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Chapter 182 – Revival of the Deceased

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

Currently, I was inside the castle grounds together with Mika, at the place where Karua’s mother… Karuna was enshrined. The king, minister, knight commander, archbishop, Ruin, Tuhl and Karua… were also there.

A corpse without a single wound lay in a coffin in front of us. It was the body of Karuna, which had been stolen by Mephistophales, and had now been returned to its original place.

As for the reason, why I was there…

“Your Majesty, is it alright, if I bring her back to life?” I asked.
“Of course. Please do.”

I showered Karuna with mist from the vaporizer, which had been filled with Amrita. This vaporizer had been used, from yesterday until noon today, to revive people, who had died due to Armageddon.

Then, the magic power here instantly increased by that of an additional person. The king also noticed and closed in on the coffin with staggering steps, like he were about tumble to the ground. He looked as if he didn’t have the power to use his body properly.

Then, when the king grasped Karuna’s, wait, should I call her the queen? The instant he grasped her hand, she opened her eyes, which had been closed for more than 10 years.

“Uh… huh? Where am I…?”
“Oh… oh… oh~,” the king shed big tears, while he grasped her hand with both of his.

Karuna gazed at this strange-appearing scene.

“M-mother!” Karua rushed to her mother’s side.

Ruin and Tuhl followed behind her.

“Er… huh…? I should clearly be dead… but…?”

Karuna surveyed her surroundings restlessly. For some reason, rather than asking about the situation, it felt like she was looking at something.

Oh, I see. She can probably… look at other’s status screens, can’t she?1

“You have been resurrected, Mother,” Tuhl explained.
“Erm… you are Tuhl… and Ruin, are you?” she called both of them by their names, right after looking at Tuhl face.
“Yes! You’re right, Mother!”
“I’m Ruin, Mother!”

Tuhl and Ruin replied with happy expressions on their faces. Tears welled up in their eyes and they both moved closer to Karuna.

Following that, she faced the king.

“Then… this gentle feeling, you are Kelm, are you not?”
“Oh, yes, I am, Karuna! I’m Kelm!”

Finally, she turned to look at Karua.
Don’t tell me she doesn’t know her? That would be way too sad for Karua…

“Then, you are Karua…”
“Ah, wah~… wah~~ Mother… Mother~…!!” Karua started crying.

Now, all the loneliness, from having no mother since she was very young, seemed to overflow. She smiled while she cried, her face moist and disheveled with tears. Karuna gently stroked Karua’s head with the hand, that the king wasn’t holding.

Still… as they are, they look like sisters, you know. They feel like a middle schooler and a high schooler. Part of it is that, until just now, her growth has been stopped, but rejuvenation skills are magnificent, after all, aren’t they?2

“My queen, let me explain to you… what happened during this time,” the minister said.
“Huh… You are Sir Oraful, are you not? My apologies, please do.”

The minister now explained to Karuna, what had happened until her resurrection and told her of the sequence of events that lead to her coming back to life. While he was talking, my name often came up. On those occasions, she shot me glances.

“…and, for that reason, you were brought back to life, my queen, due to the effects of the potion created by the hero standing there… Alim Nariwei.”
“The girl with red hair, right? …But Ali-… Lady Alim, it seems that you do not possess the “Brave” title, so…?”
“Karuna, I’ll explain that to you little by little,” the king interjected.
“I understand. Then for now…”

Karuna was about to get out of the coffin, in which she had been lying, and stand up. Tuhl tried to support her, but she was able to get up without issue.
Well, this is also thanks to the Amrita, isn’t it?

Then, Karuna stood in front of me.
The more I look at her, the prettier she is.

“Lady Alim…”
“Now… For expelling the demon god from me and bringing me back to life with that power, I am deeply… deeply grateful to you.”

Karuna bowed very deeply to me.

“No, about that… I just did what I could.”
“Indeed… you can resurrect people, which makes you similar to a god.”

At that, everyone in this place, including Mika, nodded. I had heard that phase several times, yesterday and today. Moreover, I felt like I heard Karuna murmur “Her status screen, too…”, in a subdued voice.3 

“Now, it’s already a bit into the early evening today… Since we have so much to talk about, let us return to the castle,” the king proposed, while wiping off his tears. “Alim and Mika… I am sorry, I will reward you in full on another day, also…”

It seems somewhat hard for him to talk about, so let’s offer him a way out. He probably wants to spend some time with just his family. I also want to take it very~ slow, when I make out with Mika, you know, so I’ll abide by his wishes.

“Won’t you send us home for today?” I asked. “We’d like to leisurely take off the exhaustion of this war, your Majesty.”
“Ah, yes, do that.”

Consequently, we dispersed and each of us went home… was something that didn’t happen. The reason was the knight commander, who stood still.

“One moment, everyone, could you wait?”
“What is the matter, Gordes?”
“Well, I was just contacted by Gilmars, my King… also Mika and Alim. He asked us, if we all could come to the castle gates. It looks like there are some people he wants us to meet, though I don’t know why.”

Gilmars wants us to meet someone…? Who could that be?

“…It can’t be helped. Understood. Then, Alim and Mika… and also Oraful, Gordes and Chris.4 Everyone, to the caste gates. As for the others, can you go back and wait for us?”
“Ah, please let me come along, too, Father,” Tuhl requested.
“Right, could you look at the status screens of these people, Tuhl?”
“Of course, Father.”
“I see, then join us too.”

Therefore, the seven of us proceeded to the castle’s front, while the rest went back.

TL notes:
Not really a surprise, that they’d revive the queen. Though I don’t really get why they moved her back to the mausoleum first, I can’t imagine it being it being pleasant to came back to life in such a place (and in a coffin on top of that).



  1. So, either there’s one holder of the skill per generation or Thul got it after she died, and the skill was never removed from her corpse (why go through the trouble when there’s no normal way she can be resurrected).
  2. Again, her oldest kid was 8 years old when she died, so she at least must be in her twenties. Makes you wonder what kind of crazy rejuvenation skills she had access to…
  3. He literally has a title called “Godlike Being” (though Mika has that one, too). Also, why do neither Tuhl nor Karuna ever comment on his “Gender Conversion” skill?
  4. For whatever reason, the king calls them by their titles instead of their names in the original. It seemed super OOC for him, so I changed it.
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