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Chapter 199 – The Girl who used to be a Dragon – 2

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

I finished the Golden Rose Queen Dragon steak and placed it in front of Rose, who was sitting upright on a chair.

“Hark on that… That appears incredibly delicious… and We fancy its smell, too.”
“Do you know, how to use a knife and fork?”
“Anon, We likely do,” she confirmed, as she used the cutlery adroitly to cut off a large morsel. “Our gratitude for the meal.”
“Please enjoy.”

Rose put the piece of meat into her mouth and chewed on it. With a clattering sound, she dropped the knife and fork onto the table. Moreover, it looked like her body was trembling for some reason.

So, does the meat not suit her taste, after all… since it is from her former body?

“Uh… So good… How can there be such deliciousness? We marvel much, that there might be such a thing in this world.”

Oh, she was trembling, due to how good it was, wasn’t she?

“Right, I’m glad that it makes you happy.”
“Nay… ’tis not enough to name this merely delicious… Why, just what is this? We acquired much knowledge from Mother Labyrinth, but to think there was food this good…”
“Well, Alim has the title ‘Anazumu’s Best Chef’.”
“W-What…!? Didst thou say, the premier chef in all of Anazumu?”
“Ah-ha-ha, well…”

Rose got up from her chair, rushed to my side and grabbed my hand.
What in the world?

“Prithee… cook meals for Us, even if only seldom…1
“Ah… Well, alright.”
“We are in thy debt,” she said with an expression of incredible delight.

Right after thanking me, she went back to her seat and started eating again.

“(She asked you for that, but… what will you do?)” Mika whispered in my ear. “(How often will you make food for her?)”
“(Well… Once per day for some time, I guess? And after a while, maybe once every three days or so.)”
“(Will Rose also eat together with us? What about the times when we feed each other… and our after-meal kiss?)”

Our after-meal kiss…? What in the… that’s the first time I’m hearing of this, you know.

Mika grabbed my shoulder and shook me.

“(Hm… Well, basically, I only have to provide her the food…)” I told her. “(Though I think eating together once in a while would be a good idea… Incidentally, what’s this about an ‘after-meal kiss’?)”
“(Exactly what it sounds like? I was thinking, from now on we should kiss each time after a meal.)”
“(Okay, but why?2 Wouldn’t you prefer it before we go to bed, when we lie next to each other, and then in the morning?)”
“(Oh… I see, in that case, let’s do it that way.)”

So, from now on we’ll kiss at least three times each day… Ah-ha-ha, I don’t mind that at all.

“We are finished eating! ‘Twas a marvelous meal!” Rose exclaimed in a lively voice.

She finished eating, while Mika and I were talking. She’s fast.

Mika and I turned to her.

“Oh, you’re a quick eater. Even though I thought it was quite a lot.”
“‘Twas so good… Eating a meal turns out to be supremely enjoyable, nay…?”

Rose had an enchanted look in her eyes.
She’ll probably turn into a glutton, before long.

Then, since Rose is done eating, we should next decide, how she’s going to live from now on.

“Rose, I’m sorry for doing this right after you finished eating, but I’d like to discuss something important, so could you sit on the sofa?”
“Hrm… We Understand,” she sat down obediently on the sofa, as I asked her to.
“About that important thing… It’s about how you plan to live from now on, Rose, but…”
“Why, ’tis about that? We already have a thought.”

What, she said ‘a thought’… Is, is it to become a freeloader? Even if that’s what she means, I can’t refuse, since I am responsible for turning her into a human due to my experiment.

Still, what Rose said next was different from what I had expected.

“To begin with, We are considering becoming an adventurer on the morrow.”
“Huh…? An adventurer?”
“What? Might there be something wrong with that?”

An adventurer, she says she’ll become an adventurer…? Why would she choose that?

“Ye ask why… To earn funds with a profession…? Moreover, We can do naught but fight, can We?”

Is Rose perhaps trying to become independent? Sure, if she wants to do that, acting as an adventurer is probably a good way to make a living.
Speaking of her, she still has the stats of an SS-Rank subspecies. Still… to think that she wants to stand on her own feet, right after being turned into a human.

“That’s definitely true, but you just became human, you know?”
“While true, there art many things We fancy seeing. We do not want to become an annoyance to thee, either. Once We finish Our preparations, We shall… Right on, We shall leave thy house on the morrow, as We take up the profession of adventurer.”
“You don’t want to be a bother…?

A bother… But even if she annoyed us a little, we couldn’t complain… Moreover, she’ll be able to prepare rather quickly, so she’ll be on her way pretty much immediately…

“Right on, seeing thou art adventurers, might thy rank be rather high, by chance? What rank dost thou occupy?”
“Both Alim and me… are SSS-Rankers, but…”

When Rose heard Mika’s reply, she nodded deeply.

“Anon, the strength required to utterly crush Us back then… it might have been that of SSS-Rank. Alas, art thou not busy?”
“W-Well, sort of…”
“Moreover…” Rose looked at Mika and me alternately, comparing us with her eyes. Once she had repeated that several times, she nodded lightly, as if she had gained some understanding. “The two of thee live in this house together as lovers, We assume? Even though thou art of the same sex.”
“Yeah, that’s true, you know?”
“In that case, would We not get in thy way?”
“Uh… Still… I half forced you to become human, so it’s my responsibility…”

When I said that, Rose’s expression turned into one that said “good grief”, and she gazed at us with a small smile.

“We are comfortable, having turned human. We are even grateful. Thou dost not need feel responsible. If ye insist… We might be glad, if thou render some assistance for Us to live as a human… and food, if only seldom.”

At Rose’s statement, Mika and I looked at each other’s faces.

TL notes:
And there goes our prospective new party member…

I really like Rose as a character. Even though she starts out as a seemingly ferocious monster and should have every reason to hate Alim and (to a lesser extent) Mika, she is simply curious about the world of men and looks forward to her new life with nothing but positivity.



  1. The classic “tame the ferocious beast with delicious food” trope.
  2. I guess someone’s sleeping on the couch this night.
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