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Chapter 49: Comiket Throwback Stream! (First Half)

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Good evening, Lis-niis and Lis-nees! This is Yuka Shirahime♪

As I give my usual greeting, many viewers respond.

been waiting for ya!

finally, this day has come…

Aaah, life is worth living again~

Yuru Kakizaki: Welcome back, Yuka-chan.

Yuru-mama casually shows up

it’s been a long week…

this is the moment I truly feel alive

hyahoo! our fresh yuka-chan!

Fuwari Ukigumo: Ahh… IRL was fun, but this is also comfortinggg

anddd there’s also fuwa-chan

Evening, yuka-chan! I went to comiket!

so did I! you were super cute!

Yuru-mama, Fuwari-oneechan, and the onii-chans and onee-chans who came to see me in person, thank you!

Ahh, I couldn’t go… I really wanted to buy the voice packs…

for real, screw those scalpers man

Scalpers are the worst…

ah, but none of it is your fault, yuka-chan!

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Hehehe, if you thought I had nothing planned, you’re mistaken!


I sense a change in events

Could it be?


Those voice packs… can still be purchased by any registered member on a certain fan club site!


I can’t, need a credit card…


Thank you… Thank you…

arigathanks gozaimuch…

It’ll be 550 yen, including tax, so if you don’t have it yet, please consider buying there!


lissen, y’all better buy it!!

If you don’t, you’ll regret it to bits!

that much?

My heart stopped when I listened to it yknow

What a coincidence, mine did too.

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mine stopped too


you’ll revive in the morning, so don’t worry


No, I can’t keep selling the voice packs if it seriously makes your hearts stop!

makes sense

ofc, that’s only natural

if anything, saying it’s a voice that can kill piques my interest

can’t deny that

Fuwari Ukigumo: I’ve died once, too, so please give it a listen, guysss

What’re you even saying, Fuwa-chan?

rip fuwa-chan

Yuru Kakizaki: Yeah, I think everyone will undoubtedly faint.

Mama Yuru too…? What kind of terrifying weapon is this voice pack…?


What do you think my voice is?!

a cute voice that hits you right in the kokoro

A precious and utterly adorable voice

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Yuru Kakizaki: A voice so cute it’ll kill you.

Fuwari Ukigumo: An angel.

u n a n i m o u s l y c u t e v o i c e

But, she’s actually a dude.

Lis-nii of the World
An angelic voice

Ehehe, it makes me happy to be praised. But it’s true that I’m a boy, okay? Oh, thank you for the Super Chat, Lis-nii of the World! But remember, you don’t have to overdo it.

its making me anxious whether you’re really a guy, yuka-chan

Or maybe we’re the ones who aren’t really men?

huh. didn’t think of that

Then what exactly are we?

wow, things got pretty philosophical real quick

What’s a man, what’s a woman? I can’t tell anymore.

ayo calm down people

Why has the conversation become so deep?!

i wonder why

Yuru Kakizaki: Because the definition of gender was questioned…

Fuwari Ukigumo: Maybe I’m also a man all alonggg?


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It’s over, everyone’s gone wacko from the very beginning of this stream…

Things have gotten crazy…

Can’t help it

a bit, yeah

Anyway, today’s stream will be a little short, but I thought we’d look back at Comiket and have a few Marshmallows!

blatant topic diversion. i see what u did there

well, it’s not like we were making any progress anw

I submitted some marshmallows, so I’d be glad if you ate them

me too!

First, a quick review of Comiket! On the first day… I guess the first thing I can say is, it was unbearably hot and tiring? I was wearing a costume called Dark Alice at the time!

I say as I display the photo I took that day.

omgomg, so cuteeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Please step on me…

The fallen angel vibes… I cant get enough of it…

why didn’t I go… curse you, past me!!!!

the cos was cute

I saw it too, it was the cutest…

Same, same. it was so cute I honestly forgot you were a boy and got freaked out.

Hehe, thank you, Lis-niis and Lis-nees♪

yup cute

alr cute


damn cute.

Super cute

Then I went to the cosplay plaza on the second day, and I was wearing this beautiful dress!

I say as I switch the image to a slideshow of photos from the second day.

oh! u took photos with other cosplayers!

Wait, is that mama yuru?

Yuru Kakizaki: Yes, the one in the black dress is me.

I thought so, mama yuru is a beauty too

seriously, YuruYuka is the truth of the world

hey, don’t forget about FuwaYuka

Fuwari Ukigumo: Can I take you away?!

hold your horses, shotacon

don’t “can I take you away?!” us lmao

shes a lost cause already…

Haha, that’s so like Fuwari-oneechan.

Don’t feel bad about scolding her, yuka-chan-san!

Everything she just said is definitely out of line, and yet… lololol

Y-Yuka-chan is so kind…

Fuwari Ukigumo: Is this what you call personal approval?

i don’t think you’re using it right???

More importantly, your tone!!!!!!

the shotacon forgets once again

Let’s move on and go to the third day.

Blatant topi-[REDACTED]

Alright, let’s-a go!

Every photo is precious…

I wish I was born a cosplayer

uh, you can become one now if you want

No bro, I meant my face. You know…

oh… sorry…

Getting consoled like that kinda hurts too…

a sensitive lis-nii you are, eh…

Hey, Lis-nii. let me tell you something.
Makeup is amazing.


srsly, you can definitely level up your appearance

Is there anything else I need?

courage, ig


Yup, courage.

You too, Yuka-chan?!

your first cosplay gets your heart pounding, y’know

i’ve done something similar before, twas embarrassing

Anyway, let’s talk about the third day next!






Yuru Kakizaki: Despite designing her myself, her destructive power is too much…

Fuwari Ukigumo: I saw this IRL, and it was to die forrrr

You were there too, fuwa-chan?!

shes the personification of action

It was still super hot on the third day, but some people came from overseas. It was a great experience.

oh, overseas otaku

They do exist in reality, you occasionally see them on Yotube

Such good smiles, everyone looks happy

I like that it’s a group photo, but there’s one weird Mobile Suit mixed in lololololol

boxdam XDDDDD

Stop with the Boxdam! Just remembering it makes me laugh!

that was so random of them LOL

just looking at it makes me rofl

Its face, arms, and legs are still human LMAOOO

My stomach hurts from laughing pfffff

There you have it! That’s what Comiket was like!

Looked fun.

I’ve never been to Comiket, but it makes me want to go


as someone who’s been, id suggest winter comiket to first-timers

Yeah, that’s some solid advice

Really? Maybe I’ll try my best to go to Winter Comiket then

The crowds are still there, so keep that in mind


I’m planning to go to Winter Comiket too, so come and visit if you like!

I’m definitely going

i’ll go even if it kills me

I’ll threaten my boss to go

if i don’t get time off, i’ll quit my job

Aren’t you guys a little too desperate?!

well… you know?

course we are

if anything, it’d be too corrupt of them if they don’t give a year-end break

huh? im in the service industry. you guys get breaks?????

thanks for always being there

d-don’t mention it…

Keep working hard, onii-chans who work even during the end of the year. You can do it♪ You can do it♪

I feel like I can do anything right now

i know the feeling

cant be helped

Well then, it’s about time for the Marshmallow corner! But before that, let me have a little water!


stay hydrated!

Yuru Kakizaki: Drink slowly, there’s no rush.

Fuwari Ukigumo: We’ll be waiting, so take your timeeee

we live in a kind world…


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