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≪37≫ – Two Great Storms

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Author: Kisasaki Suzume Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus-Maximus

After the storm passed through, what remained was simply “nothingness.” Everything on the ground was swept away, crushed, blown away, leaving only clear water pooling in deeply gouged ground.

Water was said to be the source of life, but there was only a scene of “nothingness” where even life seemed absent. More akin to colossal tornadoes than storms, towering water currents spiraled toward the sky, surrounding and engulfing everything in their path.

The Regalia, resembling more like rampaging tornadoes, advanced, destroying everything in its path. However, there was no intent of destruction present. It was akin to when people walked, inadvertently crushing fallen leaves and insects underfoot.

It was towards the east.
To the east.
Towards what awaited it…


A forceful step sent sprays of water scattering. In a swift motion, Tim brandished his greatsword, which resembled an axe designed for giants. As it cut through the air, the blade burst into flames, its path igniting and expanding dramatically. His powerful strike evaporated the falling rain and diverted the furious currents.

“I’ve got the hang of it. I see now.” Tim chuckled grimly as he watched his flaming beloved sword.

Amidst the storm-ravaged land, a small island of flames floated. On the obsidian lava rock island, rivers of glowing lava meandered, and ironwood trees rooted themselves like windbreak forests.

Adventurers braved the storm, protected by the dense forest. Enveloped in heavy clouds and veils of rain that blocked out the sunlight, the area was intermittently illuminated by relentless lightning. The advancing storm was unmistakably evident, its unusual core spreading widely across their field of vision.

Wrapping around water currents, it extended its tentacles like appendages, engulfing everything in its path, returning it to nothingness. Its overwhelming force was closing in.

“ ≪Fireball≫!”

A small sun-like fireball tore through the pouring rain, soaring. It collided head-on with the approaching water current’s tentacles, causing a dazzling explosion brighter than lightning.

It brought about such an aftermath that even the direction of the fierce storm momentarily changed. No matter how great a sorcerer, such magic could not be wielded by a human body. Normally.

There’s no way a mid-level attack spell would possess such power. But that was precisely Kafal’s fireball breath.

“Ahh… it’s exhilarating…! The power of a dragon is coursing through me…!”
“You’re on fire, literally.”

Viola, still holding her staff, sighed rapturously, her beautiful golden hair turning into golden flames halfway down. It wasn’t that her hair was burning; it had merged with the flames. Unlike Tim, who imbued power into his weapon, Viola herself became the weapon wielding the power of a dragon. It was a reckless technique that someone of her caliber managed to control, but one misstep could render her unable to maintain her human form.

To stop the rampaging “Wisdom Eye Vortex,” they needed to reach the center of the storm. But approaching normally was impossible. So, they remained within the area Kafal had created as a shelter, waiting for the approach to the center.

To withstand the storm’s erosion, the adventurers received Kafal’s protection, preparing to repel the impending force. This way, Kafal could focus on maintaining the island itself.

“I think it’s best if Lucella and I handle the basics. Leader, we’ll leave what we miss to you. Your sword should give you more maneuverability.”
“Got it.”
“Wait, watch your back too!”

In the mana land where senses were limited by the tumultuous storm, Wein was the first to notice and raise his voice.

Around the lava rock island, from the rippling water buffeted by the storm, something crawled out. It was something strange, resembling both a human and an upright dragon. More and more of such creatures were crawling up one after another.

They were all made of water. The water monsters, said to have appeared on the eastern battlefield, were here.

“…The scent is different! This isn’t the ‘Wisdom Eye Vortex’!”
“It’s this mana land’s, Maltgartz’s Regalia.”
“Why are they interfering here now of all times!”

Variants had roamed previously, but this was the first instance of such familiar-like creatures emerging. Water mingling with water did not necessarily amplify their power. Instead, entities striving to impose their own laws clashed and canceled each other out.

The water mana land was holding back the approaching storm, yet for some reason, they chose to attack Kafal’s side here and now.

“……【Where is it】……”
“……【Return it】……”

Barely holding their form, the featureless water puppets murmured and questioned. But it wasn’t clear if they sought answers. They attacked without waiting for a response. In their hands, the water puppets held something indiscernible, neither swords nor spears. It was water taking shape, integrated with their bodies as weapons.

Ignoring their own evaporation, they landed and approached Kafal.


Flames sliced through the advancing water puppets, leaving a trail like a meteor, shaping into forms akin to knives.

The impacted water puppets dissolved into heaps of scattered ash. The onslaught persisted with swift precision. As countless water puppets surged forward, an equal number of fiery blades clashed against them.

“Wasn’t there something like this in a fairy tale? A bandana that produces endless arrows from the quiver!”
“Isn’t it a headband?”
“It was obviously a hat!”

When Wein flashed his cape, flame knives scattered from underneath. Grabbing them mid-air, he threw them with unerring accuracy. These knives were also a gift of Kafal’s power. Despite being made of flames down to the handle, Wein’s gloves remained unscathed.

The throws were unbelievably precise and quick. Each strike was deadly, yet the adversaries kept pouring in endlessly.

“Damn it! I’ll stick with this side’s defense!”
“Got it!”

With Kafal and Monica at the center, Lucella and the others faced the storm, while Wein guarded the rear.

The storm roared, pressing in. Flames, brighter than lightning, repelled the rain of destruction. In the torrential rain where rain gear was futile, the lava rock island alternated between dry and wet.

“Don’t you feel…! That it’s getting increasingly violent?!”
“Because the center of the storm is approaching!”

Waves and torrents, defying gravity, crashed down.

Lucella wielded her red-hot, amorphous lava sword like a whip, cutting through the waves. It was a technique she rarely used due to its incomplete nature, but even her breath carried flames to fend off the erosion.

Behind her, volcanoes erupted, and ash mixed with rain fell.

Lucella’s body radiated heat. She felt the danger of her own heat. It felt like she was burning from the inside out.

But still, this was where Lucella needed to stand her ground. She didn’t want to burden Viola any more than necessary. Viola’s resilience was at a human level. Lucella was on a different level. If Viola fell, the situation would collapse, likely resulting in the disappearance of her existence.

“……Found you……”

When the flames started roaring in her mind, Lucella initially thought it was a hallucination.

“……【Found you】……”

No, it was different. She definitely heard that voice. Like a stamp, the same voice, the same words, the same feeling. In perfect unison, the same voice echoed over and over again.

Lucella turned around.

The water monsters rushing towards Kafal suddenly stopped, looking up at the sky and murmuring.

“……【Found you】……” “……【Found you】……” “……【Found you】……” “……【Found you】……” “……【Found you】……” “……【Found you】……” “……【Found you】……” “……【Found you】……” “……【Found you】……” “……【Found you】……”

In the direction the water puppets were looking, the storm was raging.

The puppets, ignoring Kafal and Wein, suddenly floated up. Like a swarm of small fry being lifted by a net, they formed a single stream, ascending into the sky.

“What’s going on…?”

Before they knew it, calm had arrived. Though the rain still poured, and lightning struck incessantly, the erosion that swallowed the island had stopped.

It was said that every storm had calmness at its center. Whether that was true or not, the situation brought those words to mind. A strange analogy, but it was as if… the storm itself was holding its breath, observing the events before it. That’s how Lucella perceived it.

The water puppets coalesced, their outlines merging indistinctly. They melded together like clay being shaped, forming a vast entity. This was no giant, unlike the one witnessed during the “Wisdom Eye Vortex” rampage. Instead, it was a dragon, far larger than Kafal, crafted from translucent water.

Though its details were vague, with its long neck, sharp head, and spread wings, it was undoubtedly a dragon.

The water dragon roared, taking a step towards the storm. Then it made a motion as if opening its mouth. A roar, though silent, carried a pressure that sent shivers down one’s spine. It felt like something was squeezing her chest.

The center of the storm quietly approached. Amidst the swirling torrents and infinite lightning, it held something within.

“Efrain!!” Lucella shouted towards the flashing lightning.

Though still appearing as tiny as a speck from here, she saw a shadow resembling a human figure floating within the storm.


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