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Chapter 114 – Alim Ponders – 4

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

Hrm~, should I imitate how Mika is investing her points, too?

Same as her, I tried to max out most of the skills I had, plus those with an (X) in their name. I brought the Wood Pterodactyl Summoning Magic up to 1/3 and left the Water Sword Summoning Magic as it was. Up to this point, I had used 15’154 SKP. [Magic Beast Expert] was also among the skills I maxed out, though it only required 300 points.

What would be the best way to synthesize them now?

It looked like Mika hadn’t noticed, likely since it was the first time she used synthesis, but thanks to the title [Apex ×181], we didn’t have to pay the usual cost. Even though she was creating S-Rank skills, all that they required were a few D- and C-Rank magic cores. Also, due to the [Forest of the Rainbow King] seal, I didn’t have to use a single magic core up till now. Apparently, one of the perks1 of “Reincarnation”, was a reduction of the magic core cost. The cost was massively reduced since we had used it way too often.

Now… Let’s focus on creating strong and useful skills. First, I need to deal with skills I don’t need and tidy them up.2 Still, I want to make them stronger anyway.

That being said, I created 10 S-Rank skills by synthesizing skills with an A(X) in their names and SK2-skills:

[Vigor of the Extreme Thunder Ice Wind Sword] 
[Vigor of the Extreme Thunder Iron Earth Sword] 
[Vigor of the Extreme Sacred & Profane Thunder Sword] 
[Extreme Thunder Sand Sword Grand Summoning Magic] 
[Extreme Thunder Stone Sword Grand Summoning Magic] 
[Extreme Sacred & Profane Thunder Illusion Sword Summoning Magic] 
[Extreme Thunder Flame Sword of Psychic Manipulation] 
[Major Thunder Sword Psychic Manipulation Magic] 
[Minor Decay Thunder Sword Psychic Manipulation Magic] 
[Restoration Dispel Thunder Sword Psychic Manipulation Magic].3 

Franky, those skills all were at a level where I’d want to use them as they were. The last four in particular let me control the summoned sword without using my hands and were also compatible with SK2-skills.

Furthermore, synthesizing [Water Sword Summoning Magic] with Extreme Thunder Magic, Extreme Water Magic and Secret Extreme Sword Technique created [Extreme Thunder Water Sword Grand Summoning Magic]. I allocated enough SKP to all of these to get their level to 1/3, which took 2350 point in total. I was surprised by this unexpectedly small number.

I synthesized these 11 skills with [Wood Pterodactyl Summoning Magic] and further [Secret Extreme Sword Technique] plus [Item Master] as the base.


I was able to create something called [Ultimate Magic Sword – Creation and Summoning].

Apparently, this skill was able to endlessly create and summon swords, only limited by MP, and their handling, size, enchantments, and how long they existed could be freely chosen by the caster. Incidentally, the craftsmanship and enchantments of the swords depended on the caster’s ability to create swords and their C-stat. The power when attacking with these swords depended on the caster’s A-stat and their sword skills4. The created swords could be assigned to another person, in which case that third party would become the owner and the transferred sword would also no longer disappear upon the caster’s death.

It was an SS-19 skill. While SS was the highest rank, 19 was the lowest possible power within that rank.5 This skill was certainly strong. A type of skill that could infinitely summon swords and attack, so to speak.

I think someone who likes fantasy would be happy with this skill. Still, I won’t be satisfied with this. I want to create an SS-21 skill… the highest possible among SS-Rank.
…I wonder, can I manage that? Well, I’m rolling in SKP. There’s no reason to hesitate.

For the time being, I had four types of ★★★★ skills: sword, bow, spear, and body.6 

That skill I created. I should try to make something similar to the [Ultimate Magic Sword – Creation and Summoning]. Furthermore, this time, I’ll try to add a bit of Darkness Magic and Psychic Magic, instead of just Thunder Magic. Look, I think it’s called Dark Matter? A mental image like that.

Now, I wonder what kind of skill I’ll be able to make. This is fun. Amazingly fun.


I created [Heavenprison Magic Bow – Creation and Summoning] by synthesizing the 12 S-Rank skills with [Secret Prison Bow Technique] and [Item Master] as its base.
Then I created [Imperial Magic Spear – Creation and Summoning] by synthesizing the 12 S-Rank skills with [Secret Imperial Spear Technique] and [Item Master] as its base.
After that, I created [Thundering Magical Body Strike – Creation and Summoning7] by synthesizing the 12 S-Rank skills with [Secret Roaring Body Strike Technique] and [Item Master] as its base.

Finally, synthesizing [Ultimate Magic Sword – Creation and Summoning] with the three skills I made with [Psychic Magic] and [Darkness Magic]8, [Soap Magic] as a bonus and [Item Master] as its base, resulted in the following:

[ Dark Matter – Creation God Magic (

Dark Matter Creation


This skill consumed MP to summon Dark Matter, which could then be used to recreate anything one desired, could be moved as the caster pleased, completely ignoring gravity, and any product was fully compatible with the caster’s stats and their SK2 skills. Moreover, by consuming additional MP, the created object would maintain its form indefinitely. It looked like it could only create items up to legend grade, but this was likely sufficient.

Consequently, it allowed me to do the same as [Heavenprison Magic Bow – Creation and Summoning] or I could, for example, create a large number of magic staffs and equip all of them to abnormally strengthen my magic.

Obviously, the skill was SS-21. It required 15’000 SKP.

This skill… could apparently also create materials. In other words, it allowed me to create medicinal herbs and turn them into Amrita’s with Item Master… and so on.

Hooray! With this, I can summon rice to eat, can’t I?

Still, it looked like you couldn’t summon meat, eggs, and magic beast skins as they were, for some reason. For example, you couldn’t summon raw eggs, but apparently fried eggs were possible.

I used up 44’160 SKP just today for that, but that’s a small price for being able to eat rice.

Now, I wonder if I should help Mika with her skill creation. It looks like she hasn’t been able to make an SS-skill yet.

Oh yeah, this is my current status screen.
Thanks to Dark Matter, MP had been increased by 2000 and A, C and W by 1000 each. Due to other skills, my stats had also gone up a bit. Furthermore, I also obtained the [SS-Rank Skill Holder10] and [Power of 21] titles.

– Status –
Name: Alim Nariwei [Heavenly Sword Girl]
Level: 180 [181] EXP: 3’222’000 +(181M)
HP: 967’000/967’000 (480’000) MP: 1’010’000/1’010’000 (500’000 +3000)
A (Attack): 494’900 (490’000 +1400) C (Dexterity): 493’500 (488’400 +1600)
D (Defense): 483’500 (480’000) W (Magic Power): 493’500 (490’000 +1000)
S (Quickness): 523’500 (520’000)
STP: 0
– Skills –
[SS: Dark Matter – Creation God Magic (

Dark Matter Creation

] Lv. Max
[A(X): Extreme Light Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Darkness Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Fire Magic] Lv. MAX
[A(X): Extreme Water Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Wind Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Earth Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Thunder Magic] Lv. MAX
[A(X): Extreme Ice Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Wood Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Stone Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Sand Magic] Lv. MAX
[A(X): Extreme Iron Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Psychic Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Illusion Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Restoration Magic] Lv. MAX
[A(X): Extreme Enhancement Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Enfeeblement Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Abnormal Condition Magic] Lv. MAX [A(X): Extreme Abnormal Dispel Magic] Lv. MAX
[Item Master ★★★★★] Lv. MAX [Secret Extreme Sword Technique★★★★] Lv. MAX [Secret Prison Bow Technique★★★★] Lv. MAX11 [Secret Imperial Spear Technique★★★★] Lv. MAX
[Secret Roaring Body Strike Technique ★★★★] Lv. MAX [Magic Beast Expert★★★★] Lv. MAX [Gender Conversion ★★★] Lv. MAX
SKP: 3’403’406
[Conqueror of the Dungeon “Joy”] [Conqueror of the Dungeon “Wrath”] [Godspeed Growth] [Goddess of Charm]
[SS-Rank Skill Holder] [Power of 21] [S-Rank Magic Beast Subjugator] [SS-Rank Magic Beast Subjugator]
[Monster Genocider] [Dragon Slayer] [Subspecies Killer] [Godlike Being]
[Holder of the Creator God’s power] [Apex ×181]
[Forest of the Rainbow King] [Forest of the Golden Rose Queen]

TL notes:
My apologies for abstaining from explaining all the skill names. There are simply way too many and I don’t think many of them show up in future chapters.

If you care about status screens, you’ll likely have noticed that there’s something wrong with Alim’s magic. Namely, where did the crapton of new spells he gained this chapter go? Personally, I see two possibilities:
1. The author copy pasted the spell-list from Mika and replaced her specific spells with [Dark Matter Creation].
2. Everything that has anything to do with summoning or creation has been integrated into Dark Matter. This would include [Soap], [Wood Pterodactyl Summoning Magic], [Water Sword Summoning Magic] and all the new spells in this chapter.

I leave it to you to decide, which option is more probable.



  1. In the original it says 得点 (“scoring”, “points made” or “marks obtained”). This is likely a typo and supposed to mean 特典 (“privilege”, “perk”). Both are pronounced the same.
  2. Not sure about this one. It might also mean that he wants to relief himself from them.
  3. Sorry about this pile of terrible spell names. I did the best I could with the originals, which were already kind of a mess. All of these are S-Rank magic (SK1) skills.
  4. This means the ability to use the sword, not the specific sword skills in SK2.
  5. The original wasn’t 100% clear. I think it’s supposed to mean that while SS-Rank is the highest spell rank, at 19 power it’s still among the weakest of those SS-Rank spells.
  6. It wasn’t really mentioned, but he likely created 4 star skills for spear, bow and martial arts at the beginning, when he said he maxed out everything he already had.
  7. Not sure how that’s supposed to work. Does it summon artificial fists you can use to replace your own?
  8. I think that’s what it means. The problem is, that neither darkness nor psychic magic was mentioned when he synthesized those three skills, it might also mean, that he simply synthesizes it with Darkness Magic and Psychic Magic.
  9. The original is 暗黒物質・創造神術 (ダークマター・クリエイト) . it’s written once in Kanji and once in Katakana.
  10. In the original, it only says [SS-Skill Holder] here. It’s [SS-Rank Skill Holder] on the status screen.
  11. There’s a typo in the original here, calling it [Secret Destruction Bow Technique].
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