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Chapter 39 – The Banquet

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

Around the center of the village, it was not the usual peaceful scene, It turned into a complete festival mode.

The area was filled filled with foods, and people was enjoying the festive mood.

「Waaaa! The saviours are here! 」

From all the villagers, the shout of a child became the signal.

「Hero-sama! 」
「Thank you very much! Thank you very much!」
「Ohhhh, so awesome!」
「Kyaaaa! Alim-chan kawaii!!!」

A variety of praises were poured upon us.

「Everyone! Please be quiet for a moment!」

On Jizefu-san’s, announcement the villagers slowly became silent.
After confirming that everyone has become silent, Jisefu-san started to speak.

「Ruin-dono, Orgo-dono, Lilo-dono, Myuri-dono…..and then Alim-chan, for risking your life to save this village from the great threat, we offer you our deepest gratitude, thank you very much」
「「「「Thank you very much!」」」」

From all the villagers … … gratitude.
Ruin-san smiled so graciously, Orgo-san seemed to be embarrassed, Lilo and Muri were also smiling.
Just seeing that was worth saving them.

「Fumu….for such a thing, they sure give it their all」
「Uwaa… Everyone sure getting lively」

Says the merchant-san and his subordinates, and then gerbera-san also called out.

「Now then, let’s enjoy the party with everyone!」

And then, it began with that signal, everyone was eating, singing and dancing around, enjoying themselves.
Eating, drinking, dancing all over, and singing songs.
In the meantime, there were also workers of the merchant group showing off the ashdogclaw in display and dismantling it.

The children from around village gathered around me.

「Tomorrow… everyone will go?」
「Alim-chan, that hair ornament, kawaii!」
「Someday, Come back again in this village!」
「For that bamboo dragonfly, Thank you!」

Talking with the children around me, I can’t help but let out a smile.

「I’ll be seeing you again next time everyone!」

Is what I said.
Eh, why is every boys looked flushed, why is everyone getting tense?
The children seem to be acting strange, then I saw jizefu-san talking to the merchants, I wonder if there’s some trouble.

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「Ah… Alim-chan, we weren’t talking about money, the village doesn’t really have a problem with money but, well you know, foods for the party seems to be running out soon」

Can’t be helped, I guess, Should I take out the dragon meat I collected inside my treasury, It’s just a small dragon meat. Let’s talk about it..
「Eh…Alim-chan, you have meat with you…? Is it alright? Won’t you feel sad about it?」

Said the village mayor apologetically.
Then I took out 8 of the 10 dragon meat I have in my pouch.
It was the merchant who reacted next.

「Child dragon meat!! Why is there a lot…. Just 1 of that is worth 50,000 Bell you know!」

I told them not to mind it, and then I was preparing to cook it. I’ll be showing off my culinary skills here.
Let’s make roasted dragon meat from this and let’s see their impressions.

「Uwaaaah pwetty guwl cookin, tera happy, No mawter ho tsaste I will eat!Shooo Tasty!」
「This is!… Such a good meat, so much meat juices, the preparation alone make it looks really tasty.」
「Soo good!! Oh so good… this! What is this!」
「This is!… This meat, the way it’s being roasted, its meat juices and aroma are so good.」
「Alim-chan,…you….just who in the world are you??」

Ruin-san and the merchants are doubting me again. I was just playing around since a while ago, I wonder if they want to say something.
Hmmmm, maybe everyone is finally back?
Well by tomorrow we won’t probably be here anymore, aside from that.
While I was enjoying myself for a while, Gerbera-san came and called me for something, we then went to a storage-like house.

「That cooking was really delicious, I’m really curious, just who in the world are you, Alim-chan」
「I…don’t really…know…」
「Well all I can say is Alim-chan will always be Alim-chan, here take all these medicinal herbs, and when the medicinal herbs in the village grows abundant again, please don’t hesitate to come back to get more ok?」
「….! Eh!?… all of this? what about the village?」

They gave me so many again, I wonder if it’s really alright.

「You see just diluting a few drops of great potion into water would result in regular potion, so having that I already helpful enough, so we won’t need the herbs for quite some times because of that.」

「Ok….I understand.」

And then I sucked in all the medicinal herbs into my pouch.

「Thank you very much.」
「Well then, shall we go back to the party?」

And then gerbera-san finally left the storehouse.
Maximizing the power of my S attribute, I quickly went inside and leave 2 great potions in the warehouse in just a moment so gerbera san wouldn’t notice.
I didn’t forget to leave a note [Please use it] on where the potions were placed.

And then the party continued until midnight for that day.


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