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Chapter 198 – The Girl who used to be a Dragon – 1

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

For the time being, we walked through the corridor to return to Mika’s and my room.

“This residence… ’tis shockingly expansive, nay?”
“Well, it’s just Mika and me living here.”
“I marvel much, the mere two of thee?”

We arrived at our room and went inside.

“Excuse Us… Huh, might those be roses? And an awful many at that,” Rose shifted her attention to the 101 roses, I had given to Mika.
“Oh… those. Alim presented them to me on my birthday… Eh-heh-heh.”
“We heard that red roses have the meaning of affection, and humans gift them to the ones they love. However, one would not give this many to friend or family… Right on… but thou art of the same gender…”

Rose seemed to be doubtful and puzzled by our relationship. Looking at this situation, it made me understand just how flexible Karua was.

“Gender doesn’t matter for love, you see? Look here,” Mika kissed me on the cheek.

Huh? That’s somewhat unusual for Mika, who never kisses me in front of other people… What is it with her?

“We see… There are a great many things We know not, as We never went outside.”
“Right, right!” Mika told Rose and then hugged my arm.

“(Mika… you’re awfully close, aren’t you?)” I tried asking her, in a low voice, why she was sticking to me.
“(You don’t like it)?”
“(That’s not it, I was merely surprised).”
“(That’s right, you’re mine, Ayumu. Even if she was originally a dragon, I must crush that possibility, no matter how unlikely it is1. I’ve already confirmed, that Karua is fine in that regard, but…)”

Hm? I didn’t understand very well what she was saying after “That’s right”. What did she mutter? Though for some reason, Mika’s eyes look serious… it’s scary.

“(I wasn’t able to hear the latter part.)”
“(Oh, don’t worry about that. I only said that I love you, Alim.)”
“(Ah-ha-ha, is that so? Thank you.)”

I suddenly noticed that Rose was staring at us.

“I faith, thou hast a great rapport. Hark on that!”
“Well…” Mika mused.

“Incidentally… what will we do? To begin with, what should we do?” I tried asking Rose, what she wanted to do.
“Hrm… As We have become human… We might want to eat a sumptuous meal!”
“Sure, but let’s give you a change of clothes before that, alright?”
“Beshrew Us… A single sheet of cloth certainly might be problematic, might it not? We are glad, that thou art gentlewomen.”

While she was saying that, I created a limitless magic bag, stuffed with a large amount of clothes.

“There you go.”
“Huh? I marvel much, might that be a magic bag…?”
“In there are enough clothes for every season of the year, Rose… so please put on some, that are appropriate for fall, alright?”
“Oh… thou hast Our gratitude… Or rather, I thank thee!” Rose thanked me with a smile, and took out underwear and a thick, long-sleeved dress from inside the bag.

From how skillfully she handled them, you’d never think, that this was her first time putting on clothes.

“Isn’t this the first time you’re wearing clothes?”
“Uhm… it didst happen by itself…”
“Well, one of Humanization’s effects was, that you gain fundamental human knowledge, wasn’t it?”
“Right on.”

Rose spun around in place once, making the dress flutter. From a male point of view, it was probably quite charming.
Though since I’m currently a girl, I’m not sure.

“Doth it suit Us?”
“It absolutely does, Rose! Here’s a mirror.”
“Anon… oh… hark on that! Heh-heh-heh-heh.”

More than anything, she seemed quite happy about the clothes I had given her.

Now, it’s about time to make a meal for her, I guess.

“In that case, Rose. What would you like to eat?”
“Indeed. Since this might be the first time, We are eating a meal… fish… vegetables… no, meat. It has to be meat! Shame on Us for being so willful, but We want to eat the most delicious meat there is!”
“It’s all good, the most delicious meat ever, right? The most delicious… hm?”

The most delicious meat in my possession is… Hang on, I don’t think I should continue that thought, from an ethical standpoint.

“Say, Mika… Do you remember the most delicious meat we ever ate…?”

“Hm? Might there be a problem? With the delicious meat.”
“Well, it’s a bit… no, it’s quite…”
“Why, what kind of problem could there be… Dost thou only have a smidgen of it?”
“We have a ton of it, but… well…”
“Come now, nay need to put on airs!”

Right… If she says so herself, I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll tell her straight, that it’s her own flesh. What a bizarre and… scary phrase. Still, I’ll tell her.

“It’s your flesh, you see.”
“Hang on, Alim…”
“Eh… huh… whaaa-!?”

Rose quickly backed off. Due to that, her feet got tangled, and she ended up falling on her behind.

“Alim, that was a poor way of saying it.”
“You’re right.”

“N-No… What part of Us wilt thou eat? Our legs? Our belly? Our chest? Prithee, We do care not for pain~… do not eat Us…” Rose begged in a weird tone of voice. It seemed like she was also trembling a bit.
“Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean as you are now, Rose, I meant you as the Golden Rose Queen Dragon.”
“Dra… gon? Our dragon shape?”
“I’m sorry, Rose, you were scared by Alim’s insufficient explanation.”

Mika and I carefully approached her.

“No… ’tis fine. Why, We understand… Dragon meat… so, not as We are now?”

No, I think that’s still quite the problem, but… well, whatever.

“That’s right, dragon meat.”
“Hrm, We were told by Mother Labyrinth, that dragon meat would be supremely delicious. In that case, do so.”
“But is that alright? You’d be eating yourself…” Mika asked her.

However, she gave us a look of bafflement.

“Mother Labyrinth told Us, that there are magic beasts at sea, who eat their own arms.”
“Oh, octopi, right…? I see.”
“Right on, there should be nay problem!”
“Well… if you’re fine with it, Rose… I’ll cook a steak from Golden Rose Queen Dragon meat…”
“Yes! Prithee!”

I wonder if this is okay… seriously.

TL notes:
Well, I just hope that her new form is sufficiently different genetically from her former dragon shape. There’s a good reason that only very few animal species practice cannibalism and/or autophagy.



  1. Dang, it sure didn’t take long for her to turn into a green-eyed monster. But I guess it’s preferable to the story turning into the typical harem trope with constantly bickering girls.
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