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≪33≫ – A Lead

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Author: Kisasaki Suzume Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus-Maximus

A few days passed since Lucella and Kafal came down to the city. What they found out about Maltgartz was that it looked more suspicious the more they looked into it.

The notice made by Maltgartz to the adventurer guilds of both kingdoms, which Tim had mentioned earlier, had also been published in newspapers, thus becoming accessible to the wider audience.

At first, people were treating it like it was someone else’s business, but once the rumors spread that several major merchants fled from the city, the atmosphere transformed completely.

When it comes to moving a large number of people, there arises a need to supply them with food and daily necessities. When you get a hold of such information, it would allow you to figure out that a foreign nation’s army was on the move.

In other words, the merchants who sensed the danger through their merchant network crossed the borders and fled south to save themselves.

The degree of certainty regarding Maltgartz’s invasion was uncertain. Nevertheless, the actions of the prominent figures in the city had a significant impact on the public’s perception, leading to a shift in awareness.

Maltgartz was really trying to cross Mount Kuguse, and swallow Kugutfulm and Setuleve in one go…

There were some who fled while taking practically nothing but what they wore with them. There were some who started planning their escape. There were some who stayed in the city and prayed for nothing to happen.

Either way, it was already a common understanding that if nothing changed Maltgartz was bound to attack sooner or later.

There was news that the royal palace and the lord would make some kind of statement in regard to this so many people decided to wait and see for now, but it felt like they were looking up at a silent sky before the storm.

Meanwhile, there were no leads about him who had talked about the Dragonian interpreter, and Tim had half-given up already.

He had used an intermediary to contact the royal palace, but it was doubtful whether they would manage to get a lead on the Dragonian interpreter until the reply would come.

It happened when they had just about checked every place that could have leads related to him and were running out of ideas.

“Adventurer manager’s office?”
“Yeah, there’s a place like that in the city. They received the guild’s authorization recently and started getting the guild’s subsidiary fee whenever work is entrusted to them.”

Lucella and co’s destination was the McGregor Adventurer Support Office. This time, it was just Tim, Wein, and Lucella, while Viola stayed behind to look after Kafal.

It was because, Golden Helmet, being the top party around, was quite famous, so having a conspicuous parent and child (in other words, Lucella and Kafal) along would attract even more attention.

For that reason, they limited the members to the Golden Helmet people as much as possible and took only Lucella along when it was necessary.

Kafal was quite reluctant to part from Lucella though.

“There aren’t many adventurer managers in this city. I thought they might know about him through the same trade relationship.”
“I see.”

The adventurer manager work was quite rare worldwide, and Setulev was no exception.

Perhaps because of that, their office was on the main street away from the Adventurer’s Guild. It was a little questionable why they specifically established the office in such a good place, but at any rate, that office was an artistic building that had a giant glass wall on the other side of thin white arch plates folded together like a spiderweb.

“I’m the representative, Ivar McGregor. You must be Sir Tim, the leader of Golden Helmet. I’m honored to meet you.”

A suited man with combed-down hair welcomed Tim amiably.

“Oh, it seems that I’ve become quite famous.”
“You’re so modest. Of course, everyone would know the leader of the city’s top party. Are you visiting for a manager request?”
“Ah, sorry, that’s not it. We’re investigating a bit of a strange case, you see…”

In the glassed reception room with few items other than stylish ornamental foliage, Tim drank his tea from a strange container while explaining how he was searching for him and about the strange situation that he was involved in.

Ivar listened to it with deep interest.

“…I see. I had my doubts about him too. I remember meeting him several times, but I couldn’t even remember his name.”
“It seems that some strange power is at play here. I’m not sure what it is, however… Is there anything you can tell me about him?”
“I could only say that he was an excellent manager. And also, he worked here before I opened the office.”
“I see…”

Ivar, who always acted in a calculated way and maintained the service attitude that smelled of hypocritical courtesy, seemed to praise him honestly.

But he had no information to give.

Even if he was someone of the same profession, he was still a mere acquaintance… As Ivar thought up to that point, he suddenly remembered something.

“Oh yes, I remembered something. He seemed to often visit the Reiner Clinic.”
“The Reiner Clinic?”
“Mr. Charles Reiner. He quit at the end of last year, but he used to run a private clinic nearby. If I’m not mistaken, he once cut our conversation short to visit the Reiner Clinic before it closed for the day.”
“I see, interesting. If it’s a doctor there might be records left.”

The guild had already confirmed that documents mentioning his name disappeared.

But still, if there were documents without his name… for example, if a file containing several sheets only had his name on one of them, you might be able to learn about him from the rest of the documents.

Or, maybe they heard personal information about him during a chat in the examining room or something and knew more than Gemel.

“Thanks a lot.”
“Not at all. This much is not a problem. While you’re here, Sir Tim, would you consider using one of our managers for your party?”
“I’ll think about it. I now know about your excellence.”
“Your words are wasted on me… Ah yes, one more thing. If you plan to run, I would suggest doing it fast.”

Ivar suddenly dropped a bombshell as if to bring the conversation to the end.

Tim, who was about to get up, remained in place as if bound and held his breath in silence.

It was unknown how he obtained that information, but it was clear what he was implying. Maltgartz will attack so run.

“Are you fine staying?”
“I am from Maltgartz. I have connections there, so I can manage.”
“I see, got it. Thanks for the advice.”
“Please tell my regards to the princess.”
“Don’t call her that. Where did you even learn that from.”
“That would be a trade secret.”

Ivar gave a hard-to-read business smile and Tim responded with the composure of a skilled adventurer.

“…Adventurer manager, huh…”

As Lucella listened to their conversation, he thought about the “manager” work in question. He seemed drawn to that concept for some reason. It felt like he was about to remember something.

——“You already got the adventurer’s license? Geez, I take my hat off to your dedication.”——

He was praised as such, he at least remembered that much.

——“It makes me really happy that you’re trying to save me so much… But let me say this still. It’s not a simple thing to follow someone leading a reckless life like me. If at any point you think you’ve reached your limit, you should…”——

It was a gratitude mixed with a wry smile as if to hide one’s embarrassment.

Did he want to repay her? Did he want to be useful? True, that was part of it. But no, that wasn’t all. If he was a manager, then even someone like him with no power could accompany…

“Lucella? We’re leaving.”

Tim’s voice brought Lucella back from his happy yet sorrowful reverie.

The undying flames in Lucella’s head licked and burned his memories emerging from the ashes.


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