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Chapter 145 – Becoming the Hero

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

Mika wasn’t in the sickbay. She’d probably woken up soon after I’d left.
For now, I’ll return to Karua’s room, in case that’s where both she and Karua are.

As predicted, Mika had gone back there.

Immediately when I entered the room, Karua asked me a question.

“Did you talk with my father, Alim…? Oh, if you can’t mention the specifics of your conversation…”

It wasn’t like I couldn’t talk about it in particular. However, it might cause Mika unintentional worry…
Since I already accepted, didn’t I?

Let’s tell it to them frankly.

“We talked about me becoming the hero, you see?”

They looked at me with surprise.

Finally, they both showered me with questions at the same time, pressing me for answers.

“Why… would you become the hero, Alim?” Mika asked.
“T-that’s right,” Karua added. “Moreover, the one who becomes the hero will have to fight the demon god…”

I see, are they both worried about me…? But I’m the only one who can be the hero, right?1
No choice but to give them a detailed explanation, is there?

“Yup. It’s because apparently no one but me can do it.”
“What does that mean…?” Mika questioned.
“This time, the Hero’s Sword… no, the Great Hero’s Blade will be needed to vanquish the demon god. To make matters short, since I’m the one who created it, I’ve also drawn the sword. Then, even if I’m not deemed the hero by the gods, the citizens should still recognize me as it, right? It’s because there’s not enough time to look for someone else to draw the sword.”
“Is that so…?” Karua wondered.

After hearing that explanation, she showed an awfully sad expression. But only for a moment. Then, her face immediately brightened, as if she had thought of something.

“…Come to think of it, Alim, you are much stronger than the previous hero, are you not? Why should there be any need for concern?”

Certainly, thanks to my strength, they don’t need to worry about that.

Mika also seemed to agree with that.

Still, whether I’d win or not, I have my own concerns, you know.

“That’s true, isn’t it? But Karua… The demons will probably use the remains of your mother as a vessel for reviving Samaeyl… Are you fine with that? I will end up damaging your mother’s body, you know?”

The concerns I raised towards Karua were entirely the same I had shown the king, too.

“That will not be a problem!” she replied. “If my father gave his permission, I shall abide by that. Besides, do you not have fighting techniques that avoid damaging the body, Alim?2 I need not worry about anything, you see.”

Are her thoughts exactly the same as the king’s? As I thought, her personality resembles that of her father, doesn’t it?
I absolutely think so, you know.

Well, what she said didn’t completely dispel my other concern.

“Mika… I did this, even though I promised you not to do anything reckless, I’m sorry. Again… I…”
“Hah…” Mika breathed out a big sigh and looked at me with moist eyes.

Is she angry? No, this isn’t the face she makes when she gets mad.

“Well, Alim. What I told you was not do anything reckless on your own. Since we’ll be doing something reckless together, this time, I don’t have to worry… Still, make sure to stay absolutely safe, alright?”

Ah, is it like that?

Mika will be meditating the whole day tomorrow, so she can do the attacking and healing, and she’ll use a huge amount of MP on the appointed day.

It’s not that she’ll fight Samaeyl directly, but she will also have to act recklessly.
Together with me, right?

“Yeah, Mika. You make sure, you stay completely safe, too… ok?”
“Of course.”

She nodded in response to this promise with me. That moment, there was a knock on the door.

“Hey~, Karua! Are Alim and Mika not with you?”

It was Ruin’s voice.

While Karua replied with a “Dear brother Ruin, please wait for a moment”, she opened the door, and then not only him, but also Orgo, Myuri, Lilo and Tuhl showed up with gloomy expressions.

“…I heard about it from Father,” Tuhl said. “He told us that… Alim is to become the hero?”

So, the king already told Mr. Ruin and the others, did he?

I nodded.

“If it’s all proper…” Orgo started talking, little by little.

I get the feeling, there’s a hint of frustration in his voice.

“Alim and Mika… He said that you’ll even participate in the war, but that can’t be right.”

He took half and step in our direction, bent down until he was at about my height and presented his cheek.

“This… is the first time I curse my own lack of power to this extent. My strength… will not be enough to support you, Alim. I can’t even defeat several enemies… Please, Alim, punch me.”

Erm, is this guy a ma̲sochist?
Or, does he get off from being punched by a 12 year old girl…?3

Wait, is it something else? I thought these things only happened in mangas.
Does he really feel like this because of his pride as a knight…? Mr. Gabaina and others seemed to think the same way.

Still, I won’t punch him, you know.

“Mr. Orgo, please stand up. I will not punch you. In the first place, if you and the others hadn’t found me, I would have died a miserable death.”
“Is… is that so…? Really?”

While repeatedly saying, “Is that so?”, he started to stand up.

I swiftly went around to Orgo’s back, who’d stood up halfway, and, aiming at the back of his knee, hit him with a chop that was just the right strength, so it wouldn’t injure him.

“Gaah!?” he yelled and tumbled onto his behind.

Heh-heh! Since simply punching someone, who expects it and is clenching his teeth in preparation, is boring, isn’t it?



  1. I doubt that. At least Gilmars could probably handle the Hero’s Sword with his Battle Master.
  2. I like how both Karua and the king pretty much accepted Alim’s craziness and went from “That’s impossible” to “Eh, she can probably do that”.
  3. That’d still make him a ma̲sochist, just a creepy pedophile ma̲sochist…
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