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Chapter 190 – After the King’s Victory Proclamation

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

I… I was nervous…
Awfully nervous, much more so than during the hero proclamation. I wonder why?

As for Mika… after she said, what she had to say, she looked as if she had lost all energy.
I think she did a great job.

Each time I said anything, everyone reacted with an “Oh~~!”, and whenever I did something, they shouted “Holy maiden!”, it was seriously embarrassing. Even though none of them should’ve had any recollection of being revived by me.

Finally, right when I finished my speech, I obtained nine new titles.

“Demon God Vanquisher”, “Armageddon Breaker”, “Connector of Worlds”, Demon Killer”, “Transcender of Life and Death”, “True Hero”, “Billionaire”, “Victor of a Great War” and “Living Legend”.

Furthermore, “Crimson Holy Maiden1” was added as a second nickname to “Heavenly Sword Girl”.
Since I’d brought people back to life with reckless abandon, didn’t I?

At any rate, the victory proclamation was ended by the king. The next event would be tomorrow2, a parade in the royal capital.

For the rest of the afternoon… I made arrangements for tons of interviews with the newspaper… until some point one month from now. It looked like it was the same for Mika, too.
Come to think of it, there was a publisher who wanted to create a collection of pictures3 of Mika and me, if I remember correctly.

With all this, we’ll really be busy for several months.

Maybe the king had guessed that, since he said during the victory proclamation not to detain Mika and me for interviews or such until after 8 pm. That was a huge help.

Today, we would remain in the Mephilad Castle again. We’d stay there overnight in Karua’s room.

“Karua, we can play for the whole remaining day, today!” I told her. “Though from tomorrow on, I think we’ll be busy, so we won’t be able stay here often…”
“Sorry, Karua,” Mika apologized.
“No, it cannot be helped, can it? More importantly… about that special training you promised us…”
“Of course I remember it, you know! …Still, I’m sorry, it’ll likely be once we’re no longer so busy.”
“Hehe, it should be fine, if we do it when you have free time.”

After that, Mika, Karua and I started playing, and a short time later Lilo and Myuri also joined us.
It looked like Karuna was busy, so she didn’t have time to play. For the time being, we played with 5 people for about an hour, until it was time for dinner.

Neither Lilo nor Myuri acted any differently from how they did before I became the hero. That made me happy.
In fact, an hour after the victory proclamation had ended, I was, once again, mobbed by various people, but no one except for my acquaintances treated me like a child. Though to be honest, being treated like a child made me feel at ease.

When it was time for dinner, the five of us who’d been playing together were joined by the king and Tuhl, who both asked me to cook it, since they absolutely wanted Karuna to eat it.

The king told me, that if I still had some of the Golden Rose Queen Dragon’s meat, I should use it. When I told him “There’s some left4” in reply, he was delighted. For that reason, it would be Golden Rose Queen Dragon steak once more today.

“Well, I’ll go and cook it… Everyone, please look forward to it, alright?”
“Yes! I want Mother to eat your first-rate cooking at any price, Alim! I will be awaiting it with bated breath.”
“Hey, really. I don’t know anyone who’s more skilled at cooking than you, Alim.”
“Hehe, no matter how much you praise me, it’s merely legend grade, you know, Miss Lilo?”

We stopped playing temporarily and I started cooking, which I then finished in 10 minutes (of course utilizing the Zone and my accessories5).

Everyone had already gathered in the dining hall. Everyone meant mainly the royal family and the country’s important officials. Herrell and Elle were also among them.

Maids lined up the food on the table. After the king’s pre-meal speech, everyone simultaneously started on the steaks.

Their faces overflowed with happiness, the moment they filled their mouths with a piece of meat. I heard someone mutter, that they were glad to be alive for this. Further, there were some who looked as if they were in heaven.

And what about Karuna’s crucial reaction…?

“It… It is… incredibly delicious!! Did you make this, Lady Alim? This must be the most delicious thing I have ever eaten!”
“Ha-ha-ha, isn’t that right? Before Alim became the hero, she was already Mephilad’s… no, Anazumu’s best chef, you know,” the king told her in response.

Everyone present nodded in unity. Herrell and Elle ate, while tears streamed down their faces.
Was it that good?

And then, a message flowed into my head.

[You obtained the title “Anazumu’s Best Chef”.]

If the message said it… then am I really the best in Anazumu…? That makes me kinda happy, you know.

By the way, the dessert was Pudding à la Mode. This was also well received.

After eating dinner, we took a bath. Obviously, I went into the women’s bath. This time, I went in there together with Mika and Karua, as usual, plus Lilo and Myuri, and we were further joined by Karuna and Elle.

It felt like Elle was mostly there, since Lilo and Myuri had coerced her to join. They were apparently the same age.

…Hm? The chest sizes of those 7 people…? Do you to hear it?

Lilo > Karuna ≥ Elle ≫≫ Karua > Mika ≫ Me = Myuri.
That’s what I’d say, you know.

Well, for now, we left the bath, played for a while and then went to sleep, when we got tired. Same as before, I was in the middle with Mika and Karua to my left and right.
Karuna was sleeping next to the king… or so I heard.

Well, they are husband and wife. Thought from appearance, they look like there’s a 27-year age gap.

At any rate, tomorrow will be the national parade. Without doubt, we’ll be busy again, then.

…My arm is already getting numb.
Mika had apparently the habit of putting her weight onto my arm, when the three of us slept next to each other.

Author’s note:
Alim: “Huh… you want to know my concrete chest size as a reference for the list above…? N-No, I won’t tell you!”

TL notes:
It’s interesting to see that common perception seems to have an influence on titles from the system itself. Also, that he got that flood of titles only now makes it appear like there’s a sentient being behind the system, at least for the titles.

If anyone wants a concrete metric for that list about the ladies, this is a picture of Alim & Seinforce from volume 1 of the light novel:



  1. The original is 紅の神聖少女 (“Sacredness/Holiness Girl/Maiden of Crimson”).
  2. It says “a week later” in the original, but looking and context and the following chapters, it seems to be on the next day.
  3. It says 写実集 (“collection of realistic depictions”) in the original.
  4. Thank Jizou he didn’t offer to use Asmodens and Astarohd instead.
  5. It just says “items” in the original. I assume he means those stat-raising accessories.
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