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≪42≫ – The Sun

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Author: Kisasaki Suzume Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus-Maximus

The damage of the Regalia-powered land attack was almost entirely prevented thanks to the timely intervention of the Red Dragon, which bought valuable time, and their swift reclamation of the Regalia. As for why ‘almost entirely,’ it was because certain areas near the battlefield, especially those close to Mount Kuguse, still bore the brunt of the damage.

Unusual heavy rains and a swell in spring water overwhelmed the water control systems, leading to intense river flooding that swarmed the city of Kugutfulm.

Thankfully, the number of casualties was relatively low, mostly limited to those swept away during evacuation efforts. Still, it was not zero.

In addition, after the water receded, the city’s inhabitants faced significant economic losses and the daunting task of reviving buildings buried under layers of mud..

“Damn it all, it’s a complete mess. Guess we have no choice but to toss most of it away.”
“Did you really think you could still sell this stuff?”
“Well, your place is still holding up; you had a second floor for storage. Mine was underground, so it’s a disaster zone.”

Two men wearing aprons were busily cleaning up inside a shop strewn with muddy vegetables. They emptied the water from the inundated storage, carefully salvaged the mud-coated vegetables, and piled them up outside the store.

Water stains on the walls reached as high as an adult’s waist, a testament to the flood’s severity. The contaminated water introduced a risk of disease, necessitating a deep cleaning and sanitation of the entire premises before reopening.

“Just being alive feels like a stroke of luck, to be honest.”
“Yeah, you’re right…”

Exhausted and sweaty from their cleaning endeavors, the duo paused to rub their aching backs and wipe their foreheads with handkerchiefs draped over their shoulders.

In that very moment,

“What’s that roar?”

A deep, resonating roar reverberated through the city from somewhere high above.

Abandoning their tasks, the men rushed out into the streets.

In the sky above, the Red Dragon soared with its majestic wings spread wide. This Red Dragon had taken up residence in Mount Kuguse, and her flight had become a familiar sight to the townspeople.

However, today was different from the usual.

The sky was clear without a single cloud, and the summer sun shone brightly, intensifying its brilliance. Despite the typical muggy heat of Setulev’s summer, the wind today was dry.

Items that had been soaked in water during the flood were drying at an astonishing rate under the scorching sunlight. The streets, once filled with water puddles, were now only lightly covered in a thin layer of dry mud.

The power of a dragon could manipulate local weather to a certain extent. As a dragon attuned to flames, the Red Dragon brought drought and dryness to the region. Nature’s tyranny could sometimes wreak havoc on people’s lives, yet, at other times, it could bring much-needed relief and benefits to the land.


The Red Dragon released a burst of flames toward the sky, akin to a celebratory display. The people below who halted their tasks and were looking up waving their hands in appreciation.

“Thank you!”
“Our protector, the guardian of Setulev!”
“Long live the Dragon!”

Cheers arose towards the dragon who had protected this city and the kingdom. The dragon gracefully glided through the air like a sea bird among the voices of people.

The sunlight shone brightly, but the relentless wind that brushed against Lucella as she rode on Kafal’s back provided a refreshing and cool sensation. Given her resilient nature, which allowed her to endure extremes like saunas or the freezing environments of snow-capped mountains without any discomfort, this was quite enjoyable.

Currently, Kafal was aiding in the city’s restoration by bringing dryness to the streets. The intense sunlight pierced the ground, sweeping away the water and cleansing the area with its heat.

Grasping Kafal’s mane, Lucella glanced down at the ground to see that the people below had momentarily stopped their cleanup efforts to cheer for the magnificent dragon.

“Everyone is making such a fuss… well, I suppose it’s only natural,” Lucella chuckled softly to herself, witnessing such cheers for the first time.

Naturally, the attention was on Kafal herself, and they failed to even notice Lucella on her back.

Kafal had worked to thwart Julian’s plan of breaking the ‘shackles’ that had been stabilizing Setulev’s land, buying time until the battle could reach its conclusion. Amid the downpour in the city of Kugutfulm, many bore witness to the awe-inspiring sight of the dragon defying the heavens.

Fortunately, the battle came to a swift end, and Viola’s recovery of the Regalia stopped the disaster in its tracks. Without Kafal’s heroic intervention, Kugutfulm might have been erased from the map, consumed entirely by the floodwaters.

Kafal’s actions were not just heroic but strategically astute. The alliance had been formed to protect mutual interests, and any damage to Setulev, an allied nation, would have weakened the defense of the mountain range they were pledged to protect.

Nevertheless, Kafal’s brave defense of the city had rightfully earned her the status of a hero in the eyes of the grateful populace.

“Stop, you’re overdoing it. Be careful. Humans can’t withstand excessive heat and might collapse.”
*“Alright.” *

Lucella asked Kafal to halt her Breath directed towards the sky. As a result, the people below returned to their cleanup efforts.

Amid the wind and the sound of flapping wings, even the birds were hesitant to approach. Only Lucella and Kafal remained aloft, suspended in the air.

Lucella adorned her finger with Giselle’s ring. Her own proficiency in the Dragonian was still insufficient to fully comprehend and convey everything.

For important discussions, Lucella needed to be precise and clear in her communication.

“Hey, Mom. Can you call my name?”
“Huh? …Lucella. What brought this on?”
“Right! That name! You still haven’t told me why you haven’t been properly calling me by that name.”

Before, when Kafal called Lucella’s name, it was just a mere sound. Unlike Dragon names, which carried additional “meaning” embedded within, Lucella’s name was nothing but a blank space of sound, just like human words.

Now, Kafal was using Lucella’s original name, the one that was meant to be given to her lost daughter, in its true form. Through this act, Lucella felt a connection to the Blue Dragon lineage, the father of Lucella (the egg).

Kafal took a long pause to the point that it seemed she was ignoring the question, before responding.

“I concealed it to protect you. That was my intention all along. I didn’t want to entangle you in my affairs. Knowing the true meaning behind that name would have inevitably involved you. I didn’t want to make you a sacrifice for my sake. So, I kept it hidden, hoping to spare you from that burden, but in the end… I still dragged you into it, and once again, I couldn’t do anything and you had to save me.”
“Don’t say you couldn’t do anything; that’s far from the truth. It’s just hindsight talking.”

While regret tinged Kafal’s voice, Lucella dismissed her concerns.

By entrusting her with her true name, Lucella performed well. Lucella didn’t wish to criticize Kafal for not using her true name earlier.

Kafal had acted with thoughtfulness, trying to protect Lucella by keeping things concealed. It was a reasonable choice for Kafal. Therefore, Lucella didn’t dwell on Kafal’s decision but rather focused on making even more prudent choices in the future.

As an adventurer manager, being rational and thoughtful was crucial.

“I may not always know what’s best, but let’s at least promise not to keep any more secrets from each other, alright? If we face challenging situations, let’s not carry the burden alone and tackle them together.”

Those words served as a warning toward Lucella herself too. She had experienced the consequences of shouldering burdens alone. She had to make a promise like this, otherwise, she was bound to repeat the same.

Moreover, she didn’t want Kafal to repeat said mistakes either.

Still, Lucella getting involved in matters that were serious enough to trouble Kafal would surely worry her.

Lucella was well aware that her human abilities, while extraordinary, couldn’t match the true power of a dragon. Though she aimed to be their equal, she understood that, currently, that was certainly not the case.

Hence, she decided to make one more promise.

“Also, I will rely on you in everything that I can, so don’t worry!”
“Oh dear… It seems that I would be quite busy.”

As if a lifelong burden had been noticed and finally released, Lucella felt a slight lightness in her body as she learned the comfort of seeking solace in her mother’s embrace.

The sun shone peacefully, its rays warming both Lucella and Kafal’s backs. The voices of the people, busy rebuilding their lives, seemed to echo toward the sky.


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