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Chapter 38 – Alim’s Bribed Trade

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Author: SS Samurai Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

For some reason I’m currently sitting on the knees of Myuri-san

「Cute! Oh, this one is too cute!」

Lilo-san commented while decorating me with different clothes, as if I’m a dress-up doll.

「Myuri-san, Anou, am I heavy?」

「Ehhh?… no.. no.. or rather aren’t yah a little too light?」

and so… I questioned Myuri-san… Yet she won’t remove her hands from me.

And Lilo-san was still busy fuzzing over my head.

「Ahh… should it be like this?… no maybe like this?..」

By the way, The two men are just looking at me with a wry smile. Can’t you guys help me out here?

「Un… After all this is the best!」

Haah… seems like Lilo-san has finally decided on something.

「Look Myuri… Look Look!…」

「Let’s see… woah!!」


My face was then shown in a small hand mirror.

There was an absurdly beautiful girl (Me) wearing a golden hair ornaments, reflected on the mirror.

「Alim-chan, this, you can have it…」

「Eh?… Really?… Thank you very much!」

They gave some hair decorations. Occasionally, this kind of thing might actually be nice.

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「Myuri! It’s already my turn, put Alim-chan on my knee」

「I understand, Lilo, then I guess it’s my turn staring at this lovely Angelic face… nee?」

And then I was transferred from Myuri-san to Lilo-san. I don’t really think that it’s such a good idea you know.

「Kyaaa ~ ~ Alim-chan! Cute! Gyuuuu ~!」

Could you please stop hugging me? The two big things are hitting. And seriously.

It really was good that I’m currently not a man. The change-sex skill really is great.

「Ah!.. Lilo, Unfair!!… Fine… Then for me I guess I’ll be squeezing this squishy cheeks」 ( punipunipunipunipunipunipunipunipunipuni )

Aaa… Now it’s my cheeks that are under attack…

Approximately, It was about a minute or so after the beginning of the pinching attack.

「Alim-chan, The carriage and the merchant have finally arrived」

As announced. But you know Gerbera-san. I did not miss that you know.

For a moment you were having looks of “envy” over the two.

「Alim-chan, Come on let’s go」

Ah… Finally released…

「Mou!… I’m want to go too…」

「Can’t help it Lilo… uuuu」

Hey, Don’t make that much of a sad look on your face.

Sigh couldn’t help it.

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「Myuri-san, Lilo-san… do you want to go with us??」


「Alim-chan, Is fine?」

「Certainly, I don’t mind showing that accessory」

Well, If it’s those two people, I don’t really mind about it.

「Hou… So what is it that you want me to appraise?」

Someone wearing white gloves, clothes and items that would be popular and on trend.

The looks really go with what a merchant would look.

Ah, and definitely possessing appraisal skill. I don’t really want to show it.

「This here, Magic Bag, a lot of things went in … … . this , I would like to know as to how much it can store. 」

So I said, and showed the pouch.

「Oh… Is it ok to take a loot? little-miss」

「Yeah, here.」

「Hmmm… Hou hou…. this is….what!!!」

「So? How is it?」

「Let’s see, First of all is the material… This is made from Golden Dog Skin… A demon of an A rank…

Then for the threads, It seems to be made from Silver Minister Dog, A monster of B rank…

Tanning Technique and sewing technique used seems to be great too.」

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Hmm I see… The craftsman of that is in front of you know?

Well I won’t say anything about it tho.

「And, The name of this accessory seems to be “Magic Pouch of Gold Dog’s leather”, but enchantment is much greater which is “Infinite storage”.

Further the item value is national treasure! Even if you have 100 large gold coins, no Even 200 won’t be enough to buy this.」

「….Alim-chan, Just who really are you to have such an item」

「Umu…I also want to know… Young lady… Just where did you find such a thing?」

Really? Something like this is worth that much?

Ah let’s not forget about it. let’s just do the usual.

With that in mind, Let’s just ask Ruin-san about it.

「This girl….You see….She has amnesia… We rescued her from nearby forest, and at that time she already had this magic bag. 」

「That is… I see… Such a thing… Oh that’s right young lady, You can have this,

with this only those the owner approved or someone with high appraisal can see its true value,

It’s a magic card called “FAKE”. There will definitely be bad people who would aim for that.

ah, that’s right, “fake” can be removed anytime you want.」

Huh? Is that alright? After all the rich people are amazing. I appreciate it.

「Eh…Is it really alright?」

「Yup, well, it’s alright, I’d also like to have business with you in the future」

Ah… that’s right… all this was kinda awkward… Let’s change the topic… Now about potion, potion…

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「Um… you see… there is one more thing I would like to sell…」

「Hou… What would that be?」

I looked over Ruin-san for confirmation. Ok, it’s a go. I then get the great potions on my pouch.

「This here you see…」

「Great Potion!! Really!!.. Do, do you really want to sell this?…」

「Hai!, eto … how much will it be?」

「Great Potions prices have started to go up nowadays, it’s currently 4 Gold Coins」

「Ok, Then I’ll sell it for 3 Gold Coins」

「Eh? why?」

「It’s thanks for the Magic Card you see」

「Ouo.. Well I don’t really mind about the magic card…Well it’s up to you… That is if you really want to trade at that price.」

「Rh?.. Well you see…」

「Ah…fine… I’ll take it at that price… But still young lady… Having that magic bag and great potion… Just who in the world are you…」

I got three large gold coins and sucked them into the pouch. I suddenly got 3 million yen.

The one million discount was made to make it easier for future transactions.

I can actually gave it for free tho.

「Fumu, I made a good deal… But well, the village seems to be getting noisy, it seems to have been more quieter when I came before?」

「Eh, merchant-san. You see The five people here suddenly beat down an ash dogs that came to this village … …

And to thank them, a banquet is being prepared, and tomorrow we will be going to the capital along with the 4 of them to look for clues about myself」

「Nn… 5 people… young miss included?… The adventurer party Seinforce people. Defeating an Ash dog huh, That sure is great」

「How about Merchant-san and your people, won’t you join in?」

「Is that really alright? Mayor? 」

「It’s fine」

「I see, then lets get along with your words」

「Uwaaa, I give up…」

「Oh, and then everyone from seinforce, would you like me to purchase that ash dog later?」

「Yes… Please」

「Oi!~~~~~ Everyone, the banquet is about to start~~~~!」

While gerbera-san was inviting the merchant and his members, Jizef-san’s voice was heard.

Then, the eight of us headed toward Jizef-san’s voice.


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