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Chapter 108 – He’s a Level-Up Fiend

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: rm31439 English Source: Re:Library

“Yep, see you later.”
“Take care!”

Ayumu went and left the so-called magic room.

“Hah…” I sighed involuntarily. I knew he loved games, but to think that it’d go that far.

I think he said he planned to do 600 rounds? That’s already way into inhuman terrain, isn’t it?

I arrived in this world, Anazumu, met Lahand and his friends, and after that, I was reunited with Alim… Ayumu. That was three days ago. Against my better judgment, I confessed to him in my joy of being able to see him again.

Well, I like him… Or rather, I truly love him.

In addition to that, we were living together now. Well, even on Earth, it had probably looked as if we lived together. Moreover, I never would have expected him to be in love with me, too… I think at that time, we both were crying our eyes out.
Then what? His appearance had changed, but that was fine since I looked different, too. There was Item Master… He could actually turn into a girl and habitually lived as one (taking advantage of being cute)… He could bring dead people back to life… Honestly, I got sick and tired of all those surprises.

But since I lived together with Ayumu, he’d been doing all kinds of things for me. Even now, he was straining his body, diving into a dungeon, for my sake.

Hm? Well, diving into the dungeon is half for his own sake, isn’t it? Probably.1

What is there that I can do?
He said some stuff, trying to sound cool, that it was fine, as long as I was by his side…

He’s even better at cooking… I don’t have a cheat-skill like Item Master, so…

Oh, but we’re still only starting out. Hm, what should I do? Er, should I make full use of my privileges as a girl? …That’s no good, isn’t it? Alim is a girl, too. And my body is only that of a 7th grader, too. To begin with, it’s embarrassing, you know… When I merely kissed his cheek, I couldn’t sleep at all afterwards. Besides, today, even though he’s busy, I forced him to promise me, to go on a date.

I wonder if he’ll get tired of my affection… will it be fine…?2 He won’t think that I’m selfish, will he? Supposing he abandoned me and got together with another girl… Wait, Alim is a girl, too, so “another person” would be a better description. Could I bear it, if he were to flirt with someone else instead of me? Absolutely impossible. I don’t even want to imagine that.

Ah… Ayumu~…
…I’m not good enough for him.3

At any rate, there’s currently nothing for me to do but wait quietly, try not to get in the way, and cook! In that case, I’ll do nothing but read books until it’s time to cook.

Occasionally, I looked at the experience points that had accumulated. They increased at a tremendous speed.

Huh, it doesn’t even take him 5 minutes per round!? He said it’d be 10 minutes. Maybe he meant 1000 rounds? Just how many rounds is he planning to make?

I was currently reading about the demons of this world. It wasn’t that I liked such occult stories, I just read it, since it happened to catch my eye. It said, that a long time ago, there lived someone called “Samaeyl”, the god of the demons, who seemed a lot like those demon lords in video games. According to the story, a hero, who’d been appointed by the church, and his companions sealed that demon god with the Hero’s Sword.

The demons of this world seemed to be similar to magic beasts. Though there were numerous individuals who were able to speak a language, their bodies would disappear on death, leaving behind several magic cores.

I wonder if such remaining records are based on true stories?

…Huh, just after reading for a bit, it’s already 6 o’ clock in the evening? He should’ve left around 1 pm. Books are wonderful for killing time.

I cooked a meal. Today, it was grilled fish and nikujaga without konjac noodles. Then udon.4 Though to be honest, it would be better if there was rice.

Well, I should probably give him a call.

I sent a message to Ayumu.

[Yep! Gotcha. I just finished this round, so I’m on my way!] he replied.

A minute later, he was back.

“Wow! That looks so good. Thanks for the food.”
“Heh-heh, that’s great. Thanks for the food.”

The two of us ate the meal. Today’s meat was quite tasty. Ayumu also looked delighted when he was eating it. It made me truly happy, when he told me it was “delicious”. Though his super-pretty girlish5 face gave me mixed feelings.

Ayumu and I finished eating.

Oh, I wonder if he’ll go out again. It makes me a bit lonely, but I guess it can’t be helped.

That was what I thought, but he suddenly stood next to me, took my hand, and laid his arm across my shoulder.

“Is it alright, if I stay here for 30 minutes?” he asked.

…I like both Ayumu and Alim. He’s good-looking… but that’s not all. I don’t know, whether he understands my feelings or doesn’t, but I love his kindness.

“Of course,” I replied.

TL notes:
A Mika PoV chapter! I think this is the first chapter that points out Mika’s (and Alim’s) insecurities about their relationship, which (from the viewpoint of later chapters) will become a sort of theme.



  1. I’m pretty sure that he’d do this either way, and getting some brownie points with his girlfriend in the progress is simply a perk for him.
  2. Not sure if that’s right. The verb was somewhat unclear, and it could also mean “I wonder if he’ll show me affection”.
  3. This may be wrong; she might also say that she’s “no good with him/Ayumu”.
  4. Nikujaga is a Japanese dish of meat, potatoes, and onion. It is sometimes served with Konjac/Shirataki noodles, hence the reason Mika mentions them being absent. She probably doesn’t have the Konjac plant needed for them. Udon are thick noodles made from wheat flour.
  5. While is says “girl” in the original, I changed it to “girlish”, since it was mentioned that his face doesn’t change when he switches genders.
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