imagination.

… Of course it isn’t. I was only facing her because we were talking, so I had a little talk with Ruti about this and her dangerous statements earlier when we returned to our room.
Since it was just my body language, I managed to talk some sense to her. But there were times I nearly gave in too.

「I know I already said it last night but don’t look at anyone else too much, okay?」(Ruti1)

As we were heading to the dining area for breakfast, she said so while wrapping her arms around mine.

「I know. And I told you, don’t worry about it. The only one I love is Ruti, after all.」(Natsuki)
「Really really.」

As if to prove that, I kiss her.
After looking surprised for a moment, Ruti bashfully smiled as she slightly blushed red.

「…… I’m going to get a heartburn so early in the morning.」(Cain)

Turning around, I see an exhausted-looking Cain and Firu wearing a wry smile.

「「Insensitive man…」」
「It’s my fault again…?」(Cain)

He put his hand over his eyes while facing the sky. It can’t be helped, you know. After all, you just ruined our sweet mood.

Since we met up, we decided to have breakfast together. Being alone together with Ruti is nice too, but the four of us noisily eating together isn’t bad either.

「Today, we’re going to do what we planned yesterday but what about you two? 」(Natsuki)
「We’re thinking about doing some sightseeing while we ready our things. Can you recommend someplace good?」(Cain)
「Someplace good….」

Honestly, I don’t really know any that’s good enough to recommend… After all, we couldn’t go to the castle so we just walked around aimlessly.

「I don’t really have any ideas. If I have to say, the open stall district maybe?」(Natsuki)

The open stall district is where we bought the accessories. If I’m right, there probably isn’t any place like that in Zanbul.

「Hm, how about you buy an accessory for Firu?」
「D-Don’t be stupid! Why do I have do buy something like that!?」(Cain2)

Oh? This reaction… does this perhaps mean what I think it means? I took a peek at Firu and she’s wearing a wry smile.
Ahhh, I think I have a gist of their relationship now.

「We’re done eating, so we’re leaving now!」
「Tsunderes don’t seem to be trending, you know~?」(Ruti)
「You know~?」(Natsuki)

The both of us grin while making fun of him as he leaves the inn along with Firu while yelling 「Shut up!」 Jeez, he’s not being honest.

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After seeing them off, we decided to head out to Ryzna-san’s place as well.
I have zero plans on how to tell him about the request. Rather, I’m going to be honest with him. After all, I’m not really good at lying and stuff.

「「Good morning!」」
「Morning. I already told you yesterday that we’re not opening for a while but do you need something?」
「The truth is……」

We frankly explained to him that we wanted to do a request made by the country but if we go, we won’t be able to come back in time for the shop’s reopening.

「Hmmm. To be honest, this break is already a problem for the shop. So I wanted to reopen as soon as the repairs are done, so…」
「Can we do something about it?」

After groaning, he then went silent. Maybe I’m asking for too much… The shop’s temporary closing is our fault, so I can’t be unreasonable.

「……… If you’d let me add one condition, I’ll allow you two to go but… What do you think?」
「Eh? If it’s something I can do, then sure.」
「Wait, Natsuki!?」

Since I wasn’t expecting it to happen anymore, I immediately accepted the condition without hearing what it was.

「Then negotiation complete. The condition is to wear a new uniform when the shop reopens, so see you then.」

Oh, just that. I expected it to be working unpaid for a while or something, but it wasn’t as bad as I imagined.
I thanked Ryza-san and immediately left the shop while leading Ruti by the hand to head to the union.

「Say Natsuki, are you really sure about that?」

For some reason, Ruti asks me in a worried tone. I don’t really think a change of uniform is that much of an issue.

「Well it’s just a different uniform, right?」
「What if it’s more questionable3 than what we’re wearing now?… Both of us are going to wear it, you know?」

Ah… Crap.4 I didn’t think of that possibility. Moreover, I even dragged Ruti into it…

「Sorry… I got so excited about taking the request, I absolutely didn’t think about that…」

「… It can’t be helped, that’s just how much you wanted to do it, right?
The uniforms there are definitely cute, so I’ll be positive and look forward to your new cute look.
Besides, if someone looks at you with obscene things in mind, I’ll just blast them off again.」

Proclamation of blasting received. Because of my thoughtless action, the discussion we had last night is now all in vain. Stupid me…

Because of my guilt from possibly dragging Ruti into wearing a questionable uniform and because I don’t want other people to see her wearing that, I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around hers as we walk. I might be actually possessive.

Mn, I wonder why, it’s really warm and comforting. Having my arm hugged is nice, doing the hugging is good too.5 I want to stay like this forever.
I can’t really call Ruti out on being too possessive now, do I?

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「Excuse me, we want to do the request the country made for slime extermination but is it still open?」

While I was still feeling comfy even after we arrived at the Union, Ruti asked the receptionist in my place.6

「Yes, you made it just barely on time. If you want to accept it, please present your Union card so we can process the request.」

I reluctantly let go of Ruti’s arm and took my card out from my pouch. Hm? Now I don’t even know if I want to take the request or not.7

「Next, we prepare our stuff.」
「Though, the only things we need to buy is food and other consumables.」

We went to the shopping district, not the open stall district, to shop for what we need.
Dried food, fresh food and… We own a magic item stove and lamp already, so we don’t need any fuel.
We probably don’t need anything else. We still have the set of tools we bought at Zanbul and water can be made by magic. Really, we don’t have much to buy.

Since we finished up shopping quickly, after having lunch, we decided to rest in our room in preparation for tomorrow while inspecting our tools. After this, I’ll cuddle with Ruti and chill.


  1. Lyly:You’re getting a bit yandere there Ruti
    Fire: What’s wrong with that. Yandere girlfriend/waifu
  2. Lyly: …… Tsundere?
  3. Lyly: Lewd
  4. Lyly: You’ve been saying this for two chapters straight now, lol.
  5. Lyly: Our girl’s bottom
  6. Lyly: Comf
  7. Lyly: Too much comf for the lizard brain

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