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Chapter 117 – The Darkness Starts to Move

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

In a place covered in darkness, there were beings, who were neither human nor magic beast. They were demons. They dreamed of and strategized for the resurrection of the demon god Samaeyl.

A demon looking like a jester… Mephistophales, was chuckling to himself. He was a schemer. And delighted, that his plans were going well.

The strategy to use that greedy human to abduct princess Karua of the Mephilad Kingdom, who is to serve as the sacrifice, and the red-haired girl called Alim, who is to create the tools for the demon god’s resurrection, has failed completely.
At that time, I simply killed that human after torturing him, so he shouldn’t be a problem. It doesn’t look, like it caused a big enough commotion among the humans, to be an issue, either, he was thinking.

Except for the fact that the operation didn’t go well, he wasn’t very upset. As for the reason; he had already waited for 300 years, since the hero sealed Samaeyl. He had known that the girl called Alim would appear…

From the perspective of a demon, it wasn’t that long a time. During that time, he formulated lots of schemes. His next plan was likely to succeed. You could say that it was unavoidable for him to end up laughing spontaneously.

“Mr. Amon, please predict the number of troops in the Mephilad castle on the day of the operation, will you~?” He said to a demon1 who seemed to be half-human and half-owl.

Said demon wasn’t strong, but he was in a key position among the demons. After all, he had predicted Alim’s ascent. It would’ve been no exaggeration to say, that his ability was indispensable for Samaeyl’s revival.

“Hrm, understood,” Amon replied, before closing his eyes and starting to breathe quietly.

After a while, he handed over a sheet of paper. The deployment of all soldiers was perfectly written down, there.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Amon.”

Looking at this paper convinced Mephistophales, that the operation would be successful. He believed that they’d even have some leeway.

Back then, it failed, since Alim had noticed Faust during the fight with the thunderbird, which had been sent in by the latter. If it was impossible, to abduct them both at once… then he’d kidnap them separately.

A week had passed since then, and he was about to make his move. He’d abduct the princess in four days, and two days after that, Alim Nariwei.

What would the king’s expression be, after the two young girls disappeared in his country? How would the red-haired girl react, when her friend, princess Karua, was mercilessly sacrificed in front of her eyes? How would the humans dance to his tune…?

“I’m really~ looking forward to it, right~…? Ki-hi-hi-ha-ha-hi-hi-hya-hya-hya-hya!!! …Hah…”

TL notes:
Going over this again made me realize just how vicious Mephistophales is portrayed in this chapter. In the others, he’s usually more the overly polite jester.



  1. It says 魔物 (“magic beast”) in the original instead of 悪魔 (“demon”). Most likely a typo or meant in the meaning of “monster”.
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