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Chapter 50: Comiket Throwback Stream! (Second Half)

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Phew. Thanks for waiting, everyone!

After sipping some water to quench my thirst, I resumed the stream.

np, i just got here

Isn’t that something you say when meeting your date lol

even the way she drinks water is cute

Okay, time to munch on some marshmallows!


been waiting for those marshmallows

Marshmallow tskr

“What are your measurements, Yuka-chan? Guhehehe…”

wait, why did you pick that, Yuka-chan?

that’s just awful

bruh seriously

Ahaha, the marshmallows are randomly chosen.

I see

can’t help it then


As for my measurements, from top to bottom, it’s…???


What’s up?

what happened?

Did the stream freeze?

I… I don’t know my own measurements… despite being measured so many times…


i can’t help but laugh

Yuru Kakizaki: Eh?

Fuwari Ukigumo: Shall I measure for youuuu?

yuka-chan, runnnnnnnnnn!!!

calm down, shotacon

Ahaha, let’s move on…

well, if u don’t know, u don’t know

It is what it is

im starting to feel anxious about whats next

“Yuka-chan, do you like senbei, cookies, biscuits, or crackers more? Oh, there’s also Or*o.
What about rock candy or thunder rice crackers? (←)
What’s the game you’ve been most addicted to so far?
Do you prefer FPS or TPS?
If I become a lolicon because of you, I’d like you to take responsibility (wishful thinking).”

That was long /srs

Too long!!!!!!!

that was hella long lmao

that w was w brutal www

Aren’t there one too many questions?! Oh well, I’ll still answer them!

how sweet

that gave me diabetes

Are you an angel?

For the first question, I love cookies, especially langue de chat! You know, the famous souvenir from Hokkaido!

langue de chat is pre good

i feel that

have you tried making it yourself?

Definitely sounds like something she’d do

Langue de chat? I’ve made it before, but I still feel like the ones you buy taste better. I wonder why that is?

ahh, i know what you mean

sweets usually taste better when made by pros

Sometimes homemade pudding can be better, but it can’t beat the fancy stuff

For specialized stuff, that’s usually the case

Has any Lis-nii or Lis-nee here ever tried langue de chat ice cream?

oh!!! I have!!! It’s so freaking good!

I know right!!!

that sounds tasty whaat

Most intriguing

Yuru Kakizaki: Is that the soft serve you had in Tokyo?

A lunch date with mama yuru?


Yeah, yeah! Exactly that!

Yuru Kakizaki: Yeah, it was good!

Fuwari Ukigumo: You had lunch? With someone other than me?

Yuru Kakizaki: No, you also came once, remember…?

Fuwari Ukigumo: Well, I suppose so… but…


Man I wish that were me


Well, you can come with us next time, Fuwari-oneechan, so don’t feel so down!

Fuwari Ukigumo: Okay!

her IQ definitely dropped with that one

If I could be reborn, I wanna be Fuwari Ukigumo…

nah, mama yuru is better

Definitely mama yuru for me

Mama yuru, the route where you can spend all three comiket days with yuka-chan

Yuru Kakizaki: Um, excuse me? You can’t become me, even if you die!

Reality can be so cruel sometimes

I’m so frustrated


I-I must’ve been born the wrong gender


She has that distant look on her face now

but those eyes are… not so bad either

yeah, I can keep going on

Look at me more…

Isn’t there some yandere around?

You’re just imagining things : )

Let’s just move on, okay?

Oh, right



For the second question, I love rock candy and how sweet it is.

I feel you

Sweetness is justice

sweets are the best!

For the third question, the game I’m hooked on is quite old, but it’s T**es of Sym**onia.

Ah, a classic

Rata**sk /mumble

bro stop

I don’t think they had such a game

whats that? ive never heard of it

I don’t know either. A new game, maybe?

they’re treating it like some dark past, LOL

well, can’t be helped

I mean it was a flop so

Next is the fourth one! It’s gotta be FPS! I’m not very good at TPS. I find it hard to get a handle on the enemies.

That’s true, it’s hard to figure out where the enemies are in TPS but they always seem to find you

yeah, that’s a common problem with TPS

I’m better at FPS too

Last question! I’m a guy, so you can’t be a lolicon, you know that, right?


so, it’s legal…?

Fuwari Ukigumo: In that case, I’ll take Yuka-chan.

Yuru Kakizaki: Wait, I can’t let you do that.

Can you please not fight over me?!

Yuru Kakizaki: So, what you’re saying is…

Fuwari Ukigumo: We share…?

You two are actually good friends, aren’t you lololol

theyre totally in sync XD

Lol desuwa

My stomach hurts, somebody save me!!!

Chillllll lmaoo

Okay, next!

that transition was so fast, I cant even

that’s so like yuka-chan, lol

I’ve been waiting for the next question!

“Won’t you do singing streams?
I want to hear you sing songs like R**ai Cir**lation, Sw**ts Pa**de, Interstellar T**vel, Nek* Mimi M*de, and various anime songs!”

Ah, singing streams… I really want to do them, but there are copyright issues…

huh? how do big names get their rights then?

mb there are experts who make contracts for them?

It seems that you can stream if you have a contract with a karaoke store or something like that

Fuwari Ukigumo: 100k people.


What about 100k people???

Fuwari Ukigumo: If you exceed 100k subscribers, your question will be answeredddd.

that’s gonna take forever…

ah, I’ve heard about it. If you pay a certain amount, Yotube will help you acquire the rights or smn

I see, so that’s why the famous streamers have such a service

Ig itd be hard to stick to free BGM and songs, so itd be great if someone could help with that

So the copyright holders can also get money and be happy huh

Hmm, I didn’t know that… Well, if I’m going to sing, I read that I can sing Vocaloid songs that aren’t controlled by certain companies, so can you bear with that for the time being?

got it!

Copyright is a dicey topic, so we wont force ya!

Fuwari Ukigumo: If there’s anything you don’t understand, I’ll ask my manager toooo.

I appreciate that! Thank you, Fuwari-oneechan!

Fuwari Ukigumo: Ahhh, my brain is meltinggg.

It already melted a long time ago

its been melting for days now, even…

Alright, the last marshmallow of the day! Here we go!

don’t go :((

It’s only just begu— it’s been almost an hour?!

Time flies, doesn’t it?

Yuru Kakizaki: Happy times are fleeting…

Fuwari Ukigumo: Indeed, they are…

“Ikemen voice, please!!!
And please tell me to kneel down in your Dark Alice outfit…!!!!!!”

I haven’t used my ikemen voice in a while, but I’ll assume the person who wrote this is a Lis-nee and say something!




Thank you for coming to my stream today, onee-san. Are you having a good time?





Yuru Kakizaki:

Fuwari Ukigumo:


/heavy breathing

Was that okay? I haven’t installed the Dark Alice outfit yet, so I’ll say the line you want when I do, okay?

Huh? The comments have stopped?

everyone’s… dead…

Oh? Are you still there, Lis-nii?

barely…but… yeah…

I see, then I’ll end the stream here!

thanks for the stream, yuka-chan…

Good night, onii-chan♪


===The stream has ended.===


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