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Chapter 82 – Skinhead

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library


Someone is calling out to me.
Who is it? I want to continue to sleep.
It feels like my body is being shaken.

「Hey_______miss_______wake up_______」

Alright, alright already,
I just have to wake up right?
I woke up….

I open my heavy eyelids.

「Uwaa… thank goodness…」
「What happened…」
「Hey, Miss, can you understand me? Are you conscious? 」

That’s right, I was about to die. Dangerous, dangerous
In front of me, I see… a boy and a girl about the same age as I was when I died on earth… and a skinhead uncle with a tattoo on his scary face.
That guy looks totally the dangerous type…

I wanted to give out a scream, but my body won’t move as expected. Besides, it appears as though they have saved me, so screaming would be rude.

I managed to nod my head, barely being able to move my neck. My head is throbbing. The Nausea is so severe that I barely managed not to vomit.

「You look really bad… Hey, girl, did you happen to eat the leaves of the trees around here?」
「Eh? No way…. Aren’t they poisonous? 」
「But, there isn’t anything around here that can be eaten. Probably, she might have eaten it. Furthermore, she has no luggage. 」

Those leaves were poisonous. No wonder.
But still, that is the only thing that existed that I could possibly eat… the worst forest.

I nodded twice to indicate that I had eaten them.

「Ahh! As I thought she ate them! 」
「The Hand-san, do we have medicine for poisoning?」
「Absolutely. An adventurer should always have some on hand at all times. Hey girl, open your mouth.」

Antidote huh… I open my mouth as directed.
A liquid from a round flask is poured into my mouth.
I feel a small amount of relief. Only a small amount that is.

「Arya? Didn’t seem to have much effect? 」
「…maybe she ate quite a lot of them? We should have her drink one or two more.」
「That, that’s right. I’ll go prepare something hot. 」(Margo)

Two more antidotes were poured into my mouth.
What is with this? It’s like the symptoms from before were a lie.
I sat up and said.

「… Thank you very much. I am feeling much better now thanks to you.」
「That so, that so, thank goodness…」
「Here, have some hot soup! Drink and relax! 」

I received a cup from the girl, and took a sip. Good. Warm… Aah, tears are coming out.

「Thank you so much…」
「Hey girl, I’m sorry to ask this right after you’ve gotten up, but there is something I want to here, that alright?」

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Well, that’s reasonable. A person collapsed in the middle of the forest is a strange situation.
They said they were adventurers in the forest to survey and hunt treasure.
I decided to answer the question of the skin headed old man named The Hand… no, the person who seems like an old man but isn’t really even old.

「First… Girl, what’s your name?」
「I… am Mika.」
「That so, how old are you?」
「Twelve years old」
「What about your parents?」

I got no choice but to answer questions like this as if I have lost my memory.
No way can I possibly say that I am from Earth.

「… I don’t know」
「Then, where are you from?」
「… I don’t know」
「Do you know where we are?」
「… I don’t know」
「… That so, then what extent can you remember?」

For now, I guess I should talk about from when I arrived in this world?

「… suddenly, I was in the middle of the forest… I ran away from a monster… I was feeling bad… and then I collapsed…」
「And then, you met us…?」
「That so…」

After a small silence, he began to have a face that looked like he wanted to ask something difficult.

「Girl… actually… this might be rude, but it can’t be helped, your status… can you tell me your level?」
「Excuse me….?」
「Mm… haa, you’ve also forgotten that too? This is difficult… Do you know about adventurers and skills? 」
「I know about skills, but don’t know anything about adventurers」
「Then, it is okay just knowing what you can see on the status. Then, what level does it say? 」
「It’s one…」

When I said that, the three people had amazed and stunned expressions on their faces. Then the cute girl said.

「Hey? Mika-chan, do you know what kind of place this is? 」
「This place, it is a forest where there are monsters from D to A rank, ya know? For a level one to be here…」

Then she stopped speaking. Next the cute baby faced boy spoke.

「Really, it is amazing that you survived so far」
「Yes, I desperately escaped from the monsters」

After saying that, my stomach growled… Ugh, embarrassing…
The skinhead called The Hand said.

「… hahahahahaha…! Its fine, its fine, you girl had only been able to find leaves to eat so far, so it’s no wonder your quite hungry! Hey, Margo, prepare lunch, lunch! Make sure there is a portion for this girl, okay? 」
「Ya! Got it! I got plenty」
「Then, I’m countin’ on ya!」

It seems like I will receive a meal. Thanks a bunch.
Until then, the two men explained about adventurers and monsters to me.
I indulge myself on their kindness.


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