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Chapter 78 – Accident Caused by Carelessness

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Fenderson English Source: Re:Library

Good morning.
Karua-chan, who got up almost at the same time as me this morning, was very worried.
It seems I was very restless like I was having a nightmare.
Did I disturb your sleep?

I apologized for having disturbed her sleep, but rather than being concerned about that she said something surprising.

She said that while I was having a nightmare that I called out for Mika, my brother and my mother and father, and also called out 『I don’t want to die』.
So that’s it. That is quite worrisome.

Karua-san made sure to remember what I said as it might be a clue to my lost memory.
I was spontaneously hugged.

In the middle of this, the Minister-san knocked on the door, when he came in he was in a considerable fluster.

「Y… you two. Faust was found! Here are the details! 」

Like that, he handed us two sheets of paper.
The first one was todays tile print, the other was an extra tile print.

For the normal tile print, it was written that the thunderbird appeared in the capital, how I defeated it, and that was why I and The Hand-san were honored. The rest was feature about me.

As for the extra, what is this? It was written how Faust was found dead and the terrible condition his corpse was in, and the crimes he committed (including sexually harassing me, and calling the thunderbird). It also explained that the reason why women could not resist him was he had a title called ≪The Demon King of Evil≫. (Incidentally, the reporter was Lastman)

Faust’s cause of death is supposed to be from being attacked by monsters, but something is a little off.
After all, he was an S-ranker. When I asked the Minister-san about this, he said that the investigation related to his death and why he was trying to kidnap the princess were super-secret.

Moreover, the tile print is too fast. One shouldn’t look down on the mass media in this world.
Information can sometimes kill people.

But, maa, one danger is gone.
As one would expect form a princess, in regards to Faust’s death, she said 『Rest in piece』. We are all human.

And just like that Minister-san took us to have breakfast.
I also showed the King that I was completely fine.

But, the look on Karua-chan’s face says she wants to play some more, so I’ll stick around and play for 2 or 3 more hours before leaving.


It was already time for me to leave.
Not only Karua-chan, but Tuhl-san and the four members of Seinforce all saw me off.

I said goodbye to each person, and also reaffirmed my promise to Karua-chan.

I headed to [Hikari] inn.

During the journey, I was mobbed by onlookers, it was like being a celebrity, but I made it back.

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The people were saying that I was like a hero. As always, there was lots of comments on my cuteness. It made me happy.

Today, I’ll make some Master Potions then sleep.
In a few days…I will be very busy for 1~2 weeks!

That’s right, in about 10 days, I will have a fated meeting… no, I had no idea that this meeting could even take place at the time.



  1. Author:
    Volume 4 will start in the next chapters

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