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Chapter 115 – Mika and Alim Ponder

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

Mika asked me to help her. I was just thinking of lending her a hand.

“Say, can I create an SS-Rank skill with just the ones I currently have?” she asked.
“That’s fine, I’m sure you can make one, you know,” I replied. “I created one just now.”
“Huh? What did you make?” she inquired.

I told her about Dark Matter Creation and then explained that it would allow us, to eat rice from now on.

“Eh, then we can eat rice today?”
“Yep! I’ll make sushi for today’s dinner.”

Oh, we should go back to talking about skills.

“Then, Mika. Are you fine with any kind of SS-Rank skill?”
“Yeah. Anything that’s either strong or useful to you, Alim, would be alright.”
“Gotcha… Can it use up a lot of SKP?”
“Yeah. I won’t run out of points, at any rate.”
“That’s true.”

What should we do, then? Maybe it’s possible to synthesize all of her skills at once. Wait, maybe we could use light and darkness as the theme…? That wouldn’t be bad, either…
That’s it! I came up with something.

“Mika, could you synthesize your skills according to what I tell you?”
“Yeah, understood!”

I had her create skills that mainly focused on light and darkness. The following were produced:

[Sacred & Profane Lightning Strike] 
[Sacred & Profane Flame Strike] 
[Sacred & Profane Water Strike] 
[Sacred & Profane Earth Strike] 
[Sacred & Profane Wind Strike] 
[Sacred & Profane Ice Strike] 
[Yin & Yang Thunder Strike] 
[Yin & Yang Flame Strike] 
[Yin & Yang Water Strike] 
[Yin & Yang Earth Strike] 
[Yin & Yang Wind Strike] 
[Yin & Yang Ice Strike] 
[Vigor of the Yin & Yang Imperial Bow] 
[Sacred & Profane Imperial Greatbow Summoning Magic] 
[Yin & Yang Imperial Greatbow Summoning Magic] 

Surprisingly, they manifested as Sacred & Profane (light + darkness) and Yin & Yang (darkness + light).

Then, I had Mika synthesize [Howling Lightburst Rose Garden], [Vigor of the Sacred & Profane Imperial Bow], [Secret Imperial Bow Technique] and further all the skills that were made with the light and darkness theme.

“What did you get?” I asked her.
“Right… I got this.”

She showed me her Tozumaho.

[SS: Howling Bow Emperor of Sun and Moon]

I was shocked when I read the skill’s explanation. It was of SS-20 rank.

To briefly summarize it, it was a magic attack, of which you could specify the attack pattern. You could have it fall like rain, drop like a bomb, shoot off like a cannon, or strike targets like a ball.
Its effect was that it dealt damage to things the caster specified as enemies (want to attack) and healed things that the caster specified as allies (want to save). It also ignored (pass through) anything that wasn’t a target.
It was of every magical element and, of course, as an SS-Rank skill, its power was likely unparalleled.

Furthermore, this magic could be put onto a bow as the [Divine Vigor of the Bow Emperor of Sun and Moon].1 This increased the power of the bow, it was put on, and it could trigger the same effects as the magic itself.2 

It was truly strong, as you’d expect from an SS-Rank skill.

“Hey… how is it?” Mika asked for my thoughts about the skill.
“I think it’s very strong.”
“I-I see~! Eh-heh-heh.”

Mika used around 25000 SKP to acquire this skill, though it didn’t look like she cared about that.

There are still 3.4 million points left, aren’t there?

“From now on, you see, I will be useful to you, Alim!” she continued to speak.
“Just don’t overdo it.”
“Well… I was a bit worried…”
“What do you mean?”
“That you’d think of me as useless and abandon me…”

Huh, did I ever think about her like that?3 …No, that can’t be it. I’m pretty sure, Mika was reading mangas like that on Earth. Are they the reason?

“Erm, I’d never do something like that, right? Is it because of those mangas you read?”
“Ah… yeah. You’re right… eh-heh-heh, but I was still a bit concerned…”
“Even though I love you so much, Mika… I guess there’s no other way~. Can you close your eyes for a moment?”



Yes, I finished everything I wanted to do today! Now, it’s 7 o’ clock in the evening. Let’s make sushi with Dark Matter! In addition to that, miso soup. Japanese people have a hard time without rice.

Henceforth, I made sushi in a flash. Mika’s face had turned bright red, and she was shyly burying her face in a pillow.

How adorable …Though come to think of it, I also turned bright red, didn’t I?

Also, we decided on tomorrow for our date. I finished everything that needed to be done and shall do my best for Mika the whole day tomorrow.

I put the sushi, I had finished, onto the table. It was made from fish of this world, which I caught at the Devil’s Strait.
We sat next to each other as we ate. The sushi was delicious. So very delicious. The miso soup was also very good.

Rice is the best~!5

After eating, we took a bath together and then went to bed. We slept together in the same bed today.
We didn’t do anything to feel guilty about, alright? I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

Author’s note; this is Mika’s status screen:

– Status –
Name: Mika Magarigi
Level: 102 [181] EXP: 1’042’000 +(181M)
HP: 1’002’200/1’002’200 (500’000) MP: 1’005’200/1’005’200 (500’000 +3000)
A (Attack): 501’600 (500’000 +500) C (Dexterity): 481’200 (480’000 +100)
D (Defense): 481’100 (480’000) W (Magic Power): 483’100 (482’000 +2000)
S (Quickness): 506’700 (505’600)
STP: 0
– Skills –
[SS: Howling Bow Emperor of Sun and Moon] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Light Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Darkness Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Fire Magic] Lv. MAX
[A(X): Extreme Water Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Wind Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Earth Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Thunder Magic] Lv. MAX
[A(X): Extreme Ice Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Wood Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Stone Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Sand Magic] Lv. MAX
[A(X): Extreme Iron Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Psychic Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Illusion Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Restoration Magic] Lv. MAX
[A(X): Extreme Enhancement Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Enfeeblement Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Abnormal Condition Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Abnormal Dispel Magic] Lv. MAX
[Secret Imperial Bow Technique★★★★] Lv. MAX [True Cooking★★★] Lv. MAX [Great Swordmanship★★★] Lv. MAX [Great Spearmanship★★★] Lv. MAX
[Great Martial Arts★★★] Lv. MAX
SKP: 3’412’400
[Conqueror of the Dungeon “Wrath”] [Godspeed Growth] [SS-Rank Skill Holder] [SS-Rank Magic Beast Subjugator]
[Monster Genocider] [Dragon Slayer] [Subspecies Killer] [Godlike Being]
[Apex ×181]
[Forest of the Golden Rose Queen]

TL notes:
And with this, the leveling/skill creation spree is over (though there’s some more synthesizing stuff in chapter 122).


In fact, this and the last chapter seem to be the very last time, we’ll ever see a complete status screen of Alim and Mika.

Same as with Alim last chapter, a lot of spells seem to be missing from Mika’s status screen here. Again, they might have all been incorporated into [Howling Bow Emperor of Sun and Moon] or the author either forgot them or simply didn’t want to inflate the list with spells that will never appear in the story.



  1. The original is 太陽と月の帝弓の覇神気. I assume, that it was supposed to be 太陽と月の弓帝の神覇気 to be in line with the other abilities, but I can’t be sure. Depending on how it’s written, 覇神気 or 神覇気, it can be translated as either “qi/chi domination” or “divine vigor/spirit”. Also, this would imply that the “Vigor of…” spells are weapon buffs that bestow magic attributes to specific weapon types.
  2. I assume this means, that she can apply the same hurt/heal attributes + all magic elements to her arrows.
  3. This might also mean “Did she think I would do something like that?”
  4. The original is “ch___” (yes, in roman letters, neither kanji, hiragana, nor katakana). Context tells me, that this is likely supposed to be a sound effect of him kissing her.
  5. The original is お米サイコーー! (“rice psycho~”). I can only assume that this is some kind of slang.
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