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Side Story 3 – Character Showcase from Chapter 1-181

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

Author’s note:
This list was created, mainly to get a better grasp on the characters.

●Alim Nariwei (Joujou Ayumu)
-The main character of this story.
-While going to school, a flowerpot falling from a mansion hits his head, killing him.
-Right after that, he is sent to Anazumu by the power of “Lord Jizou”.
-Largely prefers to play RPGs on his home console, and exhibits unusual mental strength, when it comes to repeatedly going through the same places and defeating monsters. His playstyle is of the “level up and beat them with overwhelming power” type.
-Consequently, he has the patience for a steady playstyle, but isn’t very skilled. Incidentally, he doesn’t play any online games. Due to that, he doesn’t have a good grasp on his skills.
-Further, he is stingy about money. Since being sent to Anazumu, he only spares no expense when it is for Mika’s sake.
-Used to be a 16-year-old1 second year high-schooler. Since coming to Anazumu, he is 12 years old.
-Is primarily male, but with the power of a skill, he habitually turns into a beautiful girl with short red hair and yellow eyes, who turns everyone’s heads.2 
-When he transforms into a girl, he is being pampered by the people around him, and even bathing together with Mika and others is no problem, which makes it quite favorable from his perspective, so he generally stays as a girl.
-Even if he turns into a girl, his mind is still that of a boy. That also becomes apparent in this story.3 
-His nickname is “Heavenly Sword Girl”.
-His main skills are “Item Master” and “Dark Matter Creation”.

●Mika Magarigi (Magarigi Mika)
-Ayumu’s childhood friend.
-The heroine of this story.
-After Ayumu’s death, she shuts herself into her room for some time, blaming herself in regret, but due to the strong persuasion of Shuu and others, she resolves herself to move on for Ayumu’s sake and is on her way to school, when she is run over by a truck, resulting in her death.
-Right after that, she is sent to Anazumu, reunites with Ayumu thanks to Lahand, and confesses her own feelings during that reunion.
-Ayumu and Mika are currently in love with each other. There appear to be no indications of them ever breaking up.
-Without noticing it herself or expressing it, she is madly in love with Ayumu. Or rather, after Ayumu’s death, her love for him grew even more extreme.
-Used to be a 16-year-old second year high-schooler. Since coming to Anazumu, she is 12 years old.
-A beautiful girl with long green hair and light blue eyes.
-Her main skill is “Howling Bow God of Sun and Moon”.

●Hino Shuu4 
-Ayumu’s best friend.
-Has known both Ayumu and Mika for a long time.
-Fully supports Ayumu and Mika’s romance, but to be honest, he was interested in her too… though he isn’t anymore.
-Is more muscular than Ayumu, but otherwise looks normal for his age. He has a preference for romance novels.
-His sense of morals is abnormally strong, other people’s lives and relationships with them are important to him, and if he sees someone being injured, he feels the pain more strongly, than if he was hurt himself.
-Has the personality of a main character in a sports- or battle-manga.

●Joujou Kanata
-Ayumu’s younger brother. He’s in the second year of middle school.
-Has currently a bad case of 8th grader’s syndrome but is fundamentally a hard worker.
-When it comes to video games, he is different from his older brother, in that he isn’t the type to single-mindedly level up, but rather one to carefully investigate.
-Has also discovered quite a few secret tricks and strategies for RPGs on home consoles.
-Cares deeply for his childhood friend, Sakura. Both in the sense that he is concerned for her, but also that he is romantically interested in her.

●Magarigi Sakura
-Mika’s younger sister. She’s in the second year of middle school.
-Due to an accident when she was very young, her eyesight is bad, and she is strongly impaired in her daily life without her glasses.
-Usually wears her long hair in pigtails.
-Is quite the tsundere who often harshly criticizes Kanata.
-In truth, while she is deeply grateful to Kanata for often taking care of her, even though he’s only her childhood friend, she frequently has trouble sleeping since she worries about whether she is causing him trouble.

●Ruin Mephilad
-Second prince of the Mephilad Kingdom.
-The leader of the C-Rank party Seinforce.
-A good-looking man with blond hair, who discovers Alim in the forest.

●Karua Mephilad
-Princess of the Mephilad Kingdom.
-Alim is the first friend she ever made, while Mika is the second.
-After Mephistophales abducted her, she is rescued by Alim.

●Tuhl Mephilad5 
-First prince of the Mephilad Kingdom.
-Holds the skill peculiar of the Mephilad family, which allows him to inspect the status screen of others.
-Incidentally, neither Ruin nor Karua possess that skill.
-Furthermore, as the one able to inspect status screens, he cannot inherit the throne.6 

●The King (Kelm Mephilad)
-Ruler of the Mephilad Kingdom, originally an SSS-Rank adventurer and party member of the Four Holy Musketeers.
-Was recognized for his strength and married into the royal family, but his wife, queen Karuna Mephilad, died two years after giving birth to Karua.
-However, this had been due to Mephistophales’ plot.
-Mainly uses summoning magic.

●Orgo Kings
-The son of the Mephilad Kingdom’s knight commander and part of Seinforce.
-A childhood friend of Ruin and the other members.
-Quite brawny and also fairly tall.

●Lilo Gallion
-The daughter of the Mephilad Kingdom’s minister and part of Seinforce.
-A childhood friend of Ruin and the other members.
-Has feelings for Ruin.

●Myuri Horan
-The daughter of the Mephilad Kingdom’s archbishop and part of Seinforce.
-A childhood friend of Ruin and the other members and has romantic feelings for Orgo.
-Orgo makes it look, as if he is unaware of this, but he actually is.

●Oraful Gallion
-Minister and counselor of the Mephilad Kingdom. He was originally an SS-Rank adventurer and party member of the Four Holy Musketeers.
-He’s been friends with the king and the other members since before they were ten years old.
-Lilo’s father.
-His specialty is “Gravity” magic, and he’s the only one in the country, who can use it.

●Gordes Kings
-Knight commander of the Mephilad Kingdom. He was originally an SS-Rank adventurer and party member of the Four Holy Musketeers.
-He’s been friends with the king and the other members since before they were ten years old.
-Orgo’s father.
-Mainly uses sword skills.
-Is in the possession of three 4-star sword-skills.

●Chris Horan
-Archbishop of the Mephilad Kingdom. He was originally an SS-Rank adventurer and party member of the Four Holy Musketeers.
-He’s been friends with the king and the other members since before they were ten years old.
-Myuri’s father.
-Mainly uses restoration and support magic.
-Even if Chris stacks up support magic, there is little risk.

●Uruto Lastman
-Proprietor of the “Hikari” inn.
-However, his true identity is the SSS-Ranker Lastman, who completely abolished slavery and freed the slaves three years ago.
-When he acts as Lastman, he turns into a shape that looks like a super-hero.7 
-His nickname is “Immortal Hero”.
-His main skill is “Beast Master”.

●Gilmars Hercules
-SSS-Ranker and leader of the Peace of Hercules, the best adventurer team in the Mephilad Kingdom. Both his subordinates and others place a deep trust in him.
-Is an arms collector.
-His nickname is “God of Military Arts”.
-His main skill is “Battle Master”.

●Parasuna Nervan
-Usually covers her head with a hooded robe.
-In truth, she is a demi human of the rabbit tribe. For some reason, she doesn’t want to show her ears to anyone but Uruto.
-Uruto and Parasuna are actually dating and are planning to get married.
-Her nickname is “Grand Sorceress of All Creation”.
-Her main skill is “Magic Master”.

●Gabaina Dragnia
-Along with Lastman, he is part of the “Slavery Abolishment Group8” which got rid of slavery.
-While it doesn’t fit his outwards appearance, he is still in his twenties.
-His ancestors were knights, and he became an adventurer, due to his older brother carrying on the lineage.

●Lahand Ash
-Formerly a B-Rank adventurer, he becomes A-Rank, due to his performance at the tournament.
-Leader of the A-Rank party “Fist Iron”.
-Along with Lastman, he is part of the “Slavery Abolishment Group” which got rid of slavery.
-On top of being a skinhead, he also has a tattoo on the right side of his face from below his eye up to his forehead, which makes the people around him think that he’s dangerous, even though he isn’t.
-Incidentally, he’s still in his twenties.
-Gabaina’s9 childhood friend.

-A former slave who was rescued by Lahand during the slave liberation.
-Margo’s twin brother.
-Incidentally, they both aren’t of the human race.
-Became an adventurer and joined Fist Iron after reaching the suitable age.
-Idolizes Lahand, as if he were his father.
-Says that he has a girlfriend in the story, but that is a lie.

-A former slave who was rescued by Lahand during the slave liberation.
-Gogg’s twin sister.
-Became an adventurer and joined Fist Iron after reaching the suitable age.
-Dreams of marrying Lahand in the future.

●Bacchus Du Sauce
-Along with Lastman, he is part of the “Slavery Abolishment Group” which got rid of slavery.
-An adventurer, but at the same time he’s also the proprietor of a top-class brewery, the Anazumu Liquor brand.
-Also an alcohol enthusiast.
-Has known Uruto since they were very young.
-His main skills are “Matchless Liquor”, “Secret Alcohol-Enthusiast Body Strike Technique” and “Touch of Gold”.
-His secret alcohol-enthusiast technique is also called drunken boxing.10 

-Is part of the Medial Merchant Association’s upper echelon.
-A bit plump.
-Quite a shrewd person.

-Is part of the Medial Merchant Association’s upper echelon.
-Always wears excentric fashion.
-Quite a shrewd person.

-Chairwoman of the Medial Merchant Association and an elf (magic race11).
-Has the appearance of a woman in her twenties, but due to a synergy between elves being a long-lived race and her skills, she is actually 6 times older than what she looks like.

-Receptionist at the guild where Alim and Mika registered as adventurers.

●Knick & Honnard
-They are highly skilled arms dealers and blacksmiths.

●Jisef Pipi
-Mayor of Pipi village.
-For generations, people from the Pipi family have inherited the position as the mayor of Pipi village.

●Gerbera Pipi
-Wife of the mayor of Pipi Village.
-Is 16 years younger than Jisef.
-Her daughter left for the royal capital, and she also has a grandchild.

●Kyme Speech
-Acts as the presenter during the fighting tournament and various other events in the Mephilad Kingdom. He is a renowned moderator.
-After the previously mentioned fighting tournament ends, he founds the so-called “Association of Alim Adorers”.
-Furthermore, all the adventurers who fight against Alim in the tournament, except for Gabaina, join the association.
-Incidentally, his art skills are maxed out and he sometimes secretly takes photos of Alim and plagiarizes pictures of her.12 

●Hans Faust13 
-Commits sexual harassment and foul play at the tournament, and is consequently hated by all adventurers.
-Made a contract with Mephistophales, which let him obtain power equivalent to a normal S-Ranker, but said contract’s terms are violated, when he fails to abduct Alim and Karua, so he is killed by Mephistophales.
-Furthermore, his reason for becoming an adventurer was that he was forced to quit his job as a slave merchant due to the activities of the “Slavery Abolishment Group”.
-There are absolutely no plans to revive him.

●Mephistophales (Aichou Mitsuo)
-An earthling who was sent from Earth to Anazumu by the whims of a god (in his own words).
-On Earth, he worked as a clown and leader of the Love Long Circus Troupe14. In truth, he loved video games a lot.
-Due to his wish to return to Earth, he relied on a demon who could predict the future, became a subordinate of the demon god and even turned himself into a demon. His personality changed because of his transformation into a demon, he became cruel and would no longer hesitate to kill people after plunging them into despair.
-Currently, he is in the jail below Mephilad castle.
-His main skills are “Forced Contract” and “Smoke Magic”.

●Lucifeyr (Herrell Bensahar)
-The hero who possessed the “Brave” title, when the demon god was resurrected 300 years ago.
-However, after he sealed the demon god Samaeyl, he made a contract with Mephistophales and turned into a demon, on the condition that his fiancée, Elle Mephilad, would be brought back to life.
-Violates the contract’s terms and dies as a result, but is revived alongside Elle by Alim’s Amritas.

TL notes:
I was expecting mostly a retread of what we know already, but there were some interesting new things in there. Also, the detailed characterization of Shuu, Kanata and Sakura makes it seem very likely, that they will appear in the story again.



  1. It sometimes says “17 years” in the story. Not sure which is correct in the end.
  2. The original words it as, “if there are 100 people, 100 of them will turn their head”.
  3. So, this is pretty much Word of God for “No, his personality doesn’t change a bit, whether he’s a boy or a girl”.
  4. In the original, his last name is 火野 (Hino). Thanks to the magic of checking future chapter and the fact that this name has no other readings, I’m pretty sure that this is correct.
  5. In the original, the name is sometimes written as テュール (“tuuru”) and more often as ティール (“tiiru”), so “Tiel” would likely be more correct, but at this point I really don’t want to change the name.
  6. Maybe that’s to prevent abuse of power. Having a king who can expose anyone’s secrets just by looking at them sounds like a recipe for oppression.
    Though it does contradict what the kings says in chapter 144.
  7. This made me realize that he probably doesn’t use a costume and instead just uses “Beast Master” to transform into the appearance.
  8. It says “Slave Liberation Group” in the original, but I decided to stick to the one from chapter 157 for consistency’s sake.
  9. It says “Lahand” here in the original. I guess it’s supposed to be Gabaina, since they’re pretty close in the story.
  10. The original is 酔拳 and it’s a real fighting style that imitates the movements of a drunk person.
  11. The original is 魔族 (“magic/evil race”), which is the typical word for humanoid, not necessarily evil, demons in fiction. The word is almost never used in this series (I think it’s less than 10 times in more than 1000 chapters), so I used this translation.
  12. Not 100% sure about the last part here. This is mainly a guess based on what happens in chapter 149.
  13. The original is ファウスト・ハンス (“fausuto hansu”). Since he is clearly based on Johann Faust, I moved the “Hans” to the front.
  14. The original is ラブロングサーカス団 (“rabu rongu sakaasu group”).
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