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Chapter 109 – The wild Level-Up Dance

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

-The second day since we started to level up:

Last night, I noticed that I could raise my efficiency by adding more accessories, which I managed by creating several new ones, that looked like belts and wrapped around my arms and legs.1 With this, my S-stat was multiplied by 30. I was able to finish a round in three and a half minutes. At this rate, it wouldn’t be just 580 rounds, I should be able to manage 1650.

Inevitably, I’m having a lot of fun. Both Mika and I (as Alim) are cute. Therefore, this makes me (as Ayumu) a lucky dog.

-The third day of leveling up:

I quickly invested all my current 29’400 STP2 (I had already reached the level cap again). Due to this, S reached a total amount of 43’400. When multiplied by 30, this became 1’302’000. According to the Tozumaho, stats of 100 apparently make one twice as powerful3, as an ordinary person (or an earthling at level 0), while 200 equals a three times multiplier, so my current full speed would be 13’020 times as fast as a normal person. I could even reach Mach 42.54.

Furthermore, if one were to clear this dungeon at normal speed, it would apparently take 3 hours. This should be accurate, because it was computed by the Tozumaho. Therefore, I calculated that I should be able to go through this dungeon in 0.8 seconds5.

How scary… For the time being, let’s limit it at 1 minute. Even though I’m a student focused on humanities, that was a profuse number of calculations, right~…? Though that’s not a problem, since I can leave it all to the Tozumaho.

-The fourth day of leveling up:

Amazingly, I was able to manage more than 50 rounds per hour.

At this rate, the total should end up around 4000 rounds. Though I don’t mind that. But recently, even if I’m using the Zone, my body moves too fast, so it feels as if I’m riding a roller coaster. Well, when I start feeling queasy, I can fix it by drinking a Great Potion, so it’s not a problem.

Mika truly is my healer.

-The fifth day of leveling up:

Maybe because I was feeling sick, I accidentally lashed out6 at Mika a bit harshly. I severely condemned myself for it. I got the impression that she had somewhat teary eyes. Full of remorse, I stayed with her for two hours longer than yesterday. She told me “Give me a kiss as an apology” and puffed out her cheeks7, so I kissed her on the forehead.

To think that I’d turn into a normie. When it’s time for our date, I’ll let her do whatever she wants.

Dinner on that day was steak.

-The sixth day of leveling up:

I felt good, probably because I took a long break on the day before.

Well, was there anything else that had changed in particular? Wait, I went into the dungeon together with Mika for the first time in several days, didn’t I? That was about it.

-The last day of leveling up. Today:

I leveled up until 6 pm as usual. But instead of using the Painful Sword, I only used the Magic Absorption Sword and tried to chop up my foes as much as possible, as I brought them down. This was to increase the sword’s strength. I also asked Mika to pour about 4000 MP into it. I myself gave it around 8000 MP, too. The power of each swing was staggering. At last, I managed to bring down the deteriorated Forest Turtle specimen in a single strike without using any skills.

Then, I went through the dungeon for several hours. It turned 6 o’clock in the evening.

I called Mika, reached legend-class in the mission room, and obtained the key box. Then, I turned to the enormous gate, behind which the boss likely was, and held the key box aloft. The gate gave off a strange glow and gradually opened by itself.

The two of us went inside.

Inside, there was a big dragon. According to the Tozumaho, it seemed to be a kind of dragon called “Rose King Dragon”. They were apparently black dragons with several scales all over their bodies, which looked like red- and white-colored roses, but…

This one’s rose-scales were all golden.

I guess you could call it a “Golden Rose King Dragon”? That’s so long…
That’s definitely a subspecies. From the beginning to the end, this dungeon didn’t have any normal magic beasts, did it?

TL notes:
It’s interesting to see signs of Alim’s sanity slipping away during those days. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to use doping (potions) to cut down on sleep and maximize his leveling gains.



  1. You’d think there’d be equipment slot limitations in such a game-like world.
  2. It says SKP in the original. Clearly a typo.
  3. In the original, it says as powerful/fast as 2, 3 and 13’020 people, but that doesn’t really work for things like speed, so I changed it to a multiplier.
  4. In chapter 105, he moved at 64’000 km/h, which would be Mach 51.8. I guess he talks about moving without the “in a straight line” limitation here.
  5. At this speed, I’m pretty sure the limiting factor would be how fast the wall opens after every set of enemies (unless he can just break those, of course).
  6. The verb in the original is 当たる (“to hit”). I didn’t find anywhere that it can be used in the meaning “to (verbally) lash out at someone”, but I simply can’t imagine Alim actually hitting Mika, so I used this…
  7. This may be wrong. It might also mean, that she held out her cheek, since she wanted to be kissed there, and he kissed her on the forehead instead.
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