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Chapter 146 – The Effects of the Hero’s Sword

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

“Ow, ow, ow… W-what the hell, Alim?” Orgo protested, while he rubbed his behind.
“I said I wouldn’t punch you~, I didn’t say anything about not making you fall flat on your butt.”

Everyone laughed loudly.
Miss Myuri, you’re laughing a bit too much.

Well, it’s good that this relaxed the atmosphere a bit, though that wasn’t my aim specifically.

“Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha… By the way, Alim,” Ruin retorted. “For the time being, just for confirmation… You can draw the Hero’s Sword, right?”
“Yes, well. Do you want to see it?”
“Yes, by all means, please show it to us,” he nodded in response to my question.

I took out the Great Hero’s Blade in front of everyone present and started to pull the blade from its sheath. While I was certainly able to draw it, for some reason its reaction was completely different from what I read in the books.

Originally, when the sword was drawn with the intention to “show it without using it to fight”, the blade would apparently be filled with a pleasantly feeling white radiance.

However, the Great Hero’s Blade didn’t shine.

Though I made various improvements, it shouldn’t have changed the fundamental nature of the original Hero’s Sword, should it? Did I make a mistake?

Maybe because they knew how the original Hero’s Sword would react, both Karua and Ruin showed surprise.

However, only Tuhl seemed to know more, since he merely gave a broad grin.

“You… you really are the hero, Alim…”

Those two probably didn’t know anything, as they gazed in wonder at the sword being drawn.

“What… what does that mean?”

Among those who acted like they knew the reaction of the original sword, Ruin was the first to raise his voice.

“Hm? Ruin, is something wrong?” Orgo asked him.
“O-Orgo, the truth is, the Hero’s Sword…” Ruin replied haltingly. “When you pull it out in front of others, you see, the blade is supposed to shine.”
“…Hm? Why did no one ever tell me it has that kind of ability?”
“T-they didn’t tell us either, you know. Right, Myuri?”
“Eh, yes.”

All three raised such questions.

“It’s only natural the three of you didn’t know, you see,” Tuhl told them. “In this country, the fact that the blade of the Hero’s Sword is supposed to shine, is specified nowhere but in the most important books that may never leave the castle. None but us, members of the Mephilad family… ‘The Royal Family looking for the Hero’, know about it1.”

According to what Tuhl said, the literature I used when I created the Hero’s Sword, was treated as quite important.

I see, so the fact the sword’s blade should shine was mentioned in only those books…

For a short time, I went into the Zone-state2, to make a quick search with the Tozumaho concerning the radiance of the Hero’s Sword.

However, what it found was, of course, nothing but the book I had read when I created the sword.

…That’s right, I forgot.

I had yet to appraise the Hero’s Sword and the Great Hero’s Blade even once3. I simply created it with Item Master… and that was the end.

When Mephistophales made me create that sword-like thing, I simply made it and didn’t gain any information about my creation afterwards.

I need to pay more attention, don’t I?

Because of that, still in the zone-state, I tried to appraise the Great Hero’s Blade I’d made.

“Great Hero’s Blade”
Status → Best
Quality → Highest
Value → Legend
Material → Mythril, Orichalcum, Enchanted
Type → Sealing Sword

-Attack Power +1170 (390×3)
-Extraordinary boost to performance when used as a sword (sharpness, durability, 3 times attack power multiplier)
-Magic that is supplied to this sword by anyone except the owner will be rejected
-Against demons and the demon god, damage is multiplied by 10 times.
-A weakened demon god can be sealed by this sword.
-Wounds inflicted by this sword can be instantaneously healed at the owner’s discretion
-This sword rejects anyone except one specific person; none but the holder of the “Brave4” title can draw it from its sheath.
-On the occasion the holder of the “Brave” title draws this sword from its sheath, it will destroy evil and emit a radiance captivating everybody.
-Feels moderately light
-Constantly maintains the best condition

Brave? What’s that?
Of course I don’t have a title like that.

The result of trying to find the details about this title was that it apparently had the effect of applying a correction to both stats and experience points.

Further, it seemed to be hereditary and apparently no more than 3 people in Anazumu could hold the title at the same time5.

…In other words, this title specifically seems to be the proof of being the hero.
In and of itself, I’m not some brave hero6.

Moreover, this time, the king and the others would have to find a human in possession of “Brave”, though there might not even be one in this country, within two days.
Checking every human in this country individually was a total no-go, and besides, that human, if they even found them, might not have any fighting experience.

…This is impossible, isn’t it?
Oh, is that our opponents’ tactic?

This sounds like something Mephistophales might think of. He acted like he was a resourceful leader…

So that’s why the king chose me as the (temporary) hero.

Maybe… the king knew what was written about the effects of the Hero’s Sword, and therefore he also had knowledge of an “exception”, other than the hero, who could draw the sword from its sheath.
The human who created it can draw the Hero’s Sword.

He made me create the Hero’s Sword, so I satisfied the conditions to draw it, and when the citizens see me draw the sword up there, it’ll make them recognize me as the hero.

The king thought so, too…
Or rather, it was the only way, wasn’t it?

Well, it feels like I’ve been taken advantage of by both my enemies and allies, but that can’t be changed, right?
Item Master is simply too convenient.

TL notes:
This definitely answers some questions, though it probably raises even more. It’s interesting that the sword specifies demons and the demon god. Since the previous hero wasn’t the first, are the demons an issue that crops up periodically?

Also, my thoughts about Gilmars in chapter 145 turned out wrong, unless Battle Master allows him to circumvent the required “Brave” title. Alim really might be the only one who can play the hero (and random citizen #472958, if they ever find them).



  1. And a teenager who managed to coerce the king into letting him scan every single book in the castle.
  2. That state when time is slowed down. The same Mika used in chapter 133.
  3. I guess finishing it in 30 seconds was more important than actually checking if he crafted the right sword…
  4. The original is ブレイブ (bureibu), the English word “brave” in katakana. This is significant, since the word for hero used so far is 勇者 (lit. brave/strong person).
  5. So, what happens if there’s only one person with “Brave” left and they die without having any kids?
  6. In the original, 勇者 is used here. But I’m pretty sure he means to say that he’s not very brave (reckless, but not brave), since, as mentioned before, 勇者 can be read as either “hero” or “brave person”.
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