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Chapter 118 – Busy Everyday Life – 1

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

It was the day after our date. I got up a minute earlier than Alim and was now making breakfast. Since he had brought out some natto1 for me, yesterday, I was able to make miso soup and pickled vegetables, garnished with natto rice.

My future husband… Alim, woke up. He was currently a girl.

Oh, right, I don’t know why, but properly using “Ayumu” and “Alim” doesn’t give me much trouble, you know.2

“Yep, the natto rice is just as good as I thought…”
“It sure is~…”

We were spending our time like that without a care, until it was around an hour after we ate. I heard on knock on the door to our room. Alim was about to answer it, but I did first since I was closer to it. On the other side stood a beautiful silver-haired woman.

“H-huh? You’re not… Alim! Is she here?” she asked.
“Yes, she is.”

I called out to Alim. It looked like he knew that woman. He invited her in and then served tea.

“Say, Alim! I haven’t seen you in two weeks! She’s that rumored party member of yours, everyone’s currently talking about, isn’t she?”
“Yes, she is… There are rumors about us?
“Well, you know, the royal capital is already riddled with rumors about you, Alim! According to what they say, she’s a girl, who’s just as cute as you.”

Well, I saw how the people in the restaurant reacted yesterday, but I guess he really is a celebrity in the royal capital, after all, isn’t he?

I should introduce myself.

“A pleasure to meet you, Ma’am, my name is Mika.”
“I see, so you’re Mika. I understand. I’m Parasuna. Everyone calls me the ‘Grand Sorceress of All Creation’. Nice to meet you.”
“P-please take care of me…”

Huh… isn’t she an SSS-Ranker…? She was also mentioned in the books on the Tozumaho… What does such an incredible person want with Alim?

“Incidentally, what’s the occasion, Miss Parasuna?” Alim asked, while she was single-mindedly rubbing3 his cheeks.

He’s playing the cute-and-innocent girl again. He probably won’t fix this behavior. Fine, whatever…

“Right, my staff, you know. Didn’t you tell me before, that you’d make one for me?
“Yes, I did say that. I already made several weapons for Mr. Gilmars.”
“Right? I heard that he said, “Such good weapons would be wasted, if I don’t make use of them”, and that he uses them quite a lot, you know? Though at first, he just wanted to display them as ornaments.”

Huh, Gilmars, the “God of Military Arts”? Isn’t he another SSS-Ranker? Alim… is incredible.

It looked like the others continued their business negotiation, without paying me any mind.

“So, since I got my hands on some good materials, I’d like you to craft a staff from them. Is that possible?”
“That’s fine!”
“Right, you’re so reliable, aren’t you? Please give it to Uruto, once it’s complete, alright? I’m a little busy today, so I can’t stay here for more than an hour.”

Huh, Mr. Uruto? Why does she act, like it’s only natural that he’d give it to him?

Taking little notice of my thoughts, the two of them continued their conversation.

“If you give me 10 minutes, I should be able to make a legend grade one!”
“Eh… seriously? As expected of someone with Item Master…”
“Yes, since I raised my level and increased both S and C.”
“Oh, you were gone for a week, because you were leveling up?”
“That’s right.”
“Let me stay here for a bit, then. This is the bag containing the materials. They’re from a Sandstorm Dragon4. You can use the leftovers however you want.”
“Understood,” Alim replied, took the materials from her, and left me with a “Then, I’ll work for a bit”, before he went into the magic room.

Now, it was just Parasuna and me.

“Erm… Miss Parasuna,” I tried talking to her.
“What is it, Mika?”
“Why did you mention Mr. Uruto’s name just now…?”
“Huh? Didn’t he tell you? As an adventurer, he goes by the name ‘Lastman’.”

Lastman… According to the books, he’s this country’s hero who abolished slavery, three years ago… and he’s also an SSS-Ranker. Then, according to what Mr. Lahand told me, I think he and Mr. Gabaina also participated, when they got rid of slavery, right?
Huh, so this place is managed by Lastman? Or rather, Alim has connections to all SSS-Rankers in this country…

“I-I see. Alim is involved with various people, isn’t she?”
“Right, that’s because she’s a candidate for SSS-Rank.”
“Is that so? As I thought.”

I expected it would be like that. He’s acquainted with way too many bigwigs, isn’t he?

“That’s right!” She replied and clapped her hands. “I possess ‘Magic Master’, right? It allows me to measure the magic power of others. Say, Mika, would it be alright, If I took a look at how much magic power you have? I’m curious about your true power, since you’re Alim’s companion.”
“Yes, that’s fine.”

She’s an SSS-Ranker, after all. She also has a Master skill, doesn’t she?
I want one, too~.

“Then, can you make a minimum-sized magic circle of your most powerful magic at your feet, Mika?”

I placed the magic circle for “Howling Bow Emperor of Sun and Moon” at my feet.

“M-Mika, I’ve never seen this much magic power… Moreover, this magic… it’s probably an SS-Rank skill, isn’t it? Am I wrong?” she asked with wide-opened eyes, after she had observed the magic circle for some time.
“No, you’re right!”

That’s a skill of the Master-line, alright… In the end, I also want one of them. Mr. Uruto and that man called Gilmars likely have one, too…

“It seems like you’re also strong enough, to become an SSS-Ranker, Mika… Even though I merely came here, to have a staff made… Heh-heh, I’m looking forward to what’s to come,” Parasuna continued to speak, heedless of my thoughts.

She smiled amicably.
Hmm, she’s quite beautiful, isn’t she?

Then, Alim came out of the magic room.

“Miss Parasuna, thank you for your patience.”
“Huh, thank you. Let me see, appraisal, appraisal,” she took out something that looked like glasses and put them on.

Is this a magic item, that allows you to appraise things?

“Yeah, that’s really amazing! You were able to craft a legend grade staff in 10 minutes… Wait, merely judging from the simple enchantments, its performance is better than the legend grade staff I got from a dungeon… Right, here’s your fee of 1.2 million bells,” she said and put 120 large gold coins on the table.

That’s equal to 120 million Japanese yen, I think? While it’s amazing that Alim crafted something like that, it’s also incredible, that Miss Parasuna paid such a sum without any hesitation, isn’t it?
Are SSS-Rankers rich?

It looked like Parasuna was about to go home, since she got the staff.

“See you, Alim, Mika. Heh-heh, I bought quite the good staff… Moreover, I discovered a new SSS-Ranker candidate… Today’s my lucky day,” she mused and left.

“Huh? Did something happen?” Alim asked me, so I told him, what had occurred.
“Then, while SSS-Rank might be impossible for now, should we go and make you S-Rank?” he suddenly asked me.

TL notes:
A cute Mika PoV chapter, proving that she still gets shocked by Alim’s craziness on a regular basis, despite what she said in chapter 105.



  1. Natto is a traditional Japanese food based on fermented soybeans.
  2. I disagree, she frequently changes them, often in the same sentence, which is one of the reasons MTL of this series is such a mess.
  3. This might also mean “she was abusing his cheeks”.
  4. The original is サンドストームドラゴン (sandosutoomu doragon).
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